Amazon Black Friday Videogame Deals are Live!

Here’s a friendly reminder that Amazon’s Black Friday Videogame page is live. There are new deals every day, so please keep checking back. Remember, using the link posted above helps keep the site going. Thanks in advance! Also, if you happen to pick up anything, please let me know. We shall compare loot.

Author: RPadTV

4 thoughts on “Amazon Black Friday Videogame Deals are Live!”

  1. Bioshock 2 and L.A. Noire are at "impulse buy" levels at $10 and $20 respectively. Red Dead Redemption GOTY at $30 is pretty sweet as well because of all the DLC it includes. At that price, it's giving The Orange Box a run for it's money.

    Well maybe not that much of a run if you think about it. (Yes, I am biased towards the Orange Box.)


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