E3 2011 Day Two: Random Musings

– It was interesting talking to industry people about bad names. There are a lot of poorly named games and a pair of new consoles with bad names at E3 2011. Most of my friends have at least three game names that bother them. A lot of them spent so much energy hating on the name PlayStation Vita that they didn’t have anything left when the name Wii U was announced.

– I’m still seeking out sleeper games, similar to how Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom impressed me at E3 2010. I’ve seen a few major titles and spent most of yesterday with Virgin Mobile Sarah, so I haven’t been able to see any underdogs yet. A bunch of my friends were surprised by Bastion, an action-RPG from Warner Bros. Interactive. A few told me that Ubi’s The Adventures of Tin Tin was surprisingly fun in an old-school way — kind of like a mix of Donkey Kong and Elevator Action with modern production values. I’ll try to check out both today.

– After two days of game consumption, the majority of my friends still have BioShock Infinite pegged as the best game of the show by far. A lot of them are trying to get second viewings of the behind-closed-doors demo, simply because it’s 100-percent pure awesome.

– It’s funny talking to longtime developers that are now working on Kinect games. Showing off the same demo dozens of times a day for three days straight was draining at previous E3 shows. Being physically active has taken it to a new level.

– It’s always excellent seeing old industry friends, especially ones you haven’t seen for a long time and ones you’ve had a crush on for years (Annette Cardwell). It’s always excellent meeting new, cool people too. Emily from 5th Cell (Scribblenauts) and Cat from Red Box are awesome.

– Speaking of Red Box, please let me know if you use their rental kiosks. I might be able to hook you up with some freebies.

– Last, but not least, I miss you guys! I’ll miss the excitement of E3 2011, but I’m looking forward to writing more and hanging out with you here. Be good!!!

Author: RPadTV