Project Natal Shown at D8: All Things Digital

Here’s a video of the Project Natal demo at D8, the All Things Digital conference. It’s interesting to see how the tech crowd reacts to the peripheral. Hosts Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher have a basic understanding of gaming, but are more interested in how Natal can possibly influence the future of general electronics. It’s important for Microsoft to show this product to a broad audience and the crowd at D8 is full important people that will probably not be at E3.

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16 thoughts on “Project Natal Shown at D8: All Things Digital”

  1. After all of this time, they are still using the ball game as the demo?!?

    Also her avatar got glitchy if her arms got near her body. Also the FOV seems to be very small as far as depth goes.

    Hopefully all just issue with the demo.

  2. @SlickyFats It was appropriate for the D8 crowd. A lot of them have never seen Natal at all. Plus, it's not like Microsoft was going to show anything new with E3 less than two weeks away.

  3. Watching her look like an ass to play that game and doing some mild cardio has made me not want it. I work out as it is…I don't need to do it again to play a game. I'm sure some interesting things will come out, but I need to see more than what I just did. THey need a homerun at E3

  4. That old dude was really trying to invade her personal space.

    I'd hate to be in front of him in the checkout line. He could get shot in an ATM line in Florida for doing that.

  5. though I've seen the ball game before I think the tech demo was pretty impressive. Also I was impressed with how naturally good the kid was at the ball game. E3 could show some interesting stuff here.

  6. What Smartguy said. To add to it, I still think the lag and lack of buttons will only allow for shovelware worse than what's on the Wii.

  7. you would think that MS would've found someone better to show this off. It looked a little laggy or un-responsive. not sure if this was a user issue or natal issue. Also, it looks like you still need to be 5 ft away to use this. I know MS has said that 5ft isn't necessary but all the demos i've seen the player has been 5ft away, if it's a little buggy with them being 5ft away i can't imagine how it reacts when the player is closer.

  8. @rpad

    if jobs could make himself available for d8, someone at ms shouldve been able to as well.

  9. @rpad

    I saw that. I'll read the transcripts later on. you mention that MS brought Natal out show this product out to a broad audience which to me would be the casual gamer that has rocketed the Wii to prominence in this gen. of consoles. Wouldn't MS want to show the casual fan that this works and is something to be excited about. I wouldn't be too excited about the Natal if this was my first time seeing it in action.

  10. @tokz_21 I wasn't necessarily speaking about casual gamers when I mentioned a broader audience. The people at D8 are mainly involved in high-tech. Microsoft showed demos to display the technology behind Natal, not the actual applications.

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