Skylanders Action Figures Video

Please, please, please check out this video of some of the 30+ action figures that can be used in Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventures. The action figures themselves have some cool designs and the marketing copy is hilarious. Most of the action figures have tag-lines that are so silly that you have to laugh at them.

I’ve actually started my second run of the game and the main reason I’m playing it again is because it’s fun to use the action figures to swap characters. I’m positive that the game and the toys will sell like crazy this holiday season. Well played Activision. Well played.

Author: RPadTV


2 thoughts on “Skylanders Action Figures Video”

  1. Have you tried playing the game without the toys at all? Is that even a possibility? As much as I love/hate the idea (love the concept; hate the extra cost) of gaining characters in this way it would be a shame if the game really sucked without the added benefit of the toys. I'm also wondering about multi-platform compatibility and how that affects this game, since I believe it is on Sony and Nintendo consoles, no? Are they kept completely separate, as I suspect, or is there any hint of compatibility between DS and Playstation game saves/product code usage?

    Also, I keep imagining Pokemon with this concept. It seems that is could be possible to extend the meta-game utilizing something along these lines. Not sure exactly how, but perhaps make it only something that happens after the elite four/final champion, etc. Similar to finding all seven sages in Black/White. Of course there are always quite a few changes I wish they would make to that series.

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