Did PSN Error 8001050F Get Your PS3?

Last night a number of PlayStation 3 owners were hit with PSN error 8001050F. Sony has determined that the problem only hits users of older PS3 models and that users with the newer “slim” hardware appear to be unaffected. Luckily, I spent most of Sunday on my Xbox 360 playing Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement. In the middle of my session I received this message from a developer friend:

Don’t turn your PS3 on — like at all. Seems to be a leap-year firmware bug that corrupts your profile and stops you from using PSN or any PSN purchases. Many offline games won’t start either and it may be wiping Trophies.

Last time I checked, 2010 wasn’t a leap year, so I’m not sure what he meant by that. Then again, he’s way more technical than I am so it might be code speak. What I do know is that several users have reported that their PS3 consoles have — for some unknown reason — reset the date to 12/31/99, which appears to be wreaking havoc with other data.

Scanning my Facebook and Twitter friends, it appears that a lot of my buddies were hit by 8001050F. As of this writing, the support thread on Sony’s forums is 38 pages long. As much as I want to get more Heavy Rain trophies, I’m not even going to look at my PS3 until Sony issues an “all clear” statement.

Any of you get hit by this (seemingly) nasty bug?

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  1. Nope. Won't be playing MAG tonight then. I bought a few episodes of Venture Bros. as well…don't want to lose them.

  2. I did. My husband and I were watching one of our Scrubs DVDs. We noticed it reset the date, but nothing else seemed to be corrupted. But that's all we did was watch dvd's.

  3. I was hit by this. I was watching a movie and it disconnected me. I tried it 3 times and i didn't think nothing of it. I guess there goes all my work on MW2 and God of War.

  4. Can anyone else read the support forums on the Sony site? They've got blockers at work, so it won't let me access that site at all. I wanna know what's being said, and I'm to impatient to wait 9 hrs til I'm home to read it, plz.

  5. @cami

    Yeah i'm able to look at them. i'll browse through them in a bit. I have to finish loading up some work apps.

  6. @everyone.

    It looks like the network may be back up again. Some people are posting that they are able to log back in. I'm not sure if that error only affected the PSN login on the PS3 only. I'm able to log in on the playstation site using my login and my trophy info is accurate. If someone is home, could you try it out?

  7. I've got a slim, so I shouldn't have any problems. I haven't turned it on since I played the Heavy Rain demo a couple of weeks ago though. I'll wait until an official all clear at this point just to be safe.

  8. @cami

    I won't be able to check until that time too. our trophies should be fine since i can see them online on playstation website.


    i would do the same too, you can never be to safe. What about that hockey game!

  9. The only problem is the trophies? As long as this isn't eliminating game saves or purchased content then I don't care. It's not like my AP total is at 0. I never see the trophies.

  10. @tokz: Fantastic game. Hopefully it sparks some interest in the sport here in the US. Also, can DirecTV and Comcast stop their damn pissing contest and get VS back on the air so I can watch an f'n hockey game?!?!?!?!? Or can the NHL find a real network to put their games on?!?!?!?

  11. @smartguy

    Well you cant log in to the PSN, you can't play any games online or offline from what i've read. I don't know, i didn't try to play any games after i couldn't log in to PSN. People on the forums are panicking (sp?) about their trophies and how they want sony to give them compensation if they are lost. I didn't check game saves and i haven't purchased any content on the PSN but they're saved on your HDD so i don't see how that can be affected.

  12. Ok, I'd be upset if my achievements somehow got lost. But demanding compensation?!? That's just stupid. They have no actual value other than a virtual "my gaming penis is bigger than yours." Seriously people…..

  13. @nightshade

    I was talking about the same thing and every radio sports show has been saying the same thing too. I'm hoping it does, I love hockey it's up there at #4 of my top 5 sports to watch.

    I don't think the NHL is going to break the contract with VS with one more year left. unless NBC sees a spike in their games on Sunday.

  14. I'm working from home today ( i have a cold ) and I turned my PS3 on and it gave me the error. I set the clock manually, but it didn't make a difference. I see all of my trophies, and can access all of my content except the stuff that requires an online connection.

  15. Hit big time, the ps3 won't even allow me to play heavy rain. I wanted to finish up a chapter before work. Ugh, if I lose all my trophies for it I'll be pissed

  16. I can't find my heavy rain trophies in my collection, also, isn't it a bit disconcerning I can't play heavy rain without an Internet connection?

  17. @nightshade

    Well hockey has always been my number 4 but it's getting close to overtaking boxing, especially if the blackhawks win the cup. It's going on 49 years. *sighs* what is it with Chicago teams and championship droughts.

  18. @tokz: Yeah, when my team ceased to exist I became a Blackhawks fan. I'm looking forward to the playoffs….assuming I'll be able to watch them at all.

  19. @Shockwave

    Heavy Rain has to be connected to the internet in order to work? Wow.

  20. @shockwave

    I was going to say the same thing about not being able to play heavy rain w/out an internet connection. I wonder why that is? As for your heavy rain trophy, try checking online on the playstation network site. if it's not on here then most likely you might've lost your trophies.

  21. @tokz, yes, it appears I lost them all. figures, as I only had 4 trophies to go for platinum.

    @smartguy & tokz, it seems you do need an internet connection to play it. the game gives me an error when I try to play it now, even if I'm not connected to the internet.

  22. Interestingly I manually set my date and time and the PS3 won't advance it. Still stuck on 9:43am.

  23. @shockwave

    i wonder if it has to do with the way the game is. You know being able to have different outcomes with each character. Maybe it's kept on developer's servers along with your trophy info?

  24. @tokz, perhaps. hopefully when the issue is fixed the game and trophies will work again without loss. My concern right now is losing my saved games. I don't know the technical details but isn't it possible that if I lost my trophies than my saves will be conflicting with the trophy data? Just a thought.

  25. @nightshade

    I'm more concerned with the Sharks than the Red Wings. Sharks always seem to play the Hawks good whether at home or on the road.

  26. OMG! We totally forgot about the Y2K10 virus! Why didn't sombody warn us of this danger?!


  27. @tokz: The Sharks never do anything in the playoffs. Nabakov goes missing in big games, as the whole world saw in the Olympics. The Sharks would probably need to make it to the Conference Finals to play the 'Hawks, and based on their history of strong regular seasons followed by playoff flops, I just don't see it happening.

  28. just so you guys know, someone else mentioned this

    "Apparently anyone whose PlayStation 3 is on standby is affected. As it's idly connected to PSN unless it's physically turned off at the plug."

    If I were unaffected thus far I'd unplug the PS3 until further notice

  29. I was online playing MW2 yesterday morning and I didn't have any problems then but I started reading about this problem and I haven't turned on my PS3 since and won't until this is resolved.

  30. @Nightshade

    If that happened then I expect them to foot the bill like M$ had to do.

  31. See I'm not worried about losing my trophies, that's not a big deal to me. If I lose all my data I'm gonna be flippin mad. My last ps3 lost everything and I had to start from scratch. And there's been a few games still in my collection I haven't even bothered to restart. Luckily my newer one is still within 90 warranty(sp?).

    None of of the ps3 games require internet to work, so that's just wierd.

  32. @ hockey

    in case you missed the gold medal game, that was a Penguin who scored the last goal (and arguably the best player in the league). Good luck getting the cup from him and the rest of the champions.

    My entire phone line is down today and I'm using the iPhone now. I'll probably be quiet until my home phone is restored.

  33. 24 hours? LOL. Sounds like they are going to wait until the clock rolls over and see what happens. I wonder if this affected machines that aren't connected to PSN though?

  34. @Smartguy: If you look at the comments section of the link tokz just gave us, someone asked for a fix for the systems not connected to the internet. So I'm guessing it's a problem regardless of PSN connection.

  35. @nightshade

    hahaha. so what does that mean for Rocky Balboa's legacy? He beat Drago, who was on the juice! seriously, Russia, i don't know what to make of this. Are you complaining that you can't win because you can't cheat or that you're olympic has to find better ways to cheat so you can win?

  36. @Tokz

    It's a cultural thing. They don't see that there is a line between science and cheating. Cheating would be fixing the result with a bribe or coordinated malfunction. Pumping someone full of HGH or anabolic steroids is no different than any other supplement except the HGH and anabolic steroids show tremendous results. I guess it pisses them off that something they don't care about is prohibited. Same way with China using girls who are too young. They don't care.

  37. @Tokz

    Wait until they host a set of the games. Their medal count will increase.

  38. @Smartguy: Let's not fool ourselves. We act upset when our players get caught, but ultimately what we're all thinking isn't, "How could you be so stupid as to use steroids," we're thinking, 'how can you be so stupid as to get caught using steroids."

  39. @Nightshade

    Indeed, but if I'm not mistaken…anabolic steroids were first put in to humans and used widely in Russia. Just pointing out that they were the root of the issue.

    Personally I don't see steroids as a bad thing. I'd never use them. I'm not that in love with myself and I like to keep certain parts working. However for those that do want to use them, I don't care. Some will say that it gives an unfair advantage…but what about the unfair advantage of genetics?

    I know why they are prohibited…someone somewhere has to make money off of the testing.

  40. From everything that SONY is saying right now, it seems like they think that if they can't get it fixed, it should self correct when the clock strikes midnight tonight. Hopefully that's the case.

  41. @nightshade

    I read that too but i don't think it would. If the calendar is messed up and is reading today's date a 2/29/10 instead of 3/1/2010 wouldn't it read tomorrow as 3/1/2010 instead of 3/2/10? Here i thought Lost was a head scratcher.

  42. The only thing I played yesterday was Bad Company, and when I tried checking my Trophies while I was playing, that’s when I noticed that- A. Bad Company didn’t show up at all on my trophy list, and B. the date/time was screwed up. Also, has anyone else been having a LOT of PSN connection problems in the last few days? Starting a week ago, my PS3 seemed to be signing out of PSN a lot more than usual.

  43. @nightshade

    I don't remember that goofy dog being in Animal House? Was that in the special edition?

    @ps3 topic.

    If this whole thing is about that clock that issue should be resolved by 6p CST. I was playing my playstation after the hockey game for a bout a 30 mins before i called it quits around 6. The first posts about this issue range around 6pm CST, *crosses fingers* let's hope i'm right about this.

  44. @tokz: nah it was some random moron's version of it. But it was the only the only one I could find in less than 3 minutes of searching that started where I wanted it to.

  45. @tokz: Hockey used to be my #3 behind Football and baseball. I grew up in Connecticut and used to go to Whaler games all the time. It’s kinda slipped to #4 for me behind soccer when my team was moved to Carolina. And now, living in the desert, it’s just hard to get into hockey when it’s 75 degrees and sunny outside in March….especially if you can’t find a game on TV and you don’t really care about the local team. These Olympics have actually really recharged my love for the sport.

  46. @smartguy
    yeah i kind of figured it wouldn’t affect games. I think people need to stop overreacting. If your game needs an update of course you’re not going to be able to play a game. People tried tricking the calendar too. Thank you for logging on and seeing if it works. Sorry to see that you’re affected now too.

  47. @shockwave
    lol, that’s a good vid. Some people have said resetting the battery on the PS3 solves the issue. My first thought was, there’s a battery in the PS3?
    that’s true but i’m always thinking of what can go wrong. I think it’s just embedded on me as a Cubs fan. :(

  48. Well if everybody’s PS3’s brink right before God of War III comes out and everybody’s gotta go out and buy new ones….that’s a sure fire way to boost console sales for the PS3! Way to go Sony! 1st place here we come! Eat that M$!!

    That was for you, RRoD.

  49. @N8R: And that was a Red Wing (Rafalski) who let him walk in front of the net all alone by completely missing him on the boards and then being late to chase. Huge mistake at that point in the game, and no matter how great Ryan Miller had played up to that point, being left 1 on 1 in the slot with the best player in hockey is almost a no win situation for the goaltender.

  50. Was reading an article on ESPN.com about how the Russian President is calling for the people in charge of their Olympic team to resign over how badly they did in the medal count this year in Vancouver, especially with the next winter games in Russia. Here’s the link:


    What I found particularly funny about this article was this line at the end by the author:

    “Doping bans also had deprived Russia of several leading medal contenders, he said.”

    Yep, that’s the second to last sentence of a 14 paragraph article. Doping bans are apparently nothing more than a throw away line, and not symptomatic of the larger problem with Russian sports? Really?!?

  51. @smartguy
    Well if that’s the reason then i would just boycott them until everyone can use HGH or any other PED’s. Which would never happen because of all the side effects they have. good luck with that Russia.

  52. @smartguy
    the Sochi (sp?) 2014 games isn’t that far away. Russia will see a boost but i wouldn’t see them being the overall leaders.
    I agree. I know everyone uses some type of PED’s and you know as you get closer to the games that testing will be more frequent, why not lay off of them?

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