Coffee Talk #378: Your Gaming Backlog

Today I’d like you to jot down all the games in your gaming backlog. This little exercise is as much for me as it is for you. There are always games that I mean to play, but put off due to life, love, work…

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It’s audience participation time (not really sure how this is different from any other day on the site)!!! Today I’d like you to jot down all the games in your gaming backlog. This little exercise is as much for me as it is for you. There are always games that I mean to play but put off due to life, love, work, etc. Hopefully writing them down will motivate me to finish them. I’m hoping that writing your backlog in the comments section will do the same for you too. Here’s my list.

  1. Blue Dragon — It’s laughable that I haven’t played more of this game. I frickin’ love job systems!
  2. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom — This game wowed me at E3 2010 and I still haven’t finished it yet.
  3. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West — Some of my friends love this game and some hate it. I need to see what the deal is. The little I’ve played seems really cool.
  4. Pokemon Black — After playing almost 700 hours of Pokemon Pearl, my game clock in Black is still in double digits. I can no longer call myself a Pokemon Master. *sniff*
  5. Final Fantasy XIII — I have a wee bit more to play. I’ve watched friends beat it, but I kind of want to do it on my own. It’s been so long that I’ll probably load a save file from a few chapters back just to get in the groove.

Of course new titles like Bastion and the Dragon Age II Legacy DLC will get in the way, but I’m determined to make it through this list before the year ends.

Now it’s your turn! What’s in your gaming backlog?

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25 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #378: Your Gaming Backlog”

  1. I have a ton of games on the list with how much % I have completed:

    FFXIII (50% but I need to start over)
    BulletStorm (One stage left)
    Split/Second (55%)
    Assassins Creed: BH (50% with just as many side quests done)
    Borderlands (90% because of DLC)
    LA Noire (30%)
    Mortal Kombat (20-30%)

    What I like to do is rotate XBLA games and regular games in and out of the line up to "extend" the experience. Those are the games with the highest priority for me. I have others but they are more suited for mindless fun or I have beaten the story already.

    1. If you want some company for Dead Rising 2, I (and I'm sure N8) will be happy to join you.


  2. I beat Limbo last night now I have to run through again to get the achievements, not looking forward to it, I think I'm going to cheat and watch videos.

  3. I beat Limbo last night! Now I have to run through it again to get the achievements, not looking forward to it, I think I'm going to cheat and watch videos.

    1. A word of warning: if you are even thinking about going for the "No Point in Dying" achievement, take advantage of the ability to play any section of the game and keep replaying the most difficult parts of the game (for you). Make sure you keep practicing until you can pass those difficult parts comfortably without dying. Then, go back and start from the beginning and do the whole game. You are gong to get frustrated doing this, so be ready for the disappointment of getting to the last part of the game and then dying five times and restarting the whole thing all over again. I really hope that doesn't happen to you, because that happened to me a few times. I damn near put my fist through the TV.

      Good luck!


      1. Haha I thought about doing that one and I feel like I can live without it. I know for a fact that I can do it if I hunkered down, but I don't want to put my fist through anything.

      2. Iceman I was comparing our achievements in Limbo (Limbo happens to be the only game my girlfriend completed on the Xbox) and my gf saw that you had "No point in Dying" unlocked and she nearly spit her wine all over the TV in shock. Kudos to you sir!

      3. Thanks man. That one was a pain in the arse to get and it really did feel like a real achievement (unlike some others I've gotten). Splinter Cell was much more annoying to complete than Limbo, though.


  4. Portal 2
    Shogun 2
    LA Noire one day. Not in a rush to get to it.
    Epic Mickey perhaps

  5. Epic Mickey
    The latest New Vegas DLC as well as Honest Hearts
    Mortal Kombat

    That's about it.

    Life has been flying at me pretty fast as of late so my gaming time has diminished.

    My wife took my 360 from my lair for about a week but I just took it back yesterday. I've been doing the Netflix thing before anything else lately.

  6. Pokemon is always in my backlog/playlist. I only have about 200 hours in my black version, I just haven't had as much time to sit down and grind away on my IV breeding and EV training. I have about 6 pokemon that I still need to EV train, but it is a little harder in gen 5. Gen 4 had plenty of spots where you could go for specific EV's, gen 5 has some of those spots but they feel a lot harder to use because there are not areas for each stat only. Like how only psyduck and golduck appear in the water north of Goldenrod city, or only pokemon with defense EV's appear in grassy areas in between kanto and johto, etc.

    I'd like to play another 360 game before my wedding this weekend but I'm not sure if that will happen right now. I'd like to play fallout 3 at some point, and there are several Wii games I'd like to play. Epic Mickey, Donkey Kong, Kirby. I still also want to play Duke Nukem and Portal 2, but I'm also getting a strong urge to play Grand Theft Horse and I have no clue where that is coming from. I suppose I should also finish the campaign in Black Ops.

    Nothing is really pressing at this point though so I'm not sure what I should play next. I'll just keep playing Black Ops online with Tokz, and maybe some L4D(2) with whoever wants to play that too.

  7. I was just making a list of this the other day.
    Infamous 2 (evil side)
    crysis 2
    god of war 2 &3
    fallout new vegas
    heavy rain
    ac brotherhood, have to finish dlc
    batman AA
    ninja gaiden 2

    I still want to pick up mass effect 2 and Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. I should be busy until resistance 3 and uncharted 3 come out.

    1. batman AA was a good game. it took me 2-3 days of solid playing to beat the game, all of the challenges that weren't beat em up/score based, and find all the riddlers, err, riddles. lots of fun to play.

      1. I'm about 1/3 of the way done. Did a couple of the challenges, I know i won't find all of the riddles. Its been pretty fun so far.

      2. I will be really interested in arkham city especially with the episodes dlc that are going to be coming out. It will be pretty cool if they refresh it every month like a comic :)

  8. Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial has pushed EVERYTHING into my backlog.

    I had a longer comment but I didn't realize I wasn't logged in and when I went to log in it deleted most of it and I didn't feel like retyping it

  9. Is anyone else playing BattleField 3???? I'd like to play with some people I know rather than just these random people. I'll be on it all weekend.

  10. Been out of town for a week, so I'm just catching up.

    Blue Dragon is a solid little game. It's not my favorite JRPG, but it's certainly not bad. I started playing Enslaved but never finished it. It was ok, but certainly worth a rental if you like action games.

    Anyway, on to my backlog. it should be noted that I have 5 of these 6 games sitting here ready to play at a moment's notice and I'm doing my 5th run through Dragon Age II instead. So there you have it….

    1) Portal 2 – I currently have it from Gamefly, and just haven't gotten around to starting it yet. I imagine that this is what I'll play next.

    2) Call of Duty: Black Ops – It's been #1 on my Gamefly Q since December. I've been told that I should buy it, but I'm not a big multiplayer guy and I don't see the point of spending $60 on a 6 hour single player campaign.

    3) Halo: Reach – I own it (X-Mas present), but still haven't played it. I know I will at some point, but I've never been the biggest Halo fan. I did like ODST though.

    4) Fallout: New Vegas – Another one that I own. Don't get me wrong, I would really like to play thins game. But the color pallet in Fallout 3 gave me headaches and I've heard it's really glitchy. As such, I'm not sure how much my patience level can tolerate.

    5) Mafia 2 – I borrowed this from a friend last fall and it's still sitting here unplayed. I keep telling myself that I should either play it or send it back to him.

    6) Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom – I caught it in a bargain bin at Wal-Mart for like $9.99 the same day the owner of the company that made it "went missing." I would like to play it, but it's further down on my list then the rest of these.

    1. If you ever get around to playing Halo Reach, hit me up and I'll go through the game with you on co-op. I love that game and am always looking for a reason to go back and go through the campaign. Plus, if you just want to get it out of the way, the game goes faster with two (or more) skilled people playing. The game plays very similarly (gameplay mechanics) to ODST, it's just that the story is not as good. But what Reach lacks in story, it makes up for with bringing Elites back into the mix (instead of just Brutes and Grunts like the last two Halo games).


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