Five Screens from Dragon Age: Awakening Expansion

Here are five screens from the upcoming Dragon Age: Awakening expansion pack. Highlights include a shot of The Architect and a spectral dragon. The new dragon looks totally cool. Based purely on looks, The Architect looks like a tool. There’s nothing menacing about a grinning undead dude. Hopefully his deeds are more dastardly.

Author: RPadTV

9 thoughts on “Five Screens from Dragon Age: Awakening Expansion”

  1. Haha, raisin. That dragon does look pretty sweet. I'm just about done with my first play through as a human warrior too ^^. I loved the Sacred Ashes quest questions, but they were almost too easy.

  2. @Cami – I did appreciate the fact that they were riddles but I thought they could have been a bit tougher. after all even if you get one wrong you just have to fight the guy.

  3. @Ray – he looks like a Ghoul from Fallout. Or a California Raisin at an SCA event. Or a prune seeking to enforce his fibourously regular goals on an unsuspecting populace – "eat your fiber and poo or you'll look like me! Muahahahahahahaha!"

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