Coffee Talk #266: Your Favorite Sports Moment of 2010

Let’s wrap up 2010 by discussing a few of our favorite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens). We’ll talk about our favorite music, movies, and games of the year in the next few Coffee Talks. Today I want to hear about your favorite sports moment of 2010.

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Let’s wrap up 2010 by discussing a few of our favorite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens). We’ll talk about our favorite music, movies, and games of the year in the next few Coffee Talks. Today I want to hear about your favorite sports moment of 2010. As for me, that’s easy!

LeBron James’ “The Decision” was the most fascinating sports event of the year to me. It transformed a generally loved athlete into a generally hated one. It showed that even super-rich athletes look like picnic tables when wearing red gingham-check shirts. It gave the world an all-purpose phrase — “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach” — which can be used for bailing out of drinking sessions, going to the toilet, playing with yourself, and more. “The Decision” offered drama, unintentional comedy, emotion, and more. I loved it!

Now it’s your turn. What was your favorite sports moment of 2010?

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33 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #266: Your Favorite Sports Moment of 2010”

  1. Since it was shown on an ESPN variant, I liked when the nobody amateur player took on Daniel Negreanu and won in heads up poker. That was pretty cool.

    I also did like watching Miami beat the Cavs at home, and was happy with Lebron's decision earlier in the year.

      1. … because it's really not.

        If it is, then I say you and I start the world series of "Go Fish."


      2. True…

        “The Russian Superstar is asking for 2’s. If Daniels has a 2, That will secure a tournament spot for Peitrovich.”

        “… the tension mounts”

        “OHHHH, Daniels has has told Peitrovich to Go Fish! What a great day for Go Fish fans!”

  2. my favorite sports moment is the Yankees failing to land any of the big free agents out there so far.

  3. Locally I would have to say last nights Celtics game and the Jets getting their asses handed to em on a platter a couple of weeks ago.

    In terms of national coverage I would have to go with Jimmy Johnson winning the last 5 Sprint Cups. I used to not think of NASCAR as a sport , but it totally is and that man has dominated the last half of this decade.

  4. Speaking of sports, I watched the 24/7 Penguins on HBO last night.

    The coolest thing about it was they showed the Penguins on the plane to Buffalo and showed what some of the players do on the plane ride.

    Sidney Crosby and Marc-Andre Fleury always sit together. Those 2 and Max Talbot (3 of our best players bare in mind) get their PsP's out and have CoD wars on every plane ride.

    That's awesome.

    1. i refuse to watch this just because a hockey or NASCAR 24/7 isn't necessary.

      i do support CoD wars though.

      1. Dude, this 24/7 is leading up to the Winter Classic which will be at Heinz Field!

        Plus, Pens are tied for first with those goons from the other side of the state right now.

      2. Technically… video games aren't necessary.

        So you only watch programming that has to do with food, water, and shelter?

      3. geez get all technical on me. The documentary leading up to the Winter Classic isn’t necessary.

  5. Finally a win for Galaxy S owners. The source code for the new Nexus S was leaked. Since it is made by Samsung and essentially another Galaxy S device, XDA has already started porting it. Looks like I will have Gingerbread before AT&T even releases Froyo for my phone.

      1. @SG
        yes :( I would get the Nexus S if it had 3G support. There just aren’t that many vanilla options out there

      2. I still have donut and it sucks its quite infuriating but I think I’m getting that G2 real soon.

  6. @Firefox

    So I just downloaded the beta for Firefox 4…I must say I do not like it so far. It looks cool and everything, but each new tab opens another icon on my taskbar. In Windows 7 I prefer just one icon, and then I will move through the tabs myself. It is annoying to me to not just be able to click on the firefox icon and go right to the program, and to instead have to choose which tab I will want just to open the program back up. I'm a little disappointed in that, because normally I have liked everything that Mozilla has done until now.

    1. I used to only use FF. Now days I only use Chrome. It took a bit to get used to it but now it is just tons faster.

      1. I agree, I use both pretty evenly for different purposes. But Chrome is always my go to browser for anything that needs to be done quickly. They just might have really lost me with FF 4 though if they keep that one little feature. I find it really annoying and couldn't even use the beta for 5 minutes before quitting.

      2. yeah that is true. now Chrome is the real lightweight browser, which is why I stick with it more often than not.

  7. Seriously though my favorite sports moments where watching the BlackHawks end a 49 year championship drought then being there for the victory parade and for championship banner raising night.

  8. Well, this may seem obvious, but since the football and baseball season has been totally inconsistent and disappointing at best, I have to say that the best thing to happen to Miami is LeBron coming down here and playing for the Heat. Considering that the Heat are kicking ass right now, it’s nice to know that we have a good chance at a shot in the Finals.

    Oh, and by the way, I never watched that “Decision” crap on ESPN (and neither should anybody else have) because that is not the kind of BS “programming” I want to see on ESPN. If people don’t watch it, the ratings go down. If the ratings are down, then no company will give advertising money to fund the show. If they can’t fund the show, they won’t do it again. I guess what I’m trying to say is: Don’t watch garbage on TV so we won’t get more of it (hopefully) in the future.


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