Dragon Age: Is Duncan Still Alive? (Plus, a Poll!)

IGN recently conducted a fantastic interview with BioWare online produce Fernando Melo on Dragon Age: Awakenings. Aside from providing outstanding information on the expansion pack, Melo hinted that Duncan, the Grey Warden that recruited your character in Origins, is still alive. Melo said:

We also kind of hinted at it in the trailer — you do run into the actual ogre that killed the king and potentially killed your mentor as well.

Potentially killed, eh? Of course he’s still alive! This is a classic case of “if you didn’t find a corpse, then he’s not dead”. Duncan’s voice actor sounds old and wizened in Origins, but I’ve always thought that he’d make an awesome heel. I can’t wait for his full heel turn where he leads the darkspawn in Dragon Age: Duncan’s Revenge!

Let me know what you think and please leave an answer in this poll.

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15 thoughts on “Dragon Age: Is Duncan Still Alive? (Plus, a Poll!)”

  1. @fun FYI for anyone who's played Dragon Age and Uncharted 2:

    Did you happen to notice that Alistair is played by the guy who did Flynn? and Chloe is played by the same girl who plays Morrigan?

  2. @Shockwave – I prefer my Jesus as a Raptor, hunting the sinners with his razor sharp middle finger before going extinct for Dad's screw-up.

  3. @Nightshade – That was one of the most ridiculous Sci Fi shows I've seen, pretty entertaining though

  4. @thundercracker Don't forget to kill the high dragon for a dragon scale! As for the drake scales, they're pretty easy to find in the urn quest. I alway end up with more than I need. Hopefully they come in handy in the expansion pack.

  5. I was thinking about what I saw during installation. When tehere shows some number of % plus for example "movie -…" and what it's about…. Near the end I saw something like "find Duncan " or finding Duncan" I don't remember now. I went here to check but I can't find an information about what it may be.

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