American Idol 2011 Finals Scotty McCreery vs. Lauren Alaina

The American Idol 2011 finals have come down to two teenage country singers: Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. In my top 10 rankings, I had them pegged at #7 and #6, respectively. Both of them raised their games and made it to the final round. Sadly, filthy pirate hooker Haley Reinhart fell short (after falling on her ass on stage). Who do you think will win American Idol 2011? Kindly vote and discuss.

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As for me, I don’t see how Scotty McCreery — aka Scotty McCreepy — can lose. Sure, he makes amazingly stupid faces and can only sing in one style (“BabyLockThemDoors“), but there are three reasons why I’m certain he’ll win.

  1. A large portion of American Idol voters are teen girls and housewives. They love McCreepy. The young girls are attracted to his “aw shucks!” demeanor and deep voice. The older women are just being pervs.
  2. The last three American Idol winners — David Cook, Kris Allen, and Lee DeWyze — have been dubbed “boring white guys with guitars”. Scotty is also a boring white guy with a guitar. The BWGWG trend is powerful and hard to stop.
  3. Most importantly, the last two¬†American Idol winners look like former videogame journalists. Kris Allen = John Ricciardi (ex-EGM). Lee DeWyze = Patrick Joynt (ex-GameSpy). McCreepy bears an uncanny resemblance to Giant Bomb’s Brad Shoemaker; they’re both fine young boys from North Carolina with disarmingly deep voices. The trend of American Idol winners resembling game journalists will surely continue.

As for Lauren Alaina, she reminds me of a young version of old Beverly D’Angelo. I’m not talking about the young and sexy Beverly. I’m talking about the older and larger cougar Beverly. She comes off as a sweet girl that lacks confidence. I feel bad that some people refer to her as Ceiling Fat and that she’ll likely lose…but not that bad.

Anyway, I’m going with Scotty McCreery as this year’s Idol winner. How about you? Kindly vote and discuss!

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  1. The way you're describing him, it sounds like American Idol is RickRolling all of it's viewers.

  2. Scotty is one of the best country singers I've ever heard. Scotty will not win because he don't need to, he will sell lots of records regardless. Lauren is bland and boring and she needs "American Idol winner" tagged onto her name to help her garner sales but will fail like all the other "winners" of American Idol. Can anyone name me any winners of the show. I can't, but I can name Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, and Daughtry.

    1. I would argue that Kelly Clarkson had the best career out of all the Idol winner. "Since You've Been Gone" is a catchy song. I believe she has had more top 10 singles than any other winner, but Underwood has sold more records.

      1. That was the 1st year when nobody took the show serious. Kelly is nowhere near good enough to be on American Idol now.

      2. Absolutely. Being in the top 12 of American Idol opens all kinds of doors. Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar and we all know that would not have happened had it not been for the show.

      3. Take all 120 people that were in all the top 12s. Most of them don't have major careers. Still not sure why you're dismissing Kelly. Whether you like her or not is irrelevant. Look at her chart success.

      4. I don't think it's as much dismissing her as it is acknowledging that people who came after her are better than she is—regardless of her success.

      5. No not at all. I would love to see that argument attempted to be made because it's simply not the case. But I personally feel that Jennifer Hudson or Carrie Underwood (although I don't like her much) have a higher quality of singing talent and presence on stage or in music videos than Kelly Clarkson. Just because the music industry isn't based on talent doesn't mean my opinion cannot be based on talent. I'm also not trying to deny that Kelly Clarkson has had a good career, but I do not think she would have had as much success from American Idol if either of the two aforementioned ladies had come before her. Just because Kelly did it first doesn't mean she is the best.

      6. There is no "best" the way you're using the word. That's far to subjective. Like I wrote in my first reply, Clarkson has the most hit singles and Underwood has sold the most records. Most people that won or came in second have had mediocre careers, at best.

      7. Of course it's subjective, it's an opinion. Opinions by nature are extremely subjective, and that's what we are all talking about—our opinions. Clarkson was first to market out of the American Idol stars, I believe that has something to do with her success. If Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Hudson had come before her I don't think she would have had the same success. That's extremely subjective because it's an opinion. That is its nature.

      8. Reread the earlier portion of the thread. I was talking about the most successful career. There are numbers behind it. Throwing a couple of "what if's" is pretty meaningless.

      9. Didn't that Underwood girl win? She seems to be pretty big. Better looking at that.

  3. Hopefully I can help settle some of the discussions I read:

    1) Carrie Underwood has definitely had the biggest career out of any Idol winner (even if she does write new words over a karaoke track of an Aerosmith song) with Clarkson behind her. After that, I'd say it would be Jordin Sparks since she's been doing alot with Disney. Disney can pay alot of bills. None of the other winners have had careers that did this well. Some of them pretty much fell off the face of the earth.

    2) It's arguable that more idol losers have had bigger careers, but the Simons (producers of the show) end up with a cut of that pie as well based on the contracts everyone signs before they make it to TV. In 10 seasons, I'm willing to say that 10 people who started on the show have had notable careers. So a star a year is not too shabby. Especially when you look at the numbers involved. This includes William Hung.

    3) Ray is totally right when he says "it’s not like the music business is based solely off of talent". Amy Winehouse is usually my example, but I'll get more technical for my geek comrades.

    The phrase "music business" is 13 letters. That's about 46% music and 54% business… this holds true when considering what the music business is.

    I know people personally who are 10 times more talented than any Idol winner on their respective instrument. My brother alone is seriously (unbiasedly) the best drummer I've ever heard or seen in my life. He could totally go head to head with Neil Peart or Stuart Copeland on any day and come out prosperous. I've played his band for every drummer I've ever had and all of them end up in shock. His talent is recognized in Europe because word of mouth works much better over there. Over here however, nobody has ever marketed him right. Over here, it's better to be related to somebody with the business know-how than it is to impress the same person with your talent.

    Idol is a hell of a marketing tool.

    4) I found out that recently that the biggest market for music (kids) have found a new alternative in electronic dance music. They are coming out with new styles weekly (techno, electro, jungle, trip-hop, dubstep, etc). I have a good friend who has been drumming for an educated and trained dubstep DJ lately and I picked his brain in an effort to learn some of the things I've been ignorant too.

    The tracks spread like wildfire on the internet and kids then form dance crews and go to the clubs to have dance offs (kind of like how they do in Breakin'). The shit these kids do is intense and very physical. Hell of a way to work off a ridilin high.

    I questioned why electronic music has so many labels (techno, electro, jungle, trip-hop, dubstep, etc) instead of all of it just being techno. It turns out that they are defined by subtle differences like the BPM and particular effects used among other things. I then said that rock music has all those subtle differences too, but everyone calls it rock. Example, nobody sounds like Springsteen or Prince or Nirvana… but all of them are rock music.

    I then thought further on it and realized that the electronic music is one guy and some turntables whereas all the rock bands that stand apart are usually full bands. How does this make a difference? Because when it was one guy and are guitar back in the day, several different styles emerged. You had your flamenco guys, your blues guys, your country guys, etc. All of those differences can all relate by subtle differences as well. Rap groups tend to roll in crews even when the only name on the record is one guy. The engineer is just as much a member of the group there. That explains why Eric B. & Rakim could completely change the face of rap yet still be labeled as rap.

    Anyway, this electronic music spreads and dies too fast to be marketed. Therefore, these DJ's will never get the fame and wealth other musicians have been able to get unless they break the mold. The ones making any real money have already figured out that thy need to record their own tracks and mix them instead of using other peoples. From there… they need to form their own publishing company, and alot of them get tied up there due to lack of knowledge in the business. (see how it ties in now)

  4. @rpad

    Have you watched the voice on nbc? It's a good show plus christina is always showing off her cleavage

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