Google’s Nexus One Phone Could Disrupt the Market

Google Nexus One

Last Friday, Google gave its employees Nexus One phones, also known as the rumored “Google Phone” coming out in January 2010. Armed with a zippy Snapdragon processor, an OLED screen, and Android OS 2.1, this GSM phone allegedly runs on both AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s 3G bands. One unusual (and cool) feature is that the handset has dual microphones — one for your voice and one for noise cancellation.

The rumor is that Google will be selling these phones directly to the consumer, bypassing mobile providers. Considering that Google has yet to officially confirm that it’s selling the Nexus One, pricing and availability are still TBD. The company has an opportunity to disrupt the market by offering the phone for a low price, hoping to make more money from mobile advertising. That said, most writers are guessing that the phone will be around $399.

This is almost the phone I want. If it had a keyboard and UMA, I’d be all over it. Still, an OLED screen is sexy and a Snapdragon processor is the hotness. If Google prices this right, I’d totally get one. What do you think of the Nexus One?


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  1. Looks pretty slick. Gonna have to show me a ton of cool stuff to beat out my iPhone though.

  2. Hampered by the networks though. AT&T is horrible and TMobile isn't in enough areas for my daily use.

    I wonder if ATT would allow this device on their network? If they do, will they charge more for services and will it be a contract? I have a hard time seeing American carriers abandoning the contracts. Contracts are what allow them not to upgrade.

  3. I sure hope this turns out to be a good phone. I am looking for a different phone. I tend to get a new phone every 6 months or so, just because I get bored with it or my friends go out and get the same phone.

    I miss having a touch screen, I have the BB Bold currently and I love it but its just time for something new with so apps available.

    I want that new LG eXpo with the Projector, but I saw it is only available to business customers.

    This phone doesn't even have to be better than the iPhone since I hated my previous iPhone.

  4. @Ray – oh very cool. If they can break out with this phone, I think it's going to be a game changer as far as exclusive rights. Certainly something for Apple to pay attention to.

  5. @Smartguy You can bring an unlocked phone to any network. For AT&T, a contract is required to get its low (*snicker*) monthly rate. T-Mobile offers a great plan that doesn't have a monthly commitment. Fortunately for me, T-Mobile is pretty strong in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it's only okay in San Francisco. The reason I love UMA is that I can always get a good "signal" anywhere in the world.

    @Sandrock323 Why do you want Firefox? The Webkit browser on Android is excellent.

    @SlickyFats At the very least, it will have an outstanding processor and a gorgeous screen. I can't imagine Google selling a mediocre phone directly. I'm confident it will be a great phone. As for how it compares to the iPhone, I really don't care. To me it's as dumb as comparing consoles. The iPhone does a lot of great things and I'm sure the Nexus One will do a lot of great things too.

    @LarcenousLaugh I can absolutely be a game changer if Google sticks to its guns. I remember Google CEO Eric Schmidt saying that unlocked phones shouldn't be as expensive as they are. Well, here's his chance to do something about it. Imagine if this phone was $199? That would be crazy!

  6. @R-Pad

    I mean real Firefox like I have on my PC. A full web browser would be epic, but I'm sure they would put Chrome on it instead. Plus, I like Firefox.

  7. @Ray

    cool. I'd have to crunch the numbers to see if the discounted rate would be worth it then. If it isn't anywhere near what the ETF is then I'd pay the higher rate. All depends.

    Why can't the N900 be on ATT 3G or use Verizon???!!!

    That said, I don't know if Google will ever do a CDMA device since they are hoping to mimic the Euro market.

  8. @Sandrock323 You should look at the Nokia N900 if that's what you want.

    @Smartguy I doubt Google would sell one directly, but Verizon has the Droid and Sprint has the Hero. Both companies will be phasing out CDMA in favor of LTE in a few years anyway.

  9. @TheJediRevan It would be silly for Google to release a CDMA version on its own. GSM, despite being inferior tech, is far more prevalent globally. Plus, it would piss off Verizon in America. You don't want to piss off the largest carrier in the nation.

  10. @Smartguy For Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, and Android, they do not. It would be super hard to control actually. A lot of BlackBerry users install unofficial updates and run them just fine.

  11. I paid a visit to a local store and the guy said that devices are locked down.

    The more I look into the wireless industry the less I care for the US model.

  12. @Smartguy Really? Was he talking about a specific device? That's definitely not the case for the OS's I mentioned. You can install any update you want, but T-Mobile will only offer support for official updates.

  13. Samsung, Moto, HTC. He said they have 1.5 on them and can't be upgraded. Kind of a moot point though. TMobile doesn't have 3G 20 minutes away where I am in grad school. Bummed me out pretty bad.

  14. I have the BB Bold with AT&T and for the life of me I have tried to install unofficial OSs or ones from service providers like Orange in the UK, but it still doesn't change the features that are locked on my phone.

  15. @Slicky

    I had the same problem with my old BB on ATT. Which is why I didn't disbelieve the guy at tmobile.

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