SlickyFats Shows Off His Swag!

RPadholic SlickyFats sent in these excellent pictures of his merchandise. The first photo has him, his shirt, and his mug posed in front of a television with on the screen — excellent composition! The second has his mug next to the legendary Bacon Fatty Melt — you know, the bacon cheeseburger that uses grilled cheese sandwiches as the bread. These are awesome Slicky! Thanks so much!!!

As an annoying reminder (sorry!), there’s still time to pick up some swag as a holiday gift.

Author: RPadTV

40 thoughts on “SlickyFats Shows Off His Swag!”

    1. Although they look good and taste good, I really can't recommend anyone ever eat them. Heart attacks are bad for business.

  1. Wow! My arteries are constricting just looking at that sandwich. It looks like the tastiest thing in the world.

    … Aren't you one of the offensive linemen for the Texans?


    1. Mine were too as I was eating it after the pictures (someone had too).

      And no this 350 lbs doesn’t play football anymore. lol

      1. i'm 6' exactly. And I am right at 350lbs. I always win the "Guess my weight" thing at Six Flags

      2. I think you and I are polar opposites then. I'm right about 6' exactly as well and pushing about 130 on a big day (also partially why I got the nickname Kenyan).

      3. thanks Big Blak. i can’t take all the credit. thank you very much DC comics for your Teen Titans series.

      4. HAHA I love it. There are some good names to choose from there. I like the Slick & Slam one and the Mas y Menos! lol

    1. Lol. no. Swiss and american on the grilled cheese sandwiches. Then BBQ sauce, grilled onions, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, hamburger patty, cheddar cheese, 4 slices of bacon.

      1. both of my cars are snowed in right now, but seeing this makes me want a burger badly enough that I just might have to go shovel myself out and go get one! lol

    1. If you can finish the bacon fatty melt in 15 minutes or less you get your medical bills paid for free.


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