Here’s Captain America’s Movie Look!

Ain’t it Cool News has several illustrations of the Captain America costume that will be used in the upcoming movie starring The Human Torch Chris Evans. Obviously this look will be used in the related Captain American videogames as well. Check out the images and let’s discuss it! Do you miss the wings? Do you prefer this Ultimates looks? Or do you like the classic looks from the original comics?


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6 thoughts on “Here’s Captain America’s Movie Look!”

  1. I agree with smartguy, I thought the movie was based on him becoming captain america. It would give the studios more time to figure out how they are going to get the shield to bounce around in the Avengers movie.

  2. I prefer the classic wwII era look too but im thinking that the costume is an early days of cap america's history. You know just like batman went from wearing a black ski mask before deciding on the cowl.

  3. The Ultimates Captain America is my favorite costume for the Cap, but this rendering is a little similar to it, minus the tunic and pants texture. I hope that is not what they are going to put on him for the WW2-era part of the story, because man, is he going to look way out of place.

    I don't even know why they have to make a Captain America movie. What was wrong with the 1990 Captain America movie? It's still good for a 20-year-old movie. Just dust it off and bring it into the fold with say… Ant Man or whatever.


  4. The classic looks better imo, but this isn't a bad look. For newer generation purposes.

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