Watch the Thor Comic-Con ’10 Trailer Before it’s Pulled!

Here’s the Comic-Con 2010 trailer for Thor. While some have slammed the movie’s costumes, I have faith that Kenneth Branagh will make a good movie. Anyway, check out the trailer if you have a chance. It will most likely be pulled before the end of the day. As always, I want your thoughts on the movie! In the immortal words of an Oakland MC it’s “Hammer time!”

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9 thoughts on “Watch the Thor Comic-Con ’10 Trailer Before it’s Pulled!”

  1. Him doing kicks stood out to me more so than the costumes. I expect Thor to just be a brawler. I will see this though. I think this would have to be the most difficult movie to do.

  2. @smartguy I agree that it's difficult, simply because of the powers we're talking about. He's a frickin' god! Remember the Neo vs. Smith fight in the third Matrix movie? In my mind, that's what a Superman fight should be like. When he throws a punch, windows should be shattering.

  3. @Ray

    indeed. As long as the dialogue isn't too cheesy this should be a good flick. I'm not that versed on Thor though, so who or what was that at the end? Is that an Easter egg for a sentinel or something?

  4. I can't hear anything since I don't want to turn up the speakers at work, but from a visual standpoint, it looks alright. I saw Loki and that is all that matters to me right now for a Thor movie to be great. The costumes don't bother me. It is, after all, a work of fiction. As long as they fit the piece (pun intended), then it should be sufficient.


  5. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Costumes are little over the top but when you wield the power of a god, you can look like whatever you want.

  6. this trailer made me actually want to watch Thor and he is my least favorite Avenger. Well i only want to see it for Natalie Portman and Kat Dennings those chicks are hot!

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