Nippon Ichi’s Three Goals

Nippon Ichi Software, the developer and publisher of the excellent Disgaea series, has three goals for three of its upcoming games. The company is probably my favorite “small” developer/publisher in the business. I love its quirky and addictive games, so I hope the company can meet these three goals:

  1. One is aiming to sell a million copies.
  2. One is aiming to reach number 1 in Gemaga’s reader satisfaction ranking.
  3. One is aiming for a perfect score from the games press.

Prinny 4 life!!!

Source via Andriasang

Author: RPadTV

5 thoughts on “Nippon Ichi’s Three Goals”

  1. @Sandrock I think it's the case of a small Japanese company not having much of a relationship with a large Gaijin company. Plus, the Xbox 360 doesn't sell in Japan, so it's a tough sell.

  2. Goal #3 seems like a really tall order. The gaming press can be more brutal than Fox News at the democratic national convention sometimes.


  3. @Iceman Keep in mind that the source article is from Japan, so the execs are talking about the Japanese gaming press. I'd go as far as to say that they probably mean Famitsu specifically. Either way, it's very different than the American and European press.

  4. @Rpad – How is the Disgaea series? I keep wanting to pick the 3rd one up for ps3 b/c I like a little tatical rpg in my life now and then lol but always been pretty iffy about it. That darn prinny tho is pretty cute haha.

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