What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I’m done playing Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light for review…but that doesn’t mean I’m finished with the game. I still have one more optional tower to conquer and two more jobs to unlock. I’ll try to wrap that up this weekend. I’ll also be spending lots of time with the T-Mobile G2 by HTC. Playing with a new gadget counts as “playing”, yeah?

Et vous? What’s on your weekend playlist?

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28 thoughts on “What Are You Playing This Weekend?”

  1. Final Fantasy 13 i'm on chapter 11 still, ugh. when i need a break i'll play some Halo: reach.

  2. Lost planet 2 and some Fallout 3 to get back into the swing of things for New Vegas.


    Have you figured out any purpose for the fork lifts yet?

  3. Playing roulette tonight, I'l probably lose though. I would play blackjack but I hate not playing with real cards, and a bunch of places around here are electronic only. At least the place I am going is.

    Other than that just Halo: Reach most likely. If one of my friends comes back over we might play more Army of Two, but it's hard to say what his schedule will be. I need to find a new game, but idk what I want to play. I know I will be dropping money on 4 DLC's this month and a used copy of Alan Wake, but that's not for another week or two. I just want something now though.

  4. I will also be playing update the resume and biological variations homework (genetics is fun! NOT). Unfortunately playing Bioshock and splicing genes and getting tonics and plasmids does not count towards this, although it is all taken from the stuff I am learning in my biological variations class.

  5. I'll be beating FFXIII tonight, and I'm in the middle of Chapter 13 as we speak. I'm at the first of the 5 major battles, but had to take a 30 min break before my eyes bled.

    And if my hubby really loves me, I'll have a copy of Atelier Rorona in my hands when he gets off work, if not then definately tomorrow. He promised D:

  6. Did I mention I'm excited about beating FFXIII? I'm extremely buzzin on caffiene and adrenaline right now lol xD

  7. @ICEMAN

    Monday night is going to be one hell of a game (like always) I hope your ready for your new avatar!

  8. No need to remind me, Big Blak; I've got tickets to the game and I'm leaving work early. I'll be there to witness the Pat's beating in person. I'm split on individual performances, however, since I have Tom Brady in my main fantasy league. It's a keeper league and I've had him since 2004. He's sever me very well throughout the years… but I still want the Pats to loose- preferably after scoring 42 points.


    Let me know if you'd like some company for Halo Reach. I really enjoy the game and am always looking for an excuse to go through the campaign again. If you see me online, just send me a message and I'd be happy to join.


    You sound like you need to play Bioshock 2 and learn the secrets of how adam works. That would make one hell of a thesis.


    I can't read or write in French. but somehow, I understood exactly what you said. Romance-based languages rock!

    I'm not going to be doing much gaming this weekend since I'm in North Carolina (then going to South Carolina for a UM football game).


  9. @Iceman

    One of these days I will actually beat Bioshock (maybe that is what I will do this weekend too) and I keep feeling like I want to play the series despite the negative things I have said/felt in the past. I just haven't gotten motivated enough yet.

    If I could understand everything I am supposed to be learning in my biological variations class then I'm sure that would be an awesome thesis, or just regular research paper. I might have to work on that…hmm…could be something interesting to publish somewhere…I would have to find something pretty specific to focus on, and not having played all the games I am not sure what that focus would be.

  10. wow ive forgotten most of my french, i took it for 4 years

    je ne reconnais pas mon francais?

  11. @Sandrock

    How close to the UNSC captain achievement? I agree that one seems like to much of a grind to me too. Not looking forward to it.

  12. Whoops! In my last post I meant "TOKZ", not "Aguello" (hit me up if you'd like a partner for the Reach campaign if you see me online).


    I think Sandrock is already a captain. The real grind is getting to Lt. Colonel, I think. And, yeah, it is a tedious grind to get there, but I like the credit system better than the exp. system in Halo 3 since you can earn them playing in any mode. To me, the worst grinding achievement I've ever seen in one of my games has to be Gears of War 1 and 2. Seriously and getting to level 100 in multiplayer is just beyond ridiculous.


    You know about "South of the Border?" I didn't think it was that popular. That place is f'n awesome! I've been there before, but unfortunately, Clemson and my route back to North Carolina takes me nowhere near South of the Border. I'm in the backwoods, boondocks of the bowels of South Carolina now. If you pull over and listen to the sounds coming from the woods, you can actually hear the faint sound of a banjo playing that song from "Deliverance."


    If you never hear from me again on this site, send for the Feds to look for my violated carcas somewhere along I-85.


  13. @iceman or anyone

    Feel free to add me tokz21

    Im not at home but i got the xbl app so i can see messages and whos online. I havent played much of the campaign. My friends are all about the mp part of the game.

  14. @ Iceman

    I don't think South of the Border is all that popular as I know very few people who know about it plus I figured there was a 50/50 chance you would have no idea what I was talking about when I mentioned it.

    I haven't been there in years, but I remember driving down to Florida from Pittsburgh a few times and seeing the billboards for it start like 400 miles away from it. Once you get within 100 miles of it, the there would be a billboard or 2 every mile until you got there counting down the miles to South of the Border. It's the very definition of a tourist trap.

    Anyway, that place is pretty cool. I remember it having absolutely everything you could never need in your entire life. Fireworks, novelties, dumb things, etc.

  15. @Iceman

    Yeah those achievements always seemed like a huge boring grind. I only leveled up a small handful of levels (maybe 10 or 15) and I didn't even want to try for level 50 let alone 100.

    I do like the leveling system in Reach as well though. It is nice to be able to level up while playing the campaign. Speaking of which…


    If you wanna play Reach's campaign or matchmaking or something and I'm on feel free to enlist some help.

  16. @bsu

    Thanks for the request. I accepted. You missed me last night i was playing reach MP until 4a.

  17. The good news: my Giants have knocked Jay Cutler out of the game tonight. The bad news: Cutler is my fantasy QB.


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