May 4th: Happy Star Wars Day!

It’s Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you!!! To celebrate one of the pillars of geek culture, I want to hear about your favorite Star Wars moments, characters, movies, etc. As for me, I’m going with Princess Leia in her slave costume. I vividly remember seeing Carrie Fischer in that distinct costume and thinking, “Yeah, this is way hotter than Daisy Duke.” It was a momentous occasion.

Now it’s your turn! Fire away with anything and everything Star Wars to celebrate May 4th!

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5 thoughts on “May 4th: Happy Star Wars Day!”

  1. I loved that time when they introduced midichlorians!

    But seriously I've been thinking about star wars more recently after I watched The People vs. George Lucas. It made me feel sorry for him (and us as fans a little bit too). I would agree that he basically cannot direct a movie again (something he obviously loved doing) and we have also pretty much guaranteed that no star wars movies will be made again, because what incentive does he have for allowing more movies to be made just so we can tell him how horrible he is yet again.

    That being said though, my favorite part of a star wars movie was when Han shot first.

    1. I watched that too, and I loved it. Whoever made that did a great (and fair) job.

      I raised the question months ago (just from my own thinking about it), whether or not it was fair for us to hold Lucas to the standard we do. I was mainly focussed on the 4th Indy film that sucked, and then the prequels, pretty much avoiding the whole "changing of the original thing" which in my heart of hearts, I just can't agree with based on the historical merit of what they were and are.

      But I do believe it's not fair to expect the same amazing things out of him that we got with Episodes 4-6 and Indy 1-3. We have to accept anything else he does for what it is, and move along. Just like we would any other director or screenwriter.

      And, bare in mind that of the original trilogy, the only one he directed was New Hope. My personal list of favorites is Empire, Jedi, then New Hope. Yet when I was a kid, it was Jedi, Empire, then New Hope… mainly for the Jedi action stuff. Either way, New Hope was never my favorite, yet I recognize it for the historical precedent it set on the film industry as a whole. That's why changing shit in it is a crime in my opinion. It's literally rewriting the history book for over-inflated ego reasons.

      Long and short, I think I always thought he was a far better writer than director.

  2. One of my favorite non star wars line or moment is from fanboys, the pimp character played by seth rogen gets a full back tattoo with Anakin and jar jar then brags about how bad ass jar jar is going to be.

    My favorite star wars moment is from the empire strikes back When han is going to get placed in the carbonite chamber and she says I love you and he says I know.

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