This Week’s Video Game Releases

There are a few big game releases this week, with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) leading the way. MLB 2K10 is being released for everyone platform known to man, while MLB 10 The Show is a Sony first-party exclusive. I’m super looking forward to The Show (the game, not Paul Wight), but I ain’t touching my PS3 until error 8001050F is resolved.

Other notable releases include Lips: Party Classics for Xbox 360 and Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Limited Edition for PSP.

Any of you guys and gals picking up new games this week? Let me know what you’re buying!

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11 thoughts on “This Week’s Video Game Releases”

  1. @Ray

    Did you unplug your machine? If not, you got it man!

    I'm grabbing BC2 for 360 tomorrow. Can't wait to shoot some children.

  2. Nah, nothing good's caught my eye this week. I am picking up Jirachi today after work I think.

  3. Question for anyone:

    Will BC2 employ some kind of AA on consoles? The demo was full of jaggies, and I hate to say it..but I don't expect jaggies in my games now a days.

  4. Take me out to the ballgame!! I'll be getting a review copy of MLB 2K10, and then once I'm done with that I may either rent or buy MLB The Show.

    Also, I'm taking a half day and taking my son to the Angels/White Sox Spring Training opener in Tempe, AZ on Thursday. It'll be his first ever sporting event. It's pretty stoked!

  5. @Smartguy I have two systems. Thankfully I've been using my Slim for the last few months. I know the issue supposedly doesn't affect the Slim, but I'm all DTA on PSN error 8001050F.

  6. @Ray

    haha that's cool. I'm kinda disappointed that in the BC2 reviews I'm reading nobody is mentioning gfx except for the vistas. I guess that means the jaggies from the demo have been diminished? Or were they told not too mention it?

  7. I already have MLB 10: The Show paid for. I'm passing on Battlefield. I'm not as impressed as everyone else.

  8. @topic

    if any iphone/ipod touch peeps interested in this.

    Assassin's Creed II: Multiplayer Created exclusively for the iPhone and free until March 3

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