Google News: Chrome OS Details and Google Phone Coming!

Google Chrome

There’s a ton of Google buzz floating around the Internet this week. First off, the company is holding an event on Thursday to reveal details on its upcoming Chrome OS. This lightweight operating system will be used in netbooks, MIDs, and other low cost computing devices.

I’m super excited for Chrome OS. While there are other Linux-based operating systems for netbooks available, I expect Google to add a level of polish that’s a cut above what’s out there. Chrome OS netbooks will be cheaper than those running Windows XP or Windows 7. Furthermore, I’m tied to so many Google products that a Chrome OS netbook would work brilliantly for me. Most of my work on is done on Gmail, the Chrome browser, Google Docs,, and Skype. A Chrome OS device can handle all of that in a simple and integrated fashion.

But wait! There’s more!!! TechCrunch has learned that Google will be releasing its own Android phone shortly…and it sounds hot! The Google phone will allegedly be armed with:

  • Android 2.0
  • 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
  • 4.3-inch capacitive screen with a resolution of 480 x 800

While Verizon’s Droid currently holds the crown for the best Android phone on the market today, Google’s phone should seize the crown in January 2010. The word is that the company is all set for a huge marketing blitz at the beginning of next year and is committed to making the phone a success. I hope the rumors on this are true!

Yeah, I’m a Google geek, so I’m incredibly psyched for Chrome OS and the Google phone. How about you? Are you as excited as I am? Mildly intrigued? Or do you not care about these Google wares?


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9 thoughts on “Google News: Chrome OS Details and Google Phone Coming!”

  1. @Smartguy The rumors indicate that it will be an unlocked device. I wonder if they'll have different 3G radios though, since AT&T and T-Mobile use different 3G frequencies.

  2. @Ray

    Similar to the rumored worldphone that Apple is cooking up for next year? I don't see why it can't be done.

    Their device will be a huge wrench in the industry though. I look forward to it.

  3. @Ray

    Not that I know of. Nothing available to the general public anyway. I heard that Apple is working on a worldphone for launch next year. I'll try and find the link between games of CoD.

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