Amazon Kindle Gets Better and Cheaper

Amazon has announced an updated version of its popular Kindle e-reader. While the performance gains are certainly noteworthy, what’s really interesting is the price of the WiFi-only version: $139. Before I get to the ramifications of that price point, let me hit you up with some bullet points on the new Kindle:

  • 21 percent smaller
  • 15 percent lighter design
  • 50 percent better contrast
  • 20 percent faster page turns
  • Up to one month of battery life
  • Double the storage

I’m a big fan of the Kindle and think it’s a fantastic line of products. That said, I readily admit that it’s facing stiff competition from other e-readers (like the Nook) and tablet computers (like the iPad). The e-reader market is crowded and the tablet market will be full by this time next year. One of the ways the Kindle can beat out the competition is by being the first to achieve the magical $99 price point. The $139 WiFi-only model is practically there.

Are any of you interested in the new Kindle? Are you tempted by the $139 price point?

Author: RPadTV

6 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle Gets Better and Cheaper”

  1. @smartguy Dude, I love reading on e-ink. It's much easier on my eyes than LCD/OLED. Plus, you can read it in sunlight, which is great for reading in a park or at the beach or by the pool.

  2. @Ray
    I never find myself in those places to read haha. I hear e-ink is good, but I'll trade for a backlit panel.

  3. Another reason to like Kindle: authors get a much better cut of sales than they do on tangible books. It's gotten better recently, too.

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