Coffee Talk #432: Is One Account Per PlayStation Vita a Mistake?

The PlayStation Vita has been getting a lot of press on how it uses PlayStation Network accounts. Apparently it’s one PSN account per Vita. If a friend or a family member (a-huh-huh-heh-huh…member) wants to use a different PSN account…

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The PlayStation Vita has been getting a lot of press on how it uses PlayStation Network accounts. Apparently it’s one PSN account per Vita. If a friend or a family member (a-huh-huh-heh-huh…member) wants to use a different PSN account on your Vita then a factory reset is required. Some people feel that this isn’t a big deal at all. Others think that it’s an antiquated approach. Today I want to hear your opinion on the matter!

From the standpoint of a traditional handheld-gaming console, I can see why some people don’t care. A lot of gamers don’t share their portable consoles. Certainly I’m a selfish bastard when it comes to my DS, 3DS, and PSP — I just don’t like other people using a device that’s so personal to me. Prior to the last generation of handhelds, portable gaming was almost always a solitary activity, so one account per device will feel right to many longtime gamers.

From the standpoint of modern devices, I can see why some people think Sony is being backwards. The Vita is more than just a portable gaming system. It’s a diverse multimedia device that competes with smartphones and tablets. Since it’s supposed to be modern or cutting edge, shouldn’t it be able to easily handle multiple accounts like many of today’s multimedia devices do? Take the iPad 2 for example; it’s super easy to switch between different iTunes, Game Center, etc. accounts on the device. A factory reset in order to switch accounts on the Vita seems excessive.

There’s a lot of information stored and pulled from PSN. In some respects, I understand why a factory reset is required. In others, it just seems like not enough thought was put into account management. What do you think? How do you feel about a factory reset being required to switch PSN accounts on the PlayStation Vita?

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10 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #432: Is One Account Per PlayStation Vita a Mistake?”

  1. I think it's a mistake. The 3DS doesn't even have a "profile," so if you're going to tout your system (which is in direct competition) as capable of doing more than the competition, you shouldn't set artificial limits. Especially since families might have more than one person who wants to use the system.

  2. WOW, just finished dark souls…maybe my favorite game ive ever played ( no hyperbole ).

    I suppose ill start infamous 2? Maybe bioshock 2? Maybe Battlefield? MW3? New Vegas? Uncharted 3? GTA vice city stories?

    Also, That playstation 3d display is now 400 bucks (permanent price drop)…may buy that first before i start uncharted or infamous. Actually, i have to admit, i'm trying to save money and avoid impulse purchases, but i REALLY want that damn display

      1. I havent really read any bad reviews on it…what have you heard? Beside the obvious problem some people are having with the size. I am also aware of the excessive glare and that simulview is only supported on 4 games as of now…anything else? You are the expert here, sir

  3. This won't amount to much of anything. I could be wrong when the connectivity with the PS3 requires matching accounts but without that impediment it's not an issue.

    Sony needs to focus on making the machine, accessories, and software affordable since they aren't just competing with Nintendo (who has the best 1st party software) but with Apple, MS, and Google.

  4. I personally don't see the big deal. For one, if you have more than one memory card, then you can have more than one account. So, the only problem here is that they make you pay for a service that most companies do not. Then again, Xbox Live makes you pay for internet when most companies don't, and yet many people still use the service.

    I figure that the people who complain will find a way to deal with it, whether they like the solution or not. If it matters that much to them, then they'll get around it.

    1. Yeah, but consider that the cheapest 4G memory card is $30, and they range up over $100 for cards with more memory. That's pretty expensive just to allow multiple people to use the same machine.

      1. Here's the thing though; the memory card prices "spoiled" by the media industry aren't necessarily the prices that Sony will list them for. You have to take into account that Sony never released this info, so it isn't confirmed.

        Plus, Xbox Live costs $60, even though similar services for Wii and PS3 are completely free. Sure, people complain about it, but they deal with it. Mostly. If the only thing keeping people from buying a Vita is a pricey memory card, then they should just wait until 3rd-party companies make knock-off brands that are cheaper. It's not such a big deal, considering.

      2. Sony did release that info. It was on IGN a few weeks ago. They were also defending using proprietary memory formats because it "streamlines and makes the user experience pleasant" or something of that nature.

      3. I don't really mind, either way. I don't use multiple accounts, and I would never dream of sharing my PS Vita with anyone. The only good reason I found for multiple accounts was having an account in Japan to access Japan-only content.

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