Hanging with Sarah Carroll at E3 2011

I spent a large chunk of yesterday hanging out with Sarah Carroll. She’s a spokesperson for Virgin Mobile and this was her first E3. It was fun showing her around and introducing her to my pals. Sarah is fun and cool and beautiful — an excellent accessory / conversation piece to have around. I definitely got more attention with her than without her. Ha!

Anyway, (please) check out these photos of Sarah with some of my videogame industry friends and stay tuned for some fun videos!

[nggallery id=57]

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22 thoughts on “Hanging with Sarah Carroll at E3 2011”

  1. In the picture of her by herself playing PS3 wearing headphones (img069)…..What the heck are those on top of the Thumb Sticks on the controller? It also looks like they added the shoulder button add-ons.

    I know go ahead and make fun because I noticed the controller.

    1. Those are pretty much what you think — rubber add-on accessories that give the PS3 a different feel. I've never cared for stuff like that since I like the Dual Shock 3 as is, but giants like you and Big Blak might be interested.

      1. I put the shoulder button clip-on things on my controllers because my fingers tend to slide off of the L2 & R2 buttons when pressed. The thumb sticks don't look very comfortable and seems like I'd have to 'relearn' how to use the thumb sticks.

    2. I was actually looking at the headphones in that pic Slick, don't fell bad lol.

  2. The one picture looks like she's standing next to Ben Roethlisberger in some glasses.


      1. Yeah… that dude. I couldn't post the pic number before because I couldn't see it on my iPhone.

        I realize he's not tall enough… but he's still going for that look.

      2. That is my excellent friend and former roommate Christian, from Gamasutra — one of the best writers out there. Sarah is totally safe as he doesn't play on the same team as Ben and he's a gentleman.

      3. When you say "he doesn’t play on the same team as Ben"… if you mean that the way I think you mean that… that's cool.

        If you didn't mean that the way I think you meant that… that came out VERY wrong.

  3. Damn I got hung up on 69 and I didn't even make it to 70. Nice shot….love the "Best of E3 2011" sign while in that pose.

      1. why did it triple post? please delete the last two …and this one too lol

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