Coffee Talk #451: Your Favorite Super Bowl XLVI Commercials

Hundreds of millions of Super Bowl advertising dollars have come and gone. A few of you mentioned being underwhelmed with Super Bowl XLVI’s commercials and I mostly agree with that sentiment. Having said that, there were several spots that…

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Hundreds of millions of Super Bowl advertising dollars have come and gone. A few of you mentioned being underwhelmed with Super Bowl XLVI’s commercials and I mostly agree with that sentiment. Having said that, there were several spots that caught my eye. Here are my 10 favorite Super Bowl XLVI commercials. After you’ve gobbled them up, please let me know which ads were your favorite.

1) The Avengers Teaser — Earth’s mightiest heroes (and also Hawkeye)! Scarlett Johansson in her remarkably tight Black Widow costume! I’m totally geeked out for this movie.

2) MetLife — Any commercial that brings together Voltron, Charlie Brown, Marvin the Martian, Mr. Magoo, etc. is pure win.

3) Kia — I will absolutely buy that men dream about Adriana Lima and dozens of other women in bikinis. I think it’s hilarious that Kia thinks men dream about old bands (Motley Crue) and old MMA fighters (Chuck Lidell).

4) Audi — Making fun of vampires is always a good thing.

5) Chevy Silverado — This was a cute and clever spot. Combining Barry Manilow, a post-apocalyptic world, and Twinkies is borderline genius.

6) Teleflora — More Adriana Lima! This time she shows off her body and her sexy Brazilian

7) Volkswagen — I’m a geek. This commercial features the Mos Eisley cantina. Of course I loved it!

8) G.I. Joe: Retaliation Teaser — The action looks slick and I’m a homer for movies starring The Rock.

9) Time Warner Cable — I’m really unhappy with my Time Warner Cable television and Internet service, but I have to give the company props for this commercial with Rick Gervais.

10) Fiat 500 Abarth — Sexy Italian woman dropping frothed milk on her breasts? Yes, you have my attention Fiat.

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29 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #451: Your Favorite Super Bowl XLVI Commercials”

    1. Haha I'm fine I love sports but it's like I was out there playing. The Gmen made more playsplain and simple. I even watched some of the parade today on the NFL network. Enjoy the win, we've had our fair share of championship teams lately.

      1. Matter of taste I guess, It is my favorite beer and apparently it is the most popular beer in America.

      2. Def all about individual tastes and cost lol. The big 3 brewers don't make a tasty beer. I'm more of a belgian or hop bomb kind of guy.

      3. I was going to guess the cost is what makes it the most popular beer, but there are FAR cheaper beers out there. Planning on trying Platinum on Thursday. I finally get a weekend without any tests coming up

  1. The Ferris Bueller's Day Off one made me smile, not sure what the commercial was for but I liked the rest.

    1. Oh, yeah! I forgot about that one. I had a similar reaction. I turned to my buddy and asked him: "Did they just do a modern version of the entire Ferris Bueller movie in a 60-second ad?"

      They should have done the scene with him running through people's back yard and stopping to hit on a pair of sunbathing cougars or something.


    2. I agree. That one was my favorite one. Admittedly though, I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the commercials. I was pretty dialed into the game though.

  2. I didn't see all of the commercials yet, but out of the ones that I saw, I liked:

    Avengers trailer (NERDGASAM!!)
    "Here we go" dog
    Dog buries cat and bribes guy with a bag of Doritos

    Honorable mention goes to the Dirty Harry in retirement car ad.

    On a slightly unrelated note: I will probably go see the G.I. Joe 2 movie. The first one really wasn't that bad, especially if you had low or no expectations. It was a very serviceable, fun, and mindless summer action movie.


      1. Something tells me that your "obligation" has limits, because I seriously cannot see you forking over $10 to see "Race to Witch Mountain."


  3. The commercials made me realize that i definitely need to save my money to buy that 90k dollar Acura NSX.

    The Kia commercial and the Mayan apocalypse one got me. I'm not optimistic enough to suggest that i will enjoy the new GI joe, but it does look much better.

  4. I didn't see too many, but you listed a few of my favorites. You missed the Doritos commercial with the dog and the Pepsi commercial (with Flavor Flav, might I add). And also, as much as I like Star Wars, they should have ended the commercial before they got to the Cantina. If they had two DIFFERENT commercials, with the Cantina half referencing the first one, then they might've been alright. As it was, it feels like they are just trying to milk last year's hit.

  5. I agree with ur top ten and I think I loved the vw because Of the cantina clip at the end. I will definitely see GI Joe 2 I enjoyed the 1st one.

    Yes Chavez Jr is definitely a weight bully and is continuing to get the benefit of the doubt because of his dad.

    Taker vs Triple H, I'm not excited about this but he will definitely be able to help Taker in a match and doesnt have a storyline where he can lose to Taker and lose a push for a title since he is a COO

    1. Wow. I'm actually glad I saw that. Although I'll really try not to get my hopes up, I'm glad that I see a much better (and wittier) Spiderman than Tobey's piss-poor, emo-laden, under-whelming portrayal of Peter Parker.

      I mean, seriously; finding the right person to fill the role of a popular comic book character is not that hard. Just look at Robert Downey Jr., Patrick Stewart, Sam Jackson, Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and Kevin Conroy.


      1. Yes, but now Spider-Man is British. Weird. That said, I've always marveled that British actors are much better at performing with American actors than American actors are at performing with British accents.

      2. Batman is also British, that seemed to work out well.

        The funny thing about Christian Bale is that when he was doing the commentary for American Psycho, they made him speak with an American accent. He was an unknown at the time and i suppose they felt like they should keep it a secret that the "American" Psycho was not in fact even American.

        BTW, American Psycho is my book club reccomendation of the week

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