I Am the Angelina Jolie of Videogame Verbal Entertainers

It’s true! Do you know how I know this? Virgin Mobile’s Sarah Carroll said so. It was great spending the Thursday of E3 2011 seeing all kinds of outstanding games, but I missed Sarah. She was so sweet in the YouTube video above. If you can, please drop her a line on her Twitter account to tell her that you agree that I am the Brad Pitt and/or Angelina Jolie of videogame verbal entertainers and don’t forget to CC me.

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17 thoughts on “I Am the Angelina Jolie of Videogame Verbal Entertainers”

  1. this girl cant be for real. Is she peter molyneaux's new kinect invention?

  2. Nice! That was an uber cool shot out Rpad, see, your awesome on the web and RL.

      1. @Slicky

        I would think this is comparable to using a generic flash drive and formating it for use on the 360. I’m not positive on that though. I have never purchased anything other than official products when it comes to things like this, so I can’t comment on previous use of products similar to this (other than using a flash drive for memory storage on my 360). I’ve known people in the past who buy generic upgrades for their consoles without any problems whatsoever. Although this particular product doesn’t really give a ton of information, it seems like with a very high 90’s positive feedback percentage with just barely under 400 sales that it is generally favorable.

        In the end I guess it’s up to how you feel about hard drive and memory storage in general. I believ it’s N8R who doesn’t like to use anything other than Western Digital with computers, so if you feel strongly about a specific brand of hard drive than perhaps this isn’t the way to go. If you’ve used several brands in the past and not had an issue with any one over the others, than I’d assume that the price difference between official product and generic and the possible risk involved would be worth it to you.

    1. @Slicky
      It seems that it is a website similar to Etsy. I’d give it a try for most other things except that HDD. Where is this person getting the signature for the drive size?

      That ad also has no return policy really worth mentioning. I guess that is to be expected with custom stuff like that.

      I’d use the ask seller question link and inquire if the drive is a legit one or a reproduction.

    2. Yeah the "or not" was that there is no way I am buying form there. I asked some more people and finally found some one who actually bought one of these. Said it was completely fake all the reviews and everything. I doubt it is completely fake, but I'd rather not chance it.

  3. That was such an excellent sleep! My legs are all E3'd out and my mind has all sorts of information swimming in it. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys and gals today.

    1. If you legs are anything like the cramps I got last night playing softball (doubleheader at that) then I feel for ya! At least it's friday. Cold beer here I come.

      1. General muscle aches. A dull pain where I tore my meniscus. A sore ankle because I slightly twisted on Wednesday because I misjudged where chair was. Yes, I hurt myself sitting down. That was a new one for me.

      2. Ha! My second at bat I hit it 400ft and was taking it easy around the bases and cramped up between 2nd and 3rd. Damn near cost me my homerun.

      3. you should have the mr perfect entrance music cued up for circling the bases

      4. @Thundercracker

        I could never do as well as he could though.

        Man that was a great character.

  4. You may be the Angelina Jolie of Verbal Entertainers… but you sound like the Kurt Angle.

    It's True!

  5. That's great to get a shoutout like that. Despite all the work I know you were doing, I'm sure it was great to hang out with someone who looks as good as she does—especially in that red dress from the pics I saw on facebook!!!

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