Coffee Talk #262: My Favorite Interview

RPadholic bsukenyan asked me, “Favorite person you interviewed?” That’s an easy answer! It was DICE 2005 in Las Vegas. I headed up to Activision’s private suite with my coworker Ryan. With each step I took, I got more and more…

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RPadholic bsukenyan asked me, “Favorite person you interviewed?” That’s an easy answer! It was DICE 2005 in Las Vegas. I headed up to Activision’s private suite with my coworker Ryan. With each step I took, I got more and more chills. Remember how excited you got when Hulk Hogan “Hulked Up”? That’s exactly what I felt like right before I interviewed Stan Lee.

This was the only time I’ve ever marked out during an interview. I’m cool with game developers, musicians, movie stars, television peeps, WWE Superstars, etc. Meeting a living legend like Stan Lee…wow. That’s something that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It was an amazing honor and I was so incredibly grateful that my career led me to a Stan Lee interview.

Out of curiosity, have you ever marked out when meeting someone famous? Who would make you absolutely lose it?

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  1. I would mark out for meeting one of my fav musicians Marco Antonio Solis. the guy makes great baby making music and he looks like Jesus! see!

    i would mark out for Stan Lee as a comic geek. Maybe Frank Miller too.

    for game developers it would be Miyamoto and Kojima.

    No tv stars.

    for WWE superstars i would mark out for HHH and HBK.

  2. I've met a fair share of musicians, tv people, and one or 2 wrestlers.

    The only person I almost fainted when I met was Victor Wooten at NAMM 2008. I shook his hand and realized I was shaking the hand that does what Vic Wooten does and I was left speechless for a spell. Only time I remember that happening in my adult life.

    I might faint if I met Bruce Springsteen as well.

    1. good call on bruce, he might be the most proflific songwriter of the last 30 years….thats my opinion, but when dude was in the studio recording an album, he'd write like 60 songs, select the best dozen or so, then either never record the rest, or give them away to other artists so THEY could turn them into hits…people have made careers on bruce's scraps

      1. I concur, except it's the last 40 years now ( First release 1972).

        The song "Fire" Bruce wrote for Elvis but Elvis died while it was in the mail to him. So the Pointer Sisters ended up having a hit with it.

        Manfred Mann had a career because of Bruce too.

    1. That wasn't really marking out. I was more surprised…and a little disappointed that he ruined my Bert and Ernie joke. Ha! I think that interview was in 2008, so I knew the doctors for several years at that point.

      1. I believe that was the same interview where you asked them one of my questions about ME2 and you said they compared notes afterwards on how they each dodged the question.

    1. You know, I gotta say I would think that's pretty cool too. I think it would be cool to meet anyone from here.

  3. Seriously though there aren't many people I would geek out meeting. The only famous person I would I can think of that I might care to meet is Patrick Warburton and that's mostly because he played The Tick.

  4. Anyone watch the first episode of NXT season 4 last night? I might check out the webcast later today. I'm happy that Bryan Danielson is a coach. He needs all the exposure he can get and hopefully will improve his mic work.

      1. One of the NXT rookies has Napoleon Dynamite hair. I can't decide if I like that or not.

    1. Just watched it. Decent crop. Would like to see what the big man can actually do in the ring.

  5. FYI, they should never let Santino anywhere near a title belt, even the throwaway belts the tag titles have become over the last decade (since there's really no tag division anymore).

  6. I'm not so sure I'd freeze up necessarily but my questions would take a bit longer to get going if I were to interview:

    Steve Jobs

    John Carmack

    Gabe Newell

    Steve Ballmer

    Steve Wozniak

    Billy Gates

    Satoru Iwata

      1. It is more of me not wanting to ask something dumb to someone I highly respect in the business world.

        Of my list I see Wozniak as perhaps the most easy going.

  7. Here's the Stan Lee interview where I'm giggling like a schoolgirl. Ha!

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  8. My person(s) are all musicians, because really the only people I would freak out about getting to meet would be the Red Hot Chili Peppers. There are other people I would love to meet, but wouldn't so much freak out about. Bill Gates, Ray, Jesse Divnich, Miyamoto, John Romero, Steve Prefontaine or Bill Bowerman (if they were still alive). That's about all I can think of right now. But any of them would be fascinating people to meet and interview. Oh and maybe Cliff Blezinski too, and I would ask if I could get a picture exchanging fake punches so that I too could make the same claims as Ray. hahahaha.

      1. lol, well that is probably the single best reason to do something- because someone else wouldn't like it.

      2. My fiance reminds me all the time about how I have severe authority issues, lol. I just do not do well with being told I have to do something (unless it is at work or something).

  9. I lost it when I saw Slipknot I almost fainted lmao. That was the only time I have ever felt like that and I've come across quite a few celebs.

  10. christopher walken

    tom hanks

    norm macdonald

    bob odenkirk

    just people i find funny. People who make me laugh get the most respect

    but david gilmour and roger waters from pink floyd also belong on this list…ive met a ton of musicians, and im really not that impressed, generally

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