This Week’s Videogame Releases

Obviously the big deal this week is the full North American launch of the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s newest portable gaming system is supported by several excellent titles. My writer friends seem to be enjoying Uncharted: Golden Abyss the most. For home consoles, Asura’s Wrath is out this week. My industry friends mostly love this game, lauding it for being fun, creative, and different. A few of them have dinged it for offering only five hours of gameplay. Syndicate is also out this week and I know of at least one RPadholic (Hi Sandrock!) that’s excited for the return of this classic gaming franchise. Last, but not least, is Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. If you have a 3DS then I highly recommend picking this game up.

Any of you buying new games this week?

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31 thoughts on “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

  1. Uncharted: Golden Abyss does look pretty good, but I'm not much of a handheld gamer and never have been. looking forward to seeing more from the Vita though, it looks pretty solid.

    Looking forward to SSX next week, and then (obviously) Mass Effect 3 shortly after.

    1. Every reviewer said the same thing, the game was more to showcase the features of the vita.

    2. Now that I've played it as well, I agree. I've been through only four chapters, yet how many charcoal rubbings have I made? 6-ish. How many puzzles? 2. How many dust-off-the-random-item thingies? Maybe 4. Even so, it's still REALLY good.

  2. I'm probably getting the Vita later tonight along with Golden Abyss. When the MGS HD collection comes out for the Vita, that'll be another must-have for me, since I never played any of them besides Peace Walker.

    And the Portable spinoffs, but I'm ignoring them.

  3. I want a vita more than a probably should, which isn't a good thing. To be honest, none of the reviews for any of the vita games are that great, i may wait until there are several games that test well.

  4. I picked up Syndicate yesterday and just now got a chance to play it. I pretty well hate it. I played the first mission and the hologram mission and started the second mission and couldn't take it anymore,
    The story and cut-scenes so far are boring and unskippable, The game play mechanics suck. I am sure there is more to this game, but I just can't give it a chance because it is so slow to start and just a bit to crappy. You can "scan" the area but there is no need to since there are maybe 2 items you can actually touch but it feel the need to label everything at times and then nothing at other times.

    I guess I AM ALIVE just didn't come out. Since when are you not able to trust everything you read on the internet?!?!?

    1. I had a feeling Syndicate was going to be mediocre at best.

      Pessimism prevails!

      Now you see why I wait a few months (if not, years) before I buy a game.


    2. I hate when a game just doesn't come out. Dreamkiller didn't come out a couple years ago and I was really really looking forward to that one. There was never any official announcement or anything, just hype and reviews and then nothing. It is available through Steam, but honestly I wanted to play it on 360 only for the achievements and I don't have a PC anywhere close to being able to play anything through Steam.

  5. I didn't even know the Vita was out yet. I spent the money I had set aside for the Vita on my new Galaxy Note

    1. Dude, I'm totally stuck on the "Waiting for Employers to Call You Back" level.

      If anybody has a cheat code, let me know.

      1. Go back to school. Meet ppl, network and find a job. Or take any job right now. Employers are like women in that there is no interest in you until you are taken. Don't laugh but it honestly is easier to find a job once you already have one beyond the stated reason previous.

      2. I agree with you 100%. I've had a few interviews but my credit is fucked so I'm not getting any loans for school. I'm really looking for any job but I'm not hearing back and until I find a job, school is out the picture.

      3. Have you filed a FAFSA? That is the form for student aid via government backed loans. You also must complete one in order to qualify for grants. I don't think credit is a real issue this route unless you are in default with Sallie Mae. It's how I put myself through school. I didn't have 12k+ per year for tuition.If you decide to go aside from the obvious benefits it will allow you to figure out what you want or need to do. Personally I recommend any kind of business degree because of versatility. If you want to have your own business (like I do) then it's beneficial to know how things run or be able to tell when your acct is ripping you off.Or another professional path like Slicky. His profession will never run out of customers.Sent from my iPhone 4

      4. See my credit is being fucked up because I went to school and now I HAVE to pay back loans that I can't afford.

      5. I'm only three minutes into this and so far it's not really any new information, but all things I agree with. Colleges and the education system are completely setup to be inefficient and lucrative without guaranteeing any advantages that are not already innately perceivable in a given individual.

        My thoughts on the education and college system were not enough to convince me that I should not go to college, in hindsight though I would have been better off not attending college immediately and working my way through paying it off as I went (like I did my first year for the most part). This is also part of what makes me very leery of going to grad school. Regardless, I have a place a high value on education. Unfortunately there are far too many social norms and values placed on standard education instead of actual learning for me to believe that I could actually find a career path and live a decent or above average lifestyle (monetarily) without at least a bachelor's degree.

      6. Also, my original plan that my wife vetoed was to simply leave college debt behind and move out of the country after she graduates living elsewhere having both obtained degrees in the US.

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        Good luck.


  6. Okay, so I was planning on buying the Wi-Fi version of the Vita, Uncharted and a 4 GB memory stick. BUT. My dad was sick, so I had to take over his work for a couple of hours. I asked him to pick up the Vita, and he ended up buying the 3G bundle. And I'm too lazy to return it.

    I hope I can use my free download on Super Stardust Delta. It looks good!

      1. Bleh. Sounds like a chore. But can I still redeem the code for a free game before that time's up?

        Also, my Vita has been strange lately. "Strange" meaning "The home button is blue (on) but the screen's black (off). None of the buttons are registering. It's plugged in, but the home symbol isn't orange (charging). Any ideas?

      2. The 30 days has to register first.No clue. 2 coworkers grabbed themthe other day. I'll ask them if they are having issues.Sent from my iPhone 4

      3. Darn it. Why advertise a free game then say "No, wait"?

        Anyway, I found the problem. Apparently, 1/100 PS Vitas will have this problem. It's not fixable, so I need a replacement.

      4. Well, I replaced my PS Vita, but that wasn't the only issue I had. Since the new memory cards are linked to accounts, in order to use mine with the replacement, I had to format it. Which means my Uncharted save data is gone.

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