Coffee Talk #32: Great Dogs in Gaming

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I love my mabari war hound, Cisco, in Dragon Age: Origins. He’s a faithful dog and a fearsome warrior. While he can’t equip all the nifty weapons and armor my other party members can, Cisco is an underrated combatant that’s incredibly useful for taking out opposing mages.

Dragon Age Mabari

As Cisco was dispatching baddie after baddie in DA, I started thinking about other dogs in gaming. Cisco would beat the crap out of that lame-ass dog in Dead to Rights. I don’t care if that dog had its own button to activate his attacks. He sucks compared to Cisco. Having said that (Curb reference!), there are plenty of dogs that would give my Cisco a run for his money.

The dog from Duck Hunt is one of the oldest and best in the business. Dogmeat from Fallout 3 is a menacing force. The dog in Fable II was a bigger part of the game than I thought he’d be. Yamato from Shadow Dancer: The Legend of Shinobi had special ninja-dog training. It’s kind of crazy how many courageous canines have graced videogames.

Who are some of your favorite videogame dogs? (And no, Amaterasu from Okami doesn’t count. She’s a Shinto sun goddess!)

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  1. I have to go with the dog from Fable 2 for my top spot. In fact, I chose that dog over everything else for my ending. The hell with those other people! The dog was helpful, and cool to see running around.

    My least favorite dogs are those damn dogs in the CoD games. The hell with them!

    full disclosure: I'm a huge dog lover. my dog was the best Christmas present I have ever received. Named her after my favorite Clapton song.

  2. I enjoyed having my canine friend around in Fate. Being able to turn him into a giant spider is always fun.

  3. Lest we forget, the most badass dog of all…. Interceptor from FFVI. Shadow's faithful hound, lover of Relm, and randomly summoned asskicker extrodinaire. If you are ever caught in a burning building, backed into a corner by foul fire elementals, this is the dog you would want by your side.

  4. @smartguy

    you named your dog cocaine?

    wow, i was gonna be all super smart and say "the dog from shadow dancer" but ray beat me to it, even giving the name


  5. @Thunder – it's all good. I had a feeling he meant Laela, and Cocaine was the first one that popped into my head. I like that you used the same format I did as well lol.

  6. @DuckHunt – that bitch ass little Mutley dog can kiss my ass. I can not count the number of times that beagle rat bastard laughed at my sorry ass for missing one of the 87,000 ducks he sent barrelling out of the weeds. Remember, you f*cking mutt… I have the gun.

  7. Haven't gotten a chance to get far along in Fallout 3 as I would have liked (but I'm finally getting my ps3 fixed woooo), but watching my friend show off Dogmeat, that one seems like a pretty good one.

  8. I loved the dog that you play as from Zelda the Twilight Princess. It was just fun to play as. The duck hunt dog is a classic though.

  9. Also, the legendary dogs in pokemon gold and silver. It tok me a while to catch them but I thought they were good pokemon to have.

  10. @Larcenous and Thundercracker

    LOL, but I went with Layla.

    What about Angelo from FF8? that dog saved my ass a few times lol.

  11. The vicious dogs in Earthworm Jim and his pet

    Parappa the Rapper (wasn't he a dog)

    MagaMan's Dog (the one that changed into everything)

  12. @ Smartguy

    Clapton fanboys also ride me about my "Whiteboy from England who thinks he knows the blues" theory.

    It's like being a rapper from England… it's just wrong. If Robert Johnson were alive, he would shoot Clapton for what he did to Crossroads. That's how Robert Johnson was about his songs though.

  13. @ Smartguy

    I hear ya, I'm just a huge fanboy of those early blues pioneers. The fact that Clapton gets more regard then Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Mississippi John Hurt, or even Robert Johnson (granted, there is a statue of Johnson outside of the R&R Hall of Fame that says "Rock 'N' Roll was born the day Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil".) pisses me off.

    Have you ever heard a british rapper? It's an insult to american music. If one of them was any good, it would be different… but they obviously just don't get it. (Somebody PLEASE back me up on that).

    Just try singing "Rapper's Delight" in your head with a british accent, and try not to laugh.

  14. i totally wont back you up on that n8r

    jamiroquai was awesome

    *this is a required test of the emercency sarcasm system, in the event i actually enjoyed jamiroquai, i would be beaten relentlessly and unmercifully

    we now return to our regular scheduled programming

  15. (i realize jamiroquai wasnt exactly rap, but there were a few songs they had that tried to be!)

    trust me, dont look them up

    also, there was that dude snow from canada…detective man said he snow me stab someone down the lane…a licky boom boom down?

  16. F U Thundercracker

    I had completely forgot about Jamiroquai until you brought him up. Damnit.


  17. I liked Jamiroqui's band. That said, no, he was R&B. There are a few good R&B singers from across the pond.

    Snow was just comedy.

  18. Even that Snow song cracks me up when I try to sing it in a british accent. Maybe it's just me, but I'm always trying that Herman's Hermits/Davy Smith (The Monkees) accent.

    Eazy-er Said Than Dunn sounds pretty silly too in an english accent.

  19. @ Nightshade

    Ok… AC2.

    I loved it. I'll be replaying it for some time to come. I've been strictly told to not say anything more about it from other members of our community, so that's all I can say about that.

  20. @N8R: I specification try to avoid spoilers in the review for that reason. But I really like the direction they're taking with the story, and the gameplay improvements are vast.

  21. My favorite dogs are in COD WAW. When you get a 7 kill streak you can call in a pack of vicious attack dogs to attack you enemies online.

  22. @ Nightshade

    Gameplay improvements are vast. Even the way the story is told is a huge improvement. Straight off the bat it wraps you in unlike it's predecessor.

    And then there's the absolutely stunning visuals. Especially in the backgrounds.

  23. @Nightshade

    I bought Assassin's Creed 2 but I haven't played it yet. Even thought the first was extremely repetitive I still love it and thought it had a ton of potential. Please tell me they fixed the repetitiveness.

  24. @N8R: Character models can still use some work though. But considering how much is going on "on screen," it's pretty understandable that they had to cut corners somewhere.

  25. One thing I didn't mention in the review (because I don't really go over achievements or trophies in my reviews) is that you can get the full complement of achievements and trophies in a much less painstaking manor this time around. They streamlined the collection quests to be much less tedious.

  26. So I think I had a good idea for a website photo blog today, since I enjoy those so much. My idea is user submitted achievement unlocked photos.

  27. @nightshade – thanks man. don't exactly know where to start but I'll have to look in to it. i'll keep you guys posted.

  28. @RROD – ah, I totally agree RROD I don't want it to turn in to a fanboy thing. maybe when the user is uploading their photo they can choose either trophy or achievement and put in the text. I think it would be funny to have bronze silver gold and plat too

  29. @smartguy Regarding everyone's "Cocaine" joke, my friend @jpkmets and I used to change the lyrics to "Rogaine" when we were at the local bar. "It grows hair, it grows hair, it grows hair…Rogaine."

    @LarcenousLaugh Brilliant call on Interceptor!

    @rbee90 I don't think Red XIII is a dog. He'd be pretty pissed if you told him so.

    @bsukenyan They're not legendary dogs! They're cats!!! Raikou means thunder cat in Japanese.

    @N8R Have you ever heard The Streets? A friend of my was into the music, but I just found it hilarious.

  30. I noticed from the WoW demo at Blizzcon this year, the people of Gilneas (Worgen starting area) in WoW Cataclysm has their own breed of dogs, dubbed the "Gilneas Mastiff," and they actually look very similar to Mabaris.

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