AT&T Threatens Legal Action Against For Emailing Its CEO

Don’t email AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson. Apparently he doesn’t like it. AT&T customer Giorgio Galante emailed Stephenson to complain about the company’s new data plans. He received a voicemail from AT&T’s executive response team thanking him for his feedback…and threatening to issue a cease-and-desist order if he continued to email Stephenson. That’s just awesome.

Considering that Apple CEO Steve Jobs is emailing the world from his iPad these days, the response from Stephenson’s team is especially amusing. Hell, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has a fake email set up for customers to contact him (and be answered by someone from “his team”).

Perhaps Stephenson is too traditional to be a hip CEO like Jobs. Perhaps he’s used to the wire-line world that he entered in 1982 with Southwestern Bell. Or maybe he’s just a prick. *shrug* On a side note, Galante is leaving AT&T for Sprint and the excellent HTC Evo 4G.

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6 thoughts on “AT&T Threatens Legal Action Against For Emailing Its CEO”

  1. Gonna sue a customer's who have a vested interest in your service and don't want to be raked over the coals by your new model…..what an asshole. Goes to show you that De La Vega is full of shit when he says this is helpful. They know they are bending ppl over on this.

  2. Wow. Most people are usually pretty cool with something like this. Hell, Gabe Newell even gives out his email address in his games and encourages people to email him…not that I'm sure he emails back…but the effort is there.

  3. I spoke to Dan's "team" they gave me my "early upgrade" since they "hung up" on me.

    1. @TheJediRevan You set to get your Evo? I might have an extra screen protector for you.

      Thanks for adding a data point about "Dan". AT&T apologized to the dude, but he's still going to Sprint.

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