Samsung Announces the Galaxy S III

Samsung has announced its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S III. It will be available in Europe at the end of May, with American variants coming in June. The early buzz on the phone is that its 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos processor is an absolute beast that outperforms Nvidia’s and Qualcomm’s top offerings, though I’d wait for a wide variety of benchmarks to come out before passing judgement. Two of my friends at the London unveiling said that they liked the phone a great deal, but felt that the build quality and materials were below that of the recently launched HTC One X and the older Apple iPhone 4S. On the software and services front, the Galaxy S III comes with 50GB of Dropbox storage and a Siri competitor called S Voice. Check out the spec sheet and images below.

The top dogs in the Android world — at least for the next few months — are the HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S III. On paper, they’re both great phones that offer a lot of power and features. It really comes down to what your preferences and needs are. Both phones feature skins on top of Android 4.0; historically, HTC has done a better job with Android skins than Samsung. Some will prefer the build quality, Super LCD screen, and camera of the HTC phone, while others will favor the sheer power, Super AMOLED HD screen, and servicesof the Samsung model.

The Galaxy S III should hit all four major American carriers, similar to the original Galaxy and the Galaxy S II. It will be interesting to see how each carrier handles customization and bloatware, as well if the processor will change to accomodate LTE radios. Personally, I would opt for the unlocked global model.

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Any of you psyched for the Galaxy S III?

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7 thoughts on “Samsung Announces the Galaxy S III”

  1. If there is no improvement in the new iPhone iteration then yes. After I get my iPad which should be soon, I won't need my iPhone.

      1. I haven't yet but I'm a month away from ordering it. I'm looking at the wifi 64 GB new IPad. No data plan because I hear it's real quick in getting capped because of the LTE speeds.

  2. Definitely on a wait and see approach if I were to hop on this Android device. Depends on what the costs of the Euro version will be. I don't trust the US carriers to not muck with the device.

    1. Import price should be around $650-$700 initially. That's what the One X is importing for. There will be a sharp drop after two to three months. What would you be willing to pay?

  3. The AT&T version also has bloatware. Prices should dip down by the end of the summer. The unlocked Galaxy Nexus is tempting me as my international travel phone. Wish the camera were a bit better though.

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