Today’s Poll: Emma Stone’s MJ vs. Natalie Portman’s Lois

It’s the battle of the superhero-love-interest hotties! In the red corner is Natalie Portman. A Harvard graduate that’s best known (by geeks) from the Star Wars movies, Portman is rumored to be playing Lois Lane in the Superman reboot. In the blue corner is Emma Stone, who made millions of moviegoers crack up in Superbad and The House Bunny. The word on the street is that Stone has been offered the Mary Jane Watson role in the Spider-Man reboot.

Who will be the better love interest?!? Vote and discuss (please)!!!

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9 thoughts on “Today’s Poll: Emma Stone’s MJ vs. Natalie Portman’s Lois”

  1. Emma Stone has way too many clothes on in her picture to get a vote over Natalie Portman.

  2. I voted for both but if that option wasn't there I would have voted Natalie, she is hot, even with a bald head. Can't say the same for Emma.

  3. I cant believe that there are 6 guys in here that wouldnt want both! Im disappointed in all 6 of you.

  4. I voted for both because like BB stated if it weren't an option I would have to go with N. Portman. Portman is just gorgeous whereas Emma has that more plain appeal to her, you know hot because it seems like I'd actually have a shot at that. Also +1 point for being a redhead.

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