Coffee Wars: Coava Kone vs. Chemex Paper Filters

For the last month I’ve been using Coava Coffee Roasters’ Kone filter with my trusty¬†Chemex coffee pot. Coffee lovers rave about the bright and clean taste produced by Chemex paper filters, so I was curious to see what the Kone would bring to the table. To my surprise, I now prefer Kone coffee over paper-filtered coffee. The Kone produces a cup that’s richer than coffee produced by paper filters and brighter than coffee brewed from a French press or Sowden Softbrew. Your taste may vary, but for me the Kone hit a brilliant sweet spot.

Although $50 seems like a lot for a stainless steel filter, daily drinkers will save money in the long run over buying paper filters. Furthermore, the Kone was engineered in Oregon and is manufactured in Connecticut from Ohio steel. Most of the stuff in my kitchen (sadly) has a “Made in China” stamp on it, so I feel proud and patriotic when brewing coffee with the Kone. (Perhaps I should play John Williams’ Superman theme when I use the Kone.)

The Kone also sports some very cool tech. It has been meticulously engineered to provide superior extraction over paper filters and has thousands of photochemically etched holes. It makes me feel proud as a geek and an American.

Check out the video above for more details on the Kone and to see it in action. If you have any questions about my experience with this fine product, please ask away in the comments section. Congrats to Coava for making an environmentally friendly coffee filter that boosts the American economy!

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10 thoughts on “Coffee Wars: Coava Kone vs. Chemex Paper Filters”

  1. This is why I love coming to this site. Even though I'm not big on coffee the fact that you share this kind of info is really neat. I do have to ask why do you make your coffee like tea? Does it give a better taste or what?

    1. There are many different ways to brew coffee. One of the worst is drip machines. Using something like a Chemex pot of French press allows you to extract more and better flavor from the beans.

  2. I use a cheap drip machine that has a mesh filter and I use a Dunkin' Donuts coffee I buy from Sam's Club in a 40oz bag.

      1. No Dunkin' Donuts on the west coast? Really? Wow, that sucks. All this time I've been taking Dunkin' Donuts for granted since there's one every two miles down here. I'll be sure to add that into my "blessings" column when it's my turn to say grace at the Christmas dinner.


  3. hmmmm, i’m always up for knowing more about coffee. i am looking to buy a coffee maker but i’m not looking for anything extravagant. most of the ones sold in store that are affordable are drip machines. do you have any recommendations of something around $50-$75 range, that you would consider using.

    1. I would go with a Chemex, French Press, or Softbrew over a drip machine. It takes a little more effort, but you get much better coffee.

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