What Are You Playing This Weekend?

My gaming goals are pretty diverse this weekend. I’m going to give WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 a break for a week or two. One of my closest friends is starting up Borderlands and I want to play some co-op with him. I love playing cooperative games with a good friend; other than family and a couple that has a child together, is there a stronger bond in humanity than between two people that play co-op games?


I also picked up Tekken 6. All my industry friends are telling me that the net code is a mess, but I’m actually playing this one for the story and Panda. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been fascinated by the world of Tekken 6. Some of the plot points are goofy, but I’ve always enjoyed the story. *shrug*

Of course I’m going to be spending the bulk of the weekend playing Dragon Age: Origins. Actually, I’m probably going to ditch my Borderlands friend and Tekken 6 for Dragon Age. My plan is to play all three, but who am I kidding?!? BioWare rules!!!

As always, let me and your fellow RPadholics know what you’re playing this weekend!

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  1. Indigo Prophecy and Dragon Age.

    I started Indigo Prophecy last night, got about 30 minutes in. I'm pretty fascinated with the story. Gameplay feels a lot like the sims on a smaller scale. on the first "Simon Says" sequence I failed before I even knew what was happening. So far the story is compelling and the fact that the game is different than most seems to be keeping me interested

  2. Ill be playing Borderlands all weekend, And maybe Some Dragon Age. Speaking of Dragons, I'll probably be Dragon Punching it up on SFIV

  3. @Ray, I definitely will. I enjoyed it so much I was bragging to my girlfriend about it. Mostly because we watch a lot of murder case shows like dateline. I might even get her to play it, lol, while I was playing IP she was hard at work on Uncharted 2. she just finished Uncharted and she started Uncharted on Hard. I'm pretty impressed.

    I've really got to step it up on the Simon Says stuff. Though I'll be the first to admit I'm pretty shoddy at quick timed events for the most part. My hand-eye coordination could be better.

    One thing I loved about the game was going back to the murder scene as the detective and going through the crime scene. I realized several mistakes I had made when I committed the crime, such as not paying the bill and leaving the murder weapon at the scene. I really like how choices will seemingly affect the game a lot. It makes me a lot more careful

  4. Dragon Age. I've got Borderlands from Gamefly and I haven't even put the disc in my 360 yet because pretty much any Bioware game will sink it's teeth into me and not let go. Dragon Age has been no different.

  5. Maybe finally carve out some time to play UC2. School and work have kept me so busy as of late.

  6. This weekend is probably going to be a cheap gaming weekend. I am finishing paying off AC2, and I have a few friends that have been raving about Torchlight. I have also been promissing myself that I would get Shadow Complex and play through that. We'll have to see… if I can get out of this paycheck period with paying less the $100 for gaming stuff, I will be extremely pleased with myself.

  7. @Ray – so my partner at work tells me. We'll see how I make it through the weekend, though I think that may end up being the purchase.

  8. @Ray – Oh… it's one of those is it… I'll take my wife to the bookstore first then…

  9. @Nightshade386 Fair point, but there are various degrees of goofiness. DOA was supposed to be silly. Tekken is supposed to be (mostly) serious, but can't help itself.

  10. Think my DSlite will get some lovin this weekend. I've got some games I purchased a few months back and haven't touched them yet lol.

  11. @Ray: This may be true, but now whenever my wife walks into the room and sees me playing a fighting game she always asks, "You're not fighting over lettuce again are you?"

  12. Hate to disappoint, but I didn't much care for even any of the earlier KH games, so that's a negative >_>. I have an unplayed copy of Valkyrie: Covenant of the Plume and Hoshigami: Runing Blue Earth remix. That and I still haven't completed Scribblenauts lol. I'm a buyer and then let games sit there awhile. Mebbie I'll call SCEA and put on a sob story so they'll fix my ps3…..

  13. I intend to get some more Cryostasis time in. Finally booted my PC and played a little of it the other night. Game is actually creepy, so I'm enjoying it so far. More Forza 3 will be good game to play during breaks. (I suck at mouse and keyboard which makes me hurt after awhile.) My friend picked up his copy of MW2 today, so I shouldn't have a problem with to many CoD4 invites.

  14. Shadow of the colossus Bioshock and dead space.Working on games I skipped when released.Probably uncharted 2 and Trine also.Sundays have been taken over by football season,so tonight and tomorrow will be alot of gaming.Hadnt gotten origins yet waiting on rebate from amazon for MW2 preorder.

  15. @Ray

    I will pick up beatles one day but I dont think I will ever pick up a ds though scribblenauts looks really kool.Chinatown wars is on psp now thats 1 less reason for me to get a ds.If I had one I would be up for scribblenauts though.

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