PSP Digital Comics Now Available on PlayStation Network

Marvel Civil War

Sony has announced that digital comics from Marvel, IDW, and iVerse have arrived for the PlayStation Portable through the PlayStation Network. Here’s a snippet from the press release:

Digital comics are available through PlayStation Store. Approximately 550 comics are arriving today on PlayStation Store, with additional content to be added weekly. PSP users can purchase comics either directly from PlayStation Store on their PSP via WiFi, or access and download comics from PlayStation Store from their PC with Media Go software, then easily transfer their digital content to their PSP via USB cable.

Remember, PSP firmware 6.20 is required for digital comics. Like I mentioned last month, I love comics but I’m a little bit scared of these things. It will totally ruin my world if certain characters sound way different from the voices in my head. (Yes, I hear voices in my head like Randy Orton does.) [Correction: These are digital comics, not motion comics. There are no voices — just images and words.]

My PSP just finished updating. I’m going to download a few and let you know what I think shortly.

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