Natalie Portman to Play Lois Lane in Superman Reboot?

Here’s a hot rumor that I’m absolutely loving: Natalie Portman is in talks to play Lois Lane in the Superman reboot being produced by Christopher Nolan. The other rumor — which is also very cool, but not nearly as sexy — is that Darren Aronofsky will be directing the film. Here’s a clip from

Natalie Portman might venture back into the world of superheroes, but this time — not behind a masked vigilante. The actress is rumored to be the next Lois Lane in the upcoming Christopher Nolan-produced Superman reboot. Whoa! This follows more rumors that Darren Aronofsky will be directing. Double whoa!

While some people slam Portman’s acting ability, she’ll certainly be better than that chick from Blue Crush, right? And yes, this article was a great excuse to post a sexy Natalie Portman picture.


Author: RPadTV

12 thoughts on “Natalie Portman to Play Lois Lane in Superman Reboot?”

  1. I think it's bad casting.

    I always pictured Superman/Clark Kent to be in his early 30's (in the human aging scope). Lois Lane should be age appropriate.

    Though Natalie is pushing 30 now… she can still easily pass for early 20's. I want a no-name cast.

  2. @smartguy

    superman returns was not really considered a reboot, somehow they decided to have a sequel 20 years later like Lucas decided to have an Indiana Jones sequel 20 years later too.

    Idk if i would enjoy Natalie (but i do enjoy the pics you've chosen Rpad) as Lois. I think Erica Durance (who plays Lois on Smallville) would do an excellent job too.

  3. @redtailman

    oh i know that in the movie only "5 years passed" but it took them 19 years to release a sequel to the franchise and then it didn't even acknowledge Superman 3 or 4. So what kind of a sequel is that??

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