Google’s Nexus One Phone Could Disrupt the Market

Google Nexus One

Last Friday, Google gave its employees Nexus One phones, also known as the rumored “Google Phone” coming out in January 2010. Armed with a zippy Snapdragon processor, an OLED screen, and Android OS 2.1, this GSM phone allegedly runs on both AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s 3G bands. One unusual (and cool) feature is that the handset has dual microphones — one for your voice and one for noise cancellation.

The rumor is that Google will be selling these phones directly to the consumer, bypassing mobile providers. Considering that Google has yet to officially confirm that it’s selling the Nexus One, pricing and availability are still TBD. The company has an opportunity to disrupt the market by offering the phone for a low price, hoping to make more money from mobile advertising. That said, most writers are guessing that the phone will be around $399.

This is almost the phone I want. If it had a keyboard and UMA, I’d be all over it. Still, an OLED screen is sexy and a Snapdragon processor is the hotness. If Google prices this right, I’d totally get one. What do you think of the Nexus One?


Author: RPadTV