Coffee Talk #411: What’s Your Favorite Nerd Movie?

With Sony snatching up the rights to the Steve Jobs movie, I’ve been thinking about other nerd movies. I’m not talking about stuff like Revenge of the Nerds, but rather films that celebrate or honor renowned nerds or nerd culture. Obviously all the movies…

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With Sony snatching up the rights to the Steve Jobs movie, I’ve been thinking about other nerd movies. I’m not talking about stuff like Revenge of the Nerds, but rather films that celebrate or honor renowned nerds or nerd culture. Obviously all the movies we discuss today are just placeholders until Watching the Gears Go Round: The Cliff Bleszinski Story comes out, but we’re still a few years away from that masterpiece. For now, let’s look at some geeky contenders.

The Social Network is the most successful nerd movie to date and was lauded by non-nerds too. Comic Book: The Movie and Trekkies examine two of the most passionate nerd communities in the universe. Macheads and Welcome to Macintosh are two fine documentaries for Apple nerds.

As for me, I’m going with Pirates of Silicon Valley. It’s an interesting look at the rise of Apple and Microsoft, examining the curious relationship between the two companies. It’s interesting, fun, and funny (sometimes unintentionally) all at the same time. Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates was just brilliant — a perfect nerd to play one of history’s ultimate nerds. It’s also awesome that the guy that played Steve Ballmer also voiced BenderThe Joker and Marcus Fenix. Ha!

Now it’s your turn! Please leave some of your favorite nerd movies in the comments section.

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41 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #411: What’s Your Favorite Nerd Movie?”

  1. There was recently a documentary on HBO called "superheroes". Essentially, its about real people who patrol the street in silly costumes who help others and do their best to fight crime. The natural first instinct is to laugh at these people uncontrollably, but as you watch more of the show, you realize that these are good people who are serious about trying to help others.

    Really enjoyed it, you should give it a look if you see it on, or on demand

    I dont know how relevant that answer was to the actual topic, oh well

      1. Oh really? Don't hold your breath; who's on the bottom again? Not for long, you're not! Comment-tournament TO THE MAX!

      2. I'm not worried about anyone except you, Ray. I mean, it'd be pretty funny if you weren't the top commenter on your own site.

  2. MacHeads for sure.

    I'd like to add Live Free or Die Hard. The geeky guy epitomized the way I feel about tech:
    "where do you learn all this?"
    "I just know it"

  3. Ugh, this is what I deal with on a daily basis…people are so clueless

    "I have an infection on my skin fold, left side of my penis. Its not on my penis or scrotum at all. It happened before last year when I did not properly dry myself after showering then spent the day with moisture that caused itchiness and irritation. The skin is sticky, has yellow mucus, no bumps or raised areas, and it smells." Patient X

    Read the third sentence again, WTF does that have to do with anything?

    This is not about me but a request for an appointment I received.

    1. (*gag*) WTF?! Don't you work as a TSA agent? Did someone tell you this as you were strip searching them or… ?


      1. Nah I used to work for TSA about 4 years ago, now I work at a clinic for low income people.

      2. He got fired for trying to use his TSA authority to flee the country due to someone challenging him in Mortal Kombat.

        Why someone would be so scared that they are willing to compromise our nation's security is beyond me.

      3. Dude. I'm actually considering getting Mortal Kombat myself just to have SOMETHING happen. MK is cheap enough now on eBay (around $20) where it's getting into the "impulse buy" category. I can also assure you that I won’t duck you since I have no life (read: wife & kid), so I am always home. Alas, I would make a poor competitor since I generally suck at fighting games and would not provide much of a challenge.

        Honestly, I would prefer Marvel vs. Capcom (or Mew-vel vs. Cat-com) since I figured that if I'm going to get my ass kicked, I might as well do it with characters I like in the most over-the-top, epileptic, seizure-inducing way possible.

        Also, I still can’t get onto XBL since the people at Microsoft seem to be taking their sweet time finding out who pirated my account.


  4. King of Kong is the only one that comes to mind… probably because that was the last nerd movie I saw. Does "Army of Darkness" count as a nerd movie? If it does, then, that is my favorite one.


  5. ok i figured it out…this new add video feature is awesome….It's like Ray said "how can i make TC even MORE annoying?"

    1. Actually, I lied:

      Better Off Dead
      The Breakfast Club
      Good Will Hunting
      The Prestige (Bowie as Tesla FTW).
      Ferris Bueller
      Can't Buy Me Love

      1. Speaking of Tesla, my friend from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon was looking for book recos on the relationship between Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain. Anyone got anything?

      2. What's NOT sad is that when I saw you bring up the 80's metal band… I instantly thought of the 5 Man Electrical Band who wrote and originally performed Tesla's only real hit.

      3. They didn't hit top 40 with it though… I think they hit top 100… so they got noticed, but top 40 (for me) has always been what counted.

        Signs was definitely in the top 10.

        Granted… at least once a year, something happens that makes me think that everything I know about music business is crap. This year… it's that "Pumped Up Kicks" song… how the HELL did that make #1?

      4. The best part of watching any live performance like this is listening to the two distinct groups of "fans" in every crowd. The first group, we'll call them the "true fans: generally starts screaming by the 4th note of a song, because they instantly recognize it. The second group, the "casual fans" so to speak, only starts screaming when the first lyrics hit, and only during the singles that actually made the radio. It's even more pronounced with a song like this, where the 1st 3 1/2 minutes are instrumental.

      5. Nothing a google search couldn't beat.

        I can't say I've ever done extensive research like that. I've watched documentaries, read some websites, and saw the patents on… But that's about it.

        I've been to Niagra Falls as well, and there's a museum there.

  6. Can't think of any nerd movies I have watched besides the obvious funny ones. The Big Bang Theory is my favorite show currently …..if that counts

    1. I really want to watch that show, but I want to start from the start and it's not on Netflix (yet).

      I hear nothing but great things and caught a few scenes… but I stopped because I knew I want to see them all.

  7. You know, if this movie turns out to be bad, will people react badly towards Sony or Apple? Hrmm…

    1. I think Sony will be very respectful. Back when Sony was THE brand in consumer electronics, Jobs looked up to the company. He wanted Apple to be the Sony of personal computers. Funny where both companies are now….

      1. Oh, I'm not worried about Sony screwing it up on purpose or anything, but the question is more of an "if people don't like it" thing. I'm sure Sony will be perfectly fine… yep, no conspiracy theorist here…

  8. Best geek movie ever…War Games. There really isn't an argument here, it's superior and cooler than any other nerd/geek movie out there.

    One of my friends was always raving about how great Pirates of Silicon Valley was, so I watched it last year, but it left me severely disappointed. It was ok for the one watch, but the most entertaining part of that movie was how Noah Wyle started Steve Jobs's Macworld Keynote shortly after the movie premiered. The documentaries I've seen that are nerd/geek are usually interesting, but not entertaining enough to classify them as "the best."

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