Final Fantasy XIII Release Date and Developer Announcement Video

As many of you expected, Square Enix has announced the North American release date for Final Fantasy XIII: March 9, 2010!!! To bolster the announcement, the company released a video featuring Producer Yoshinori Kitase, director Motomu Toriyama, art director Isamu Kamikokuryo, and battle director Yuji Abe. Check it out!

Aside from being hosted by a total tool, the video is pretty slick. I love that it features the game and its creators. March 9, 2010 is just around the corner. I’m pretty sure I’ll have Dragon Age out of my system by the time FFXIII is released. I can’t wait!

Are you psyched for FFXIII? Is it a day one purchase for you? What did you think of the developer video?

Author: RPadTV

11 thoughts on “Final Fantasy XIII Release Date and Developer Announcement Video”

  1. Woooo for the release date! This, like almost all FF games of mine, will be day one release. And a lot of sleepless weekends glued to my tv lol.

  2. @CamiKitten Yeah, one of the nice things about being unemployed is that I'm able to give Dragon Age is proper play through. Wonder if I'll have a job in March 2010….

  3. dude how did your meeting with go?

    i sort of suspected that was a job interview

    arent you overqualified for most of these companies?

  4. @thundercracker It wasn't a job interview. I was meeting with the CEO for an article for another site. If there's any leftover content, I'd like to use it here too. Plus, I heard cool things about this guy from another industry friend, so I wanted to meet him.

    As for being overqualified, I don't really think about things in those terms (though I probably should). I'm looking for interesting opportunities first. Right now, there aren't many opportunities at all for me. Ha!

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