Coffee Talk #24: Hilarious Happenings When Gaming Until 4AM

Welcome to Coffee Talk! Let’s start off the day by discussing whatever is on your (nerd chic) mind. Every morning I’ll kick off a discussion and I’m counting on you to participate in it. If you’re not feelin’ my topic, feel free to start a chat with your fellow readers and see where it takes you. Whether you’re talking about videogames, Verizon possibly getting a CDMA iPhone, how Filipinos around the world are preparing for Saturday’s Manny Pacquiao fight, or the odd things happening at Oddworld (hint, hint), Coffee Talk is the place to do it.

Today’s Coffee Talk is probably going to be a little weird. I’m going to chalk it up to spending most of my nights playing Dragon Age: Origins until I’m passed out on my sofa. Maybe it’s because some of my game time has been logged while I’m loopy, but there are several things in DA that I find unintentionally hilarious.

Dragon Age Loghain

Let’s start with Teryn Loghain. Whenever I hear his name, I think of how many Asian people reverse their L’s and R’s. Lots of Asian peeps — including a lot of my friends and family — would call him Teryn Rogaine. If that were really his name, Ferelden would be safe from male pattern baldness.

Then there are the dwarven cities that are call “ortans”, as in Ortan Thaig. As a WWE fan, I can’t help but think of Randy Orton whenever these towns pop up. So yeah, I was totally adventuring in Randy Ortan Thaig.

I actually had a third one to mention, but then I realized that none of these things are that funny. They might be hilarious at 4AM when you can barely keep your eyes open or hold your controller, but Dragon Age already has all the humor you need. After all, it has a bisexual elf assassin in it — pretty hard to top that.

Can you remember any instances when a game railed you with unintentional comedy? How about a time when you found something in a game hilarious, but realized it wasn’t the next day?

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66 thoughts on “Coffee Talk #24: Hilarious Happenings When Gaming Until 4AM”

  1. morning hangover for today was called "when staying up till 3 am seems like a good idea"

    thought that was a coincedence


    i find incredibly childish things to be hysterical, so usually what i find funny is when i create a character, especially in tiger woods, because ill try to make them as hideous as humanly possible

  2. ray, what are cotto's chances?

    also, i would like to remove myself from consideration for any prizes, whether they be magnets or tessla roadsters. If you wanna show appreciation (sp?) to me, just keep doing what you are doing as long as you can

  3. coffee talk trivia

    in the movie the breakfast club, what did the main characters do to have to be in detention?

  4. @thundercracker Cotto has a decent to great chance. He's bigger, stronger, and more skilled than Manny. The big question is whether he can deal with Pacquiao's speed. He did well against Sugar Shane, but Mosley never used his speed in the smartest ways. The big unknown is Cotto's chin. He hasn't been the same after that beating he took from Margarito. Even though he's faced harder hitting fighters than Manny, I wonder how much his chin can take.

    The odds makers have Cotto from +200 to +240, so they're banking on Manny to win.

  5. WWE Attitude in the create a character mode. I tried to make the most ridiculously stupid character I could. What came out was the funniest character I have ever made.

    Skinny body

    Horse-Shoe bald pattern

    Pencil Mustache


    Nylon Jacket with his name on the back

    Name: The Governor

    He intro'ed into the ring with the Rock's music. So of course he had that weird staggering step the Rock did not too mention he did the eyebrow. What sealed the deal were the lines he'd quip during the fight with a somewhat high pitched voice. If only it were a deep southern accent would it have been better.

    "Just remember, you elected ME!" awesome to hear while really tearing in to someone.

    "Down with the middleclass!" Always after a high impact move

  6. @Thundercracker

    Aren't they all the main character, so…

    Because he is the principal, he brought a starter pistol to school, she skipped class, he glued someones butt cheeks together, she just wanted to be there, and he pulled the fire alarm

  7. Ok, so I just read another article on how ATT has now thrown more money at their lawyers to amend their earlier complaint against Verizon to now have ALL of their ads pulled depicting comparison between them and ATT. ATT's stance is that eventhough Verizon's ads are comparing 3G coverage relative to the two carriers, Verizon's ads aren't letting people know that where ATT doesn't have 3G they can still do voice and use slow EDGE network.

    Since when did propping up ATT become another telco's job? I really hope they lose their ass on this.

  8. @Smartguy

    I thought that entire ad thing was BS on AT&T's part. I clearly saw that it was depicting AT&T's 3G coverage I and I didn't think it was an issue.

    But the other day an older co-worker of mine came in and started talking about the commercial. He asked if I knew how bad At&T's coverage was compared to Verizons. I asked what he meant and he said it looked like AT&T phones only worked along I-35 (we are in Texas) and Verizon phones work nearly everywhere based on the commercial he saw. I had to explain to him that it said it was their 3G coverage map and not their service coverage map. He had no idea what the difference was. He said all yo here about it 3G phones so he thought 3G just meant coverage.

  9. Did anyone else have the hots for Ally Sheedy in the Breakfast Club, up until they gave her that crappy makeover? Maybe it was just me.

  10. @Slicky

    Uninformed customers are the only leg ATT has in this. I would be very disappointed in any judge who decides that Verizon's ads aren't simple enough for people who don't even know what 3G is.

    The only thing Verizon could do differently is add the word "data" somewhere in the ad.

  11. In Fallout 3 I went in to talk with Reilly and her face was missing. She had eyes and a mouth and hair but not skin. I thought it was so funny I took pictures of it and sent it to friends, not realizing you could barely tell what it was if you couldn't look around it.

    Again in Fallout 3. I was doing stealing Independence and that girl and I went down the elevator. When she appeared her gun was floating on the outside of her hand and upside-down. When she got into a fire fight she looked all gangsta shooting robots. Took pictures of that too. It actually was only funny when she was shooting.

  12. @Smartguy

    No I agree. I didn't actually see any problem with the ads myself. Heck if I were Verizon I would have played that card sooner. I just didn't know some people were actually going to be confused by it. But this guy has an old Nokia candy bar phone in his glove box for emergencies and no other cell phone.

  13. @slicky

    Yeah it would be a shame if judgment were passed because some consumers are uninformed or just stupid.

  14. Uncharted 2 cracked me up in quite a few spots. It was Drake's snarky comments and his interactions with the girls. Both girls had some funny lines also, but it seemed like I laughed a lot more than anyone I showed the game to. I guess its because some of the jokes were tied to the first game, but still I thought they were funny and my friends merely smiled. Like the Marco Polo joke. I still laugh about that. Serious fire fight with some building climbing then that joke, perfect.

  15. @Rpad – That's pretty funny, I know I get pretty goofy when I stay up all night myself. I've been meaning to stay up late and get a lot of Dragon Age in. So far I'm probably a couple of hours in. The story seems to be really ramping up which I'm excited about.

    I just finished Indigo Prophecy on Tuesday night. I thought to story was impressive. there were so many things I didn't realize were playing a part such as the weather. I will say if anything QD knows how to tell a story. I know what you mean about the flashbacks being pretty dumb. I also thought the last couple bosses were pretty easy as I got pretty good at the Simon Says stuff.

    Also this week I was able to beat Uncharted 2 on crushing. my only trophies left to get are the treasure ones. well on SP anyway. do I get platinum for doing all the single player stuff or do I have to do MP yet? to be honest I haven't played MP since the game actually came out. it's funny the last boss gave me a hard time on Normal. I beat him in one try on Hard and on crushing he was kicking my trash. It's really easy to die on Crushing.

  16. first off, well done slicky

    secondly, yeah i had a crush on her in that movie, the goth look and all, but then again i liked her in short circuit too….

    you know who i LOVED though? Lea thompson, especially in howard the duck

  17. @Smartguy Could you describe the ruckus?

    @Shockwave562 What did you think of the ending? I thought the story was fantastic until the end. It just got too weird and wacky for me.

  18. @smartguy

    But that is the way it will be. I have a friend in the Netherlands I talk with and when I was hit by another car her first reaction was are you going to sue. I asked why I would sue and she said she heard that that is what Americans do when something happens they don't like. Not until then had I really thought about how absurd the suing thing really is. I mean sometimes it has merit but really it's usually just for money.

    People have won cases on far less. I think the ads will be deemed misleading. I don't know that AT&T will get any compensation for the "damages" they are claiming, but I think the ads will be pulled.

  19. @Thunder

    Lea Thompson was the reason I watched Caroline in the City.

    I haven't seen Short Circuit in too many years. I forgot that was Sheedy in that.

  20. @ Rpad – It did get a little crazy. I didn't mind the world coming to an end thing so much as I did all the 'Clans' to be honest I don't even know which Clan was witch. I don't even see why they brought up the purple clan who made no appearance in the game. maybe they were setting up a sort of sequel?

  21. @Shockwave

    On Uncharted did you get the trophy for softening up people with bullets then killing them with a single punch 10 times in a row? That is the only one I feel like I am going to have trouble with.

  22. @smartguy

    that didnt hurt, i was too young to know that i really wanted to do with her, but i did know that i was pissed she didnt take off that bra

  23. My little brother came over and took over my Uncharted 2 game and started a new game and beat it on easy, now he is in the middle of playing through on hard. I don't even get to play my own console anymore.

  24. @Slicky – load up a on of the first levels on easy or very easy. I believe I did it in the city. wasn't too bad

  25. I used to have a tendency to fall asleep in my recliner with the controller in my lap, and then pick up where I left off the next morning when I woke up. Now that I have a wife to drag me to bed, this happens with much less frequency.

    There actually are some very funny lines in Dragon Age as it is. Just run around with Allistair and Morrigan in your party and listen to the squabble. Good stuff.

  26. @Topic – I have never fallen asleep playing something. If it got to the point where I was that tired (I raided until probably the beginning of the year in WoW pretty regularly) I would turn it off and go to bed. I know how miserable I am if I don't sleep, and I like my bed more then the huge bean bag I sit on while playing console games.

  27. @Larcenous: I'm an insomniac by nature. If I'm falling asleep in my recliner, I'd damn well better just let it happen because as soon as I stand up and move to the bed I'm awake for another hour or two.

  28. @Ray: Here's a future Coffee Talk subject for you: Why the hell are Facebook games so addictive? I play Mafia Wars, yet I don't know why. It's not fun. It's barely a game. But I have to go every day and level up my damn character. It makes no sense. None.

  29. @Nightshade

    I know what you mean. I just started into Mafia Wars 13 days ago. I know tiwas 13 days because I have logged in everyday to do jobs and level up. I have actually spent really money on that stupid free game. I am addicted and I don't know why.

  30. my gf plays the hell out of mafia wars, and has like a million facebook friends

    i still think facebook is stupid and refuse to surrender to it, but im taking that as a day to day decision

    she also has a stupid farm and runs a stupid cafe…..shes also addicted

  31. @Slicky: I've never spent real money on it, and I know it's just a gimmick to try and get me to spend real money on pretty much nothing. But I play every day. I've got like 700 people in my Mafia, 650 of which I don't even know. It's craziness.

  32. I was really addicted to Mafia wars for about 2 weeks. eventually I just fell out of it though. I'm like that with things. Mafia wars isn't that fun really.

  33. @Thunder

    I have a stupid farm and cafe also. A friend of mine assured me it was fun, but its not its just addictive. I have lots of Facebook friends now just so I could have a larger Mafia. I don't actually "use" facebook though. When real friends find me on there I feel bad because I know they are being bombarded with my level ups and kills

  34. @Thunder: Farmville? Ugh. Maybe it's because I grew up in rural CT surrounded by cows, but farming hardly seems like a game to me. You can throw Harvest Moon in with that as far as I'm concerned. If you want to farm, go pick up a shovel I say…

  35. Wow I thought I was doing good with 65 in my mafia. I don't think I want that many people. I noticed I had almost 300 Facebook emails telling me random crap about all these people i don't know. What a pain.

  36. @ray

    yeah weve had this conversation before,its important for you because you know important people, and occasionally punch them in the face

  37. If any of you guys have Mafia Wars on your iPhone, add me to your mafia. My player ID is 3201 5253 46

    As an extra special, super duper secret bonus, you will actually find out what the "M" stands for. Definetely a prize worth it's weight in gold.

    Also, I'm at level 419, I have $118.6 billion dollars, and pretty much every single weapon, defensive item and vehicle. Attack me at your own peril.


  38. I'm drawing a blank on gaming humor at the moment, crap. The only thing that remotely comes in mind was Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia when I stumbled upon the armor called "Moonwalkers" and it gives you a def boost when walking in reverse….lol. That and there was alwas potential lawls in the mmo FFXI Online. One of the npc's glitched and she was missing half her body. So her torso and up was on the ground O_o

  39. @thundercracker No matter what Cliff says, I maintain that I did not "punch" him that night.

    @everyone I'm off to a meeting with There are beers and cold cuts in the fridge. Try not to burn the place down.

  40. @Ray – *yells from the other room* There is nothing going on in here. Everything is fine.

  41. Your beers suck. I'm going out to the grocery store to get a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Anybody want anything while I'm going out?


  42. @iceman

    I need some Anchor Steam Liberty Ale…if they don't have it, bring me some SIerra Nevada Pale Ale. Thanks.

  43. @Iceman – If the beer in the fridge sucks enough to go get PBR I'm afraid of what's in the frige. gotta be like Miller High Life or something to be cheaper than Pabst

  44. @ANYONE

    Question about MW2. I noticed that party chat is not an option this time around. So that means I have to listen to the kids or nothing at all right? Or can a friend and I both play MW2 and be in party chat together and exclude the kids?

    If I seriously can't do deathmatches or hardcore with just one of my friends in chat with me, I'm going to consider this a huge f'up on IW.

  45. @Smartguy

    Not all playlist force in game chat. If you are ok with domination, then play Groundwar as it allows party chat. Other wise do like I do, mute anyone who annoys you. In game mutes carry over to the lobby and vise versa.

  46. @sandrock

    at that rate i'll have everyone muted. sometimes a friend and me jump into team deathmatch and converse with one another. i don't see why they put the restriction on. Griefers will always grief. IW really has ruined a big social aspect of the game for me.

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