Meet Archie’s Openly Gay Character: Kevin Keller

Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead have a new friend in Riverdale — openly gay character Kevin Keller. New to Archie Comics, Keller is an aspiring journalist that loves his comic books. Here’s the scoop from Comics Alliance:

In a story titled “Isn’t it Bromantic?” Keller makes waves as the new kid in town by besting Jughead in an eating contest. From there he gains the attention of boy-crazy Veronica, who is crushing so hard that she’s ready to leave Archie to Betty. When Jughead points out her interest, Kevin’s up front about the fact that he’s gay and spends the rest of the issue introducing himself to the rest of the gang while trying to let a clueless Veronica down easy, much to Jughead’s amusement.

Man, Jughead is kind of a dick in this storyline. He totally wants to mess with Veronica over her affections for Kevin. I always thought Reggie was supposed to be the dick in the Archie books.

Anyway, I think it’s fantastic that there’s a gay character in Archie. It’s real and current and tells children that there isn’t anything wrong with homosexuality. That said, I’m not a parent and I know that a few of you are. How do you feel about the Kevin Keller character?


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  1. Bazooka Joe comics are more read than Archie comics. No offense directed to Archie readers, only to Archie himself.

  2. Not a parent, but there are a few unforgivable thing a parent can do. 1 being to forbid your child's love. It doesn't matter if you don't like them or if they are of the same sex. You don't do that. The only thing you can say is that you don't think it is the best, but never forbid and especially you never disown them for it.

  3. @Iceman

    No. I'd tell him he is missing out on what life has to offer and to at least keep his mind open to it. Disowning is not in my nature.

    @the link

    He wouldn't be living with me. He can have a robot girlfriend in his own house. (or real girlfriend for that matter.)

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