This Week’s Videogame Releases (Mario! Zelda!)

It’s a Nintendo sandwich this week with Super Mario 3D Land¬†kicking things off and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword¬†wrapping it up. In between those Nintendo games are fine titles like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Need for Speed: The Run, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Saints Row: The Third, Rayman Origins, and Kinect: Disneyland Adventures.

Any of you picking up new games this (absolutely loaded) week?

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  1. Zelda of course! My first and possibly my last wii video game purchase. I can't wait for to hear the cd and wield that golden wii motion plus controller.

  2. That Zelda game has like a crazy 98 metascore

    I'll eventually pick up both Assassin's creed and saint's row, but i'm seriously backed up now. I havent even started skyrim. I'm hearing bad things about pop ups and glitches, i would like for them to iron those out before i actually start playing. Also, i need to finish Dark souls and Mafia 2….TOO MANY GAMES!!! I hate this time of year!!!

  3. Like TC, I'll get Zelda, Saint's Row, and ACR eventually, just not this week.

    I'm back in New Vegas. I finished all the DLC missions, bit I got that Gun Runner's Arsenal so I want to collect some weapons and I want to finish my evil game.

    I've been banned from all but one casino in the game, so I have to finish that off too before I rob and kill them all.

    I made my character in the image of the Joker. Thanks too the Old World Blues expansion (which is totally hilarious by the way), I have the perfect lair as well. It's all coming together.

  4. I will not be picking anything up YET, though I will certainly end up with Skyward Sword and Revelations. Skyward Sword got a 10.0 in Game Informer, and they're usually down on Wii titles. That's a good sign.

  5. Is it me, or is this year just loaded with crazy good games? I wouldn't be surprised if the "Game of the Year" award is shared by at least seven different games.


    1. It's just you.

      I kid, kinda. I kid that it's JUST you, but I think this every year around this time. The fact is, GOTY hasn't been a slam dunk for any game in the past 5 or more years. I noticed it the year Fallout 3, GTA4, Left 4 Dead, Gears 2, Fable 2, Dead Space, Saint's Row 2, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, and MGS4 was released (all 2008). 2009 and 2010 had alot of competition too. But straight up, all those games I mentioned for 2008 were all top notch contenders.

      So yeah…. the vg industry is always moving forward and bouncing off of itself. GOTY is always a tough call for me. Of just those 2008 games I mentioned… I have a 5 way tie in my head. Yet, they are all monsters.

      1. In 2008 I'd have to give the nod to Wrath of the Lich King overall. MGS4 if we are strictly discussing consoles.

        For this year…I'm waiting for something to eclipse Portal 2.

        That is a great list you put together (Fallout excluded for me haha)

      2. Yeah, but you can still agree that it is in contention with those other games. In my honest opinion, I hated Gears 2 and Dead Space, stopped enjoying L4D after 1 week, and never played Mass Effect. However, I still mentioned them for the obvious reasons.

        Lich King was a huge oversight on my part. But then again, I used this list as reference:

        I don't think it was on there since it was technically an expansion and not a standalone product. I don't know if I'd count that because when I think of GTA4 and Fallout 3, I consider all the DLC expansions for it automatically rather than count Lost and The Damned and Broken Steel as individual games. However… something like a WoW expansion may break the theory.

        For this year… I can't say yet. L.A. Noire is definitely up there. Arkham City is crazy fun and definitely expanded since it's awesome predecessor. Skyrim is going off the charts. ZELDA for christ's sake! DA2, and even more games I have yet to really examine. Those are just off the top of my head.

        Too soon for me to call, but from everything I played that released this year (unfortunately, I haven't played Portal 2 yet though I desperately want to)… I have to say L.A. Noire really stepped it up this year across the board. I never played a game like that, and it was very well done. But… it's unfair because there's alot I want to play.

      3. Oh def. Fallout just wasn't for me is all.I say you have to count WotLK eventhough it's an expansion. An MMO is a persistent online world, and an expansion is pretty big. Hard to explain, but once you have the LK expansion you didn't need to venture to the old world or Outlands to play. It became its own thing. Interesting debate nonetheless. I can see both sides.If you get a chance to play Portal 2, do it alone so you can hear the dialogue. Also they added quite a few elements to solving puzzles. Really clever stuff.

      4. I'm still waiting for Portal 2 to get here from Amazon. That game is next on my list right after Arkham City. Then, I really need to get Gears 3. Also I have my eye on Red Dead Redemption (game of the year edition), L.A. Noire (he complete edition), and Driver 3. Then there's Halo 10th anniversary…

        There's just not enough time.


      5. I'm not gonna bullshit you…but the first 2 acts of Gears 3 suck balls. I think they only had the last acts and were forced to go back and tack on 1 and 2 for sake of game length. The ending of Gears 3 is pretty good for an action trilogy though.

      6. speaking of Gears of War 3, one of my friends was able to get the Gears of War 3 Collectors edition still unopened for only $20. I'm not sure exactly how, and he wasn't planning on getting that game, but he couldn't turn down that price.

      7. I would like to know how to get GoW 3 collectors' edition unopened for $20. My guess is that it was hot and someone had to unload inventory quick-like… at least that's usually my knee-jerk reaction because of where I live.

        Anybody want a great deal on a genuine Rolox?


  6. I'll be picking up Assassin's Creed: Revelations. I'm a big fan of the series. After that I'm pretty much done for the year unless I get something else for X-Mas. But truthfully I'm hoping for all cash this year so I can finally get a new PC.

  7. I would love to pick up Zelda, but I don't see that happening yet. I did just get Epic Mickey though, so I would like to play through that sometime soon. There really are a ton of great games coming out this week and last. The first game I will get from this release week will be the Halo: CE 10th anniversary edition, but I'm not sure when exactly.


    Amazon has a buy 1 get one half off deal currently up

    please use Ray's links :)

    Also, gamefly has a pretty great sale going on right now. The highlights include Dead space 2, Spider man:shattered dimensions, Need for speed:hot pursuit, and dead rising 2 for 10 bucks, with free shipping

    Great success

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