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Since I’m going to be spending most of today in the air and a couple of hours in Chicago, I’m going to miss most of the Black Friday madness. I did manage to pick up two items before I left. First is The Social Network for $10. It’s a fantastic movie and I’m really looking forward to hearing the two commentary tracks. The other goodie I picked up is a Hario Buono kettle. Water control is so important when using pour-over methods like my beloved Chemex. The Buono is used by many baristas I know. It’s one of the best out there for the price.

When the dust clears, please let me know what Black Friday deals you scored. And please, please, please don’t forget to check Amazon’s various Black Friday offerings.

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39 thoughts on “Share Your Black Friday Loot”

  1. Using the magicy-science of gift cards and in-store credit, a free Kindle Fire. Using the sciency-magic of not being stupid, an Xbox 360 bundle for $150 after buying an 8GB iPod Touch and getting a free $50 gift card.

      1. How do those work? I was on a waitlist for Inception ($5 BD) and when the notification popped up it told me I ran out of time?

  2. Picked up Kinect Sports: Season 2 for my son through Amazon's Lightning Deals. So far, not a lot of stuff that I don't already have or want, and no way I'm hitting the stores today.

  3. only thing i got, beside monopoly streets was a game called Rocksmith

    basically, it comes with a jack that allows you to hook any guitar up to your ps3…pretty damn cool actually

      1. so far. i really emjoy it. The excersizes are obviously annoyingly easy, to start. My guitar has about a half second lag as well, but it is still REALLY cool to mess around with. Its worth the money just to be able to jam on my acoustic/electric without having to hook up an amp and switch pedals and whatnot.

      2. oh yeah, tell your friends husband that the game needs more DLC, i could see myself playing the game forever as long as the music stayed relevant

      3. My brother (not my oldest brother, but the other one) picked up this game and called me about it.

        He's been playing guitar for as long as I've been playing bass, but he never tuned to standard tuning. He always used weird hipster tunings trying to be like Thurston Moore.

        Anyway… he called me geeking out about this game. He said that after like an hour of playing it, he could then easily transpose and now play everything he knows in standard. On top of that, his fiancee never picked up a guitar in her life, a blank slate. In 5 minutes, she was playing the riff from Jumping Jack Flash. The cool thing is, you stop the game, and she's STILL playing Jumping Jack Flash.

        I had been planning on getting it for my son. The only thing holding me back is that his neck might be warped and he needs a new guitar first.

  4. Picked up an iPad 2 32GB at Best Buy for $50 off at Best Buy last night. Crazy Black Friday madness; I'd tell my past self to not bother. I probably could've strolled in at 10 and still got it in a fraction of the wait time. But I had $500 in Best Buy credit (game purge).
    Also grabbed Silence of the Lambs for $4. Just got in on Pilot Wings 3D and Super Street Fighter IV 3D for $14 and $11 respectively off Amazon Lightning Deals. Also got a 4-disc Led Zeppelin box set for $32 (minus $10 credit from Zelda Wii).
    NBA 2K12 looks like it's going on sale in a few hours, but may be at the Muppet movie when it goes live. Also tempted to pick up Mortal Kombat PS3 for $30 and Hanna Blu-Ray for $9. Both are sitting in my cart right now.

    1. Leeper, give us your psn/xbl gamertag, weve established that you have 99 problems, but your 100th is gonna be me lighting you up on mw3. In all seriousness, you seem like good people, and now you have to add some of us on psn

      also trying to get uncharted 3 on amazon lightning deal in about 45 minutes

      1. Xbox: Violent Lee
        PSN: ViolentLee
        2K12 deal ended up crap, but just as well. Digging my iPad so far. See you got Uncharted; awesome price. Got it at launch but haven't played. Next on my list with my wife.
        Thanks for the kind words.

  5. Just picked up xmen 1st class bluray combo for $10, along with despicable me and 300 special Ed, also $10 each. Also the walking dead vol 9 and 10 all on amazon. You should get credit Rpad, let me know if you don't.

      1. I've heard the lines for Best Buy yesterday were TERRIBLE. But, even so, they weren't the worst. I heard Toys-R-Us actually had people inside the store directing traffic, so you could only go a certain way and once you reach the end, you're done.

  6. Store loot haul:
    Shop Vac, Ladder, new ratchet set, Mario Bros puzzle, and Uncharted 3.

    Amazon loot:
    New Leatherman, and then random gifts for everyone else. I still have the Darth Vader Lego Tie Fighter in my cart. Can't decide if I should treat myself or not.

      1. You're right. I do want it. It's not like I have to worry about my woman being scared off by me liking Star Wars legos! haha.

      2. If she was scared off then you know she's not a keeper. That's actually a good first-date barometer. Take a girl home, have the LEGO tie-fighter prominently displayed, and see how she reacts.

      3. Seriously?!?

        We all know that if she comes back to the house after a first date, she ain't interested in looking at Legos. If you're trying to push it, than you sir are a bigger nerd than me.

        That's a second date thing for sure.

  7. Finished our collection of Weeds seasons on DVD at Target. Glad we decided not to go for the tv, as people who waited for 4 hours in line weren't even close to getting one for themselves. Tried getting a 3DS bundle while we were there too, but the lines were too ridiculous for that.

    To clarify, I've seen black friday lines before and sat through my fair share of lines for cheap items; this line was ridiculous in comparison to black friday on steroids. You had to wait in line in order to see if something you wanted was still in stock. It was also the same line if you wanted ANY electronic item, which you couldn't get for yourself because you had to wait for the store employees to find for you (most of them couldn't even tell you the difference between a DVD player and a Blu-Ray player). Never before have I seen a line set up that poorly. Every other line I've been in has separated people based on what item they were after (video games in one line, tv's in another, cameras in yet another, etc.).

    We did get Dance Central 2 and the 8 dvd Harry Potter collection, both through the Amazon links. I wanted to get two sets of the dvd collection (was told I wasn't allowed though) because I'm positive that I can sell one for a bit of a profit sometime next year once the dvd collection isn't sold anywhere and people still want it as a gift.

    1. Thanks for the purchases! If you sell your HP collection, keep in mind that a super duper special outstanding edition is rumored for a late 2012 release. The current box does not have the extended footage mixed in. Next year's box will (allegedly).

      1. yes. I've been at different Targets in past years and they had separate lines for different items. Not sure why this one was so bad.

      2. Yeah that sounds like a complete hell hole. Maybe another TV will drop in price in the next few weeks.

  8. To anyone in the shared movie folder, I figured I would give a list of movies I can upload if anyone is interested in anything specific. Made a list on Google Docs, but you have to have the link to view the list. Also, don't judge some of my movies too harshly as about a quarter of them are for my wife lol. Just let me know if you want anything uploaded at some point. And I add new movies regularly, and have a few complete series of tv shows as well.

    1. I have 2500+ DVDs. I am addicted. I have a list I put together but I haven't updated it since 2/21/2010

      1. I can't stand moving around DVD's anymore. I prefer having digital copies instead, and I can fit my collection on an external hard drive and play them through my xbox. This way I never have to guess what movies to bring with me somewhere, I can just take a hard drive and have my whole collection. Before I put the list up I hadn't updated that in a while. Then again it's been a while since I've gotten a bunch of new stuff.

        You should get your own server and a DVD ripper and just rip everything to a hard drive. Can't imagine how long that would take though, haha.

      2. I would but I don't trust hard drives anymore. I lost my Raptor and all of the data a while back. Since then I have lost several. A brand new 1.5Tb from Frys that they would take back because it had been 10 days and Seagate won't accept because it passes their tests, but it took 4 hours to transfer 30Mb and constantly clicks. Also have a 1 month old WD 1Tb that just quit. In total I have 6 hard drives that just quit on me.
        That's why I prefer to have a physical copy. Also I have a 3-1Tb hard drives in my pc that are FULL of movies but they are all VOBs

    1. funny story.

      Gamefly really screwed up this year, they had a black friday deal where they had certain used games for under 10 bucks. They had brink on sale for 5.99. Well, the funny part is they also had a live coupon code where you could save 12 dollars on 2 used games, when purchased together. SO……a ton of people were buying 2 copies of brink, and getting them free, with free shipping. I missed it, but from what i hear, brink was still overpriced at FREE.

      Horrible game.

  9. STRONGLY considering that new ps3 3d display, but i cant get it on amazon, best buy has a deal thats too good to pass up on it.

    1. The image quality is mediocre. There's a reason that this television is PlayStation branded and not Sony branded. Apparently it was a (another?) big infighting sessions at Sony. Sony Electronics didn't want their brand on it because they thought it kind of sucked.

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