This Week’s Videogame Releases

October kicks off with a slew of awesome videogames! If you’re looking for a supremely gorgeous post-apocalyptic shooter then you definitely want to pick up id Software’s Rage. There probably won’t be any NBA basketball played until next year, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing NBA 2K12. Spider-Man — both the current version and the 2099 version — are back for another wall-crawling adventure in Spider-Man: Edge of Time. Want something dark and brutally difficult? If so then Dark Souls, the successor to Demon’s Souls, is right up your alley. Finally, sometimes you just need to dance. If that’s the case then Just Dance 3¬†will do you good.

Any of you picking up new games this week?

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  1. I thought about both Rage and NBA2k. I am passing on 2k12 since it looks like there will be no season. It deflates my enthusiasm. Rage…I don't know that it is worth $60. Oddly enough it's available on Steam as opposed to bf3. Interesting.

  2. I'm really not interested in shooters anymore. I will get the new GRAW because I used to play that with a whole crew of people that I haven't talked to since GRAW2 got super old.

    BF3 is a maybe. And if I do get it, I'm leaning more towards PS3 at the moment. Is there any reason I should be thinking 360 instead?

      1. I think I may be more patient than you in that regard.

        I haven't played any legit shooters on PS3. When I do, I want it to be a popular one. The 2 problems with CoD is 1, I hate it and 2, if I played CoD on PS3 and my 360 friends found out about it, I fear the backlash.

        I loved Bad Company and 1943 though. By the time I could afford Bad Company 2, it had been out a few months and people were playing CoD again. BF3 however, I have a chance at hitting the ground running.

        What leans me towards 360 is the larger community, but I am more than most likely getting the new GRAW.

      2. Patience isn't the issue. It's the frequency with which I must deal with it and the length of time for reconciliation. It's just funny/frustrating at this point lol.Sent from my iPhone 4

      3. Okay… I guess I'm frequently more patient in that regard.

        I get it dude, I do. I just don't think that issue would drive me to the point of chucking it. I just find other things to do while I'm waiting for that.

        Then again, I don't use the PS3 as my "go to" console in the first place. I'm actually much more picky about which games I pick up for PS3 than I ever have been for any other console. I've been playing it alot lately because I'm still catching up.

        Also… I never would have gotten GT5 anyway. I did get DCU though… and holy hell was that long. To make it worse, my HDD faiked and needed reformatting at one point so I had to wait for it to do the 3-5 hours of updates all over again.

        But… once it was done, it was behind me.

      4. I've been using our PS3 more lately…..for Netflix anf Hulu plus. Otherwise I haven't turned it on in months because I buy all my multiplatform games on the 360. I just like the controller, dashboard and online better on the 360. So I figured I might as well use it for something.

        My wife is actually playing through the 1st Uncharted now. We've had the PS3 in the living room, but we moved it to the bedroom to watch Hulu and Netflix since we cut our ties with DTV, and now she's actually using the system for the 1st time.

      5. I was using my AppleTV for Netflix before i cancelled it. To be honest, I haven't used the integrated Netflix on my PS3. The last time I used it, Netflix required a disc to work!

      6. Sorry this is so late in response. I haven't been home until late this evening.

        To qualify my patience remark: I have very little free time during the week and on the weekends these days. I do not have the time to burn in order for Sony or anyone for that matter to shoot me a slow update. Perhaps that can be construed as impatience but I see it as wasting my already little time. While it is no big deal to some people to let it do what it wants for an hour or longer then come back, for me that just means I give my money to other things that are ready when I'm ready. (insert jokes)

        Perhaps beating a dead horse, but I feel I short changed you in my response from earlier.

      7. It's not something I check daily/weekly. The issue only arises when I go to play a game. I guess I should plan on a Sunday to update before I buy on that Tuesday? :PMaybe the PS software doesn't like delta updates. Idk.

      8. In Smartguy's defense; that does seem a little ridiculous.

        We've been spoiled by the ease of use of consoles over the years that when we pop in a game, we want to play it now, not later. Consoles are not supposed to be PCs where there can be different operating systems talking with many different programs (games, apps, etc.) A console is supposed to have the advantage of running a singular, unified format that will work with all the games that were coded for that machine with minimal effort. Lengthily install times are regressive to our modern console technology. Also, they shouldn't force you to install a game on your HD. You should at least have the option of playing the game off the disk, even if loading times in the game may be slower (if that is what's being implied).


      9. I hear you, I do, but since when is the time you have to play videogames not time you have to burn in the first place? Even if you schedule out every minute of your time a month in advance, you'll still place "gaming" in the blank spots after everything that's important is in there already.

        You don't have to play everything on launch week, bro. You can get a game, let it update and install, and not even mess with it for a week later.

        If that's an issue, then once again, the issue is patience.

      10. Easy answer: the time I set aside is for gaming, not updating. Time to burn is relative.Sent from my iPhone 4

  3. Dark Souls crushes these other games like flies between it's muscular buttocks

    (you must say this comment like Hanz and Franz)

    I'll definitely be picking that game up…this review from edge Magazing is perfect

    Edge MagazineOct 3, 2011 ;score 90
    Dark Souls beckons the masochistic with its chilly indifference. If you steel your nerves and persevere, the loot you'll uncover is an adventure so exquisitely morose and far-ranging that it will tug at your mind insistently during the hours you spend apart.

  4. I'm on new game hiatus until Batman: Arkham City. I'm currently working on Gears 3, FIFA 12 and Orcs Must Die! (which is surprisingly more fun that I was expecting).

  5. I can think of one VERY good thing that can happen because of no NBA this year…

    That would be the ratings spike in college basketball games. Let's get kids interested in students in schools rather than myriad of personalities and marketing that make up the NBA.

    1. I'd like a spike in NHL ratings personally. Maybe that would help get the NHL back onto a network that people actually watch instead of buried deep on the channel menu on Versus.

      1. Strong point.

        They are kinda similar in the fundamentals too. The main difference being that basketball plays rarely fail and hockey plays rarely succeed.

        The harsh truth however is that people who grew up and still live in places like where you and I live have a sort of foreign relationship with hockey since it's never really been that cold for them let alone ever been ice skating in their lives.

        I didn't even get it until my girlfriend (now wife) dragged me ice skating with her one day. After that, a hockey game was on and I realized what they do is mighty difficult and that ice hurts like hell when you fall.

        I knew that there where fights in hockey, but I had no idea WHY there were fights in hockey. I then learned that it was because the Flyers are a bunch of idiot goons that need their ass beat regularly.

      2. Yeah, I know. As someone who lives in AZ now, I have a very hard time getting into the Stanley Cup playoffs when it's 115 degrees outside. But I grew up a huge hockey fan and would love to see the sport catch on more.

    2. they are no different. or perhaps you haven't seen what's going on in college sports lately? They are actually worse than pro sports because at least professional sports franchises don't hide behind a facade of wanting to encourage students to learn or pursue an education, while at the same time exploiting student's abilities, profiting from their abilities, redesigning conferences in order to profit from sports while making it harder for students to actually study and attend classes, etc. College sports is in a horrible place, has been for a while, and also has no signs of getting any better.

      At least professional sports are honest about their sole pursuit of more money.

      1. I blame football for this, as the Big East, one of the top two basketball conferences in the nation, is pretty much a dead conference now because of football greed.

      2. There will always be an undertone factor that if someone is a fan of college sports, they in turn are a fan of college in general.

        Of course there's bullshit where the money comes in, but this is still America so that's to be expected. If one kid that's horrible at sports but is a huge fan of the school believes the "facade" is legit and attends college for that reason… it was worth it.

  6. Thanks for reminding me, Mr. Padilla. I've been eyeing Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions for a while now. I think I can pick up the game for cheap and hopefully, by the time I'm done with that, GoW 3 would be around my price range.


      1. Yes, I did. The street price for the game is already down to $50 and the game hasn't been out for a week.

        Destructoid's is particularly scathing. Another bomb for Silicon Knights. What a shame. They should start working on Eternal Darkness 2 and try to redeem themselves. Hell, I'd settle for Blood Omen 3.


      2. Am I the only one who's noticed that Destructoid's reviews are generally the lowest outlier of all the major sites? Not saying the game isn't crap… I said, I wasn't expecting it to be good based simply on the premise. But it just seems like whenever I look up a game on Metacritic, Destructoid's score is always way lower than everyone else's.

  7. I'll try to rent rage and maybe dark souls to see if I like them to buy them later on. I may get nba2k12 but maybe after I finish gears.

  8. Rage looks just like borderlands, albeit the graphics are better and the sloth like creatures I've been seeing. I'm not interested in Rage, but it does make me want Borderlands 2 to come sooner than later. As of now I think the BF3 beta will hold me over until Arkham City, which then will hold me over until BF3.

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