This Week’s Videogame Releases

There are a handful of interesting videogame releases this week. Leading the way is Kingdom of Amalur: The Reckoning, the debut title from Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios. The game combines the formidable talents of Ken Rolston (lead designer of several games in The Elder Scrolls series), R.A. Salvatore (renowned Forgotten Realms author and creator of Drizz’t), and Todd McFarlane (buyer of expensive baseballs). Fans of dark and gritty comics looking for a dark and gritty comic-book game will want to check out The Darkness II. Lastly, Resident Evil: Revelations brings Capcom’s famous survival-horror franchise to the Nintendo 3DS.

Any of you picking up new games this week?

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17 thoughts on “This Week’s Videogame Releases”

  1. I want to play both Kingdoms of Amalur and The Darkness II, but I'm too busy playing other stuff to pick either up right now, especially with preorders already for SSX and Mass Effect 3.

  2. I'm getting Kingdoms later as well. I have to many games coming out to be able to play that type of game right now. Plus, Starbreeze is releasing a game soon, Syndicate, and I'm a big fan of their games.

      1. I picked up a used copy of Enclave a couple weeks ago and was sad it wasn't backwards compatible.

  3. Not looking to pick up anything new right now, but I do want to get NBA 2k12 so I'm hoping to get that this week.

  4. Nothing new for me either. Just made the vice desk in LA Noire and the my player in nba2k12 is addicting along with star wars.

      1. Meh. His books became the same things with new titles for me.

        I'll try Kingdom when it hits $30 or lower.

  5. I know I am Mr. Negativity when it comes to new games, but I rented the Darkness II and I am enjoying it. The story isn't bad so far. Most games lately have me trying to get out of cut-scenes and skip straight to some action, but this gives it to you in bite size chucks that I don't mind.
    The gameplay isn't exactly perfect but it is passable. What makes up for it is the fact that you can kill so many people so many ways. Basically each shoulder button controls something different. left button control the gun in your left hand and the left darkness spawn arm. Grabbing people and ripping them in half or spearing them with a pool cue never gets old.
    There is an upgrade system that seems to offer a bit more but you are already such a badass it gives you lots more killing option.
    But I like it, I am keeping it longer than 1 day. I didn't make past 2 hours of the 1 Darkness game though so I guess it says something about this one.

    1. I actually enjoy your reviews/sentiments of games. I really wish reviews contained counterpoints of another person.

      1. Yeah, I read them, too. I'm always amused when a game receives universal praise and then you come out and comment on how boring the game is.

        I am just waiting for the inevitable community consensus of: "Mass Effect 3 is the greatest game ever!" and your anticipated counter of: "Mass Effect 3 sucks ass."

        You are like the Yahtzee Croshaw of this site, only less Australian.


  6. No. I am saving my money for the Vita and Uncharted. Plus, with Minecraft, I don't exactly need new games. I can just download a new adventure map and PRESTO! Another game. For free.

    Speaking of which, if you have Minecraft, may I suggest trying out the new single player adventure map, The Tourist? There's action, parkour and puzzle solving, coupled with HUGE builds of Paris, France. There's two rollercoasters and (kind of) a waterfall, and the story is fantastic!

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