Who’s Going to Win American Idol: Crystal or Lee?

Tonight’s the finale of American Idol! When the season started, I was planning on covering the show consistently, but it turned out to be such a crappy year for Idol that I couldn’t stand watching it and lost interest. In addition to the Crystal Bowersox vs. Lee DeWyze showdown, tonight’s episode will be the last one with Simon Cowell. It’s going to be tough to replace him and I’m sure the show’s popularity will suffer next year.

In other news, Idol judge and television host Ellen DeGeneres just announced that she’s starting her own record label. This announcement would have made way more sense at the beginning of season nine. Instead of having people wonder why some comedian/TV host was judging singers, the show could have positioned her as a fledgling music mogul looking for new talent (i.e. cast-offs that 19 Management didn’t want).

Anyway, who are you rooting for? Crystal or Lee?

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