Blast From the Past: Reset Episode 8

Tony Hawk games, Nintendo “Revolution” talk, Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and an epic lightsaber fight — there’s plenty for you to enjoy in this episode of Reset. It’s fun looking back at the Wii; I don’t know anyone that thought it would be the success it turned out to be, including my two distinguished panelists. The lightsaber fight with Ruby still cracks me up. Check it out!

Part 1 Activision’s Tony Hawk titles have been thrilling gamers for years. The action-sports excitement continues with the upcoming Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland for consoles and Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance. Ruby checks out both games and finds out what new features the pair brings to the skate park. And yes, this was filmed at the event where Raymond got in trouble for stealing beer.

Part 2 Nintendo is trying something truly unique and different with the controller for its upcoming system, the Revolution. Eschewing the conventional gamepad, the Revolution will feature a wireless controller with motion sensors. It sounds wacky, but it might be the defining factor that will make Nintendo stand out from its competitors. Two industry experts — freelancers Christian Nutt and Chris Kohler — drop by Yahoo! Studios to reveal details on the controller and discuss the impact it will have on gaming.

Part 3 Rebels and Gungans and Ewoks! Wow! Ruby engages in some Jedi training and checks out LucasArts’ exhilarating action game Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Our little Padawan gets the skinny on the game’s new features while interviewing in a Princess Leia steel bikini (just kidding…or so you think). In addition to the interview, Ruby and Raymond get up to some mischief at the event and take on Boba Fett.

Author: RPadTV