This Week’s Videogame Releases (WWE 12, Tekken)

The onslaught of excellent games has slowed down, but there are still some hot game releases left in 2011. Leading the way is WWE 12. I’m sure it will be another fine wrestling game from THQ, but I’m also sure there’s at least one good reason the writing won’t be as stellar as the Shakespearean scripts found in previous games. Fighting-game fans have a pair of releases to look forward to this week. Tekken Hybrid offers loads of Tekken gameplay in one package. The King of Fighters XIII takes a storied fighting franchise to the next level.

Any of you picking up new games this week?

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  1. I actually really, really want the new WWE. The question is, will my wife make me wait until Christmas?

    I may have to go over her head on this one.

      1. This is also what I've heard. Truth be told, I tend to prefer the WWE Universe mode from last year's WWE game to the Road to Wrestlemannia mode (despite the stellar writing of the last few entries). Most of this is because I made representations of all my friends in the CaW and we would have hang out gaming sessions where we'd play the WWE Universe mode and all battle for the belts with all the real WWE talent in the game, as well as against each other. It was a ton of fun.

      2. Sorry for the tardy reply.

        I'll let you know as I delve deeper, but so far the CAW stuff has a few new features, the arenas you can create are actually pretty cool, and there's a new "custom entrance video" editor that takes for ever, but greatly reduces the time and effort of making your own video and then some.

        The writing for the RTWM… to be fair, I'm probably not even 25% of the way through 1 storyline so I'm not being fair about this (yet)… but it seems like whatever writers they got aren't wrestling fans. It's like they gave the guys a couple of tapes and said "build a story based on that". Now, I'm sure thses guys are fine at their craft, but if you don't know wrestling, the story won't resemble the WWE at all. Guys like Ray and Justin knew the history behind every character as well does the average WWE fan. It makes a huge difference but again, I haven't really explored the whole thing yet so my opinion right now is an invalid point no matter what. I'll get back to it.

        I haven't played with the Universe yet. Exploring more.

        Gameplay… they changed it. The right stick seems to be useless. All grapples are on the A button. Like the old school N64 games, it has the same "hold for stronger" mechanic. I personally have yet to fully adapt, but so far I preferred the stick. That opinion is subject to change as well.

        Cool characters you unlock: Brock Lesner, SCSA, Axe and Smash (Demolition), the LoD, Steamboat, AA Arn Anderson, Kevin Nash, and more.

        So, that's where I'm at with it now.

        EDIT: Oh… and the absence of Dave Brockie's amazing voice is a huge step down from last year.

      3. UPDATE to WWE 12 opinion:

        Okay, I bought the Fan Axxess and ended up doing the RTWM's out of order. They don't tie in, but there is a presentational thing going on that I missed because I jumped straight to the CAW career.

        Anyway, I've done about 1 and 3/4 of the 3 and I'm still not completely impressed. They seem to have scrapped the "extensive backstage brawling" idea and replaced it with "boring, repetitive, cramped backstage brawling" and in the RTWM's they feed it to you by the barrel. Rather annoying.

        So, I jumped out and started messing with the Universe… when I uncovered something that made me geek.

        Okay, as you know, you can create your own arenas and logos. You can put your custom logos as well as the VERY many they let you choose from all over the arena where ever you want. This alone, I thought was awesome. But, I was reorganizing the brands to my tastes when I noticed the "create brand" option. Immediately, I made AWA and ECW. This as well was awesome in it's own… BUT… I ventured to the schedule, was placed on a Superstars event, when I noticed the "edit" button. O_o

        You can set the arena, logo, name, roster choices, etc for any show which means… in my game, AWA is on Thursday nights competing against TNA.

        So if desired, the Impact Zone and RoH arenas are already fan made and downloadable. They even have old school Thursday Thunder ready to DL. Nitro… not only can you completely change RAW to Nitro (which there's no need to DL), but it's even the plot of one of the stories.

        Brand customization is a big + for me.

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