Square Enix Taps Leona Lewis for Final Fantasy XIII

In addition to working with Bon Jovi for Crystal Chronicles, Square Enix has enlisted the aid of Leona Lewis for Final Fantasy XIII. Today’s press release (as part of Final Fantasy Friday the 13th!) stated:

Multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Leona Lewis has come on board with Square Enix to provide the theme song for Final Fantasy XIII. The song is entitled “My Hands,” and is featured on her highly-anticipated second album ECHO (J Records/Syco Music) set for release on November 17th. Leona Lewis took the music world by storm with her 2008 6x platinum debut album Spirit which features her chart topping, biggest selling single of 2008 “Bleeding Love,” and mega-hit “Better In Time.”

Leona Lewis ECHO cover

I like “Better in Time”. It’s a cute and catchy song. More importantly, Leona is totally hot. I’m all for her promoting FFXIII.

What do you ladies and gents make of the news?

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9 thoughts on “Square Enix Taps Leona Lewis for Final Fantasy XIII”

  1. I think it's great news but the guy they had narrating that thing made me wanna throat punch him. What a pretentious douche bag…It's Final Fantasy not the Noble Prize.

  2. LoL I haven't even heard of her until I watched the video. But I went and listened to "My Hands". Undoubtedly not my usual style of music, but she does have a beautiful voice. The song seems fitting ^^

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