Coffee Talk #20: Bluetooth Headsets and Gaming

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Up until a few years ago, I felt that Bluetooth headsets were exclusively for wankers. It was just impossible not to look like a complete tool when using one. My stance has softened after the sensible banning of mobile phone use while driving and the PlayStation 3’s inclusion of Bluetooth. One of the things I like about the PS3 is that it allows you to use any Bluetooth headset you want, rather than a proprietary one. I like that consumers can spend as much or as little as they wish for chatting with their fellow PS3 gamers.

jawbone 1

One line of Bluetooth headsets that I’ve had extremely positive results with is Aliph’s Jawbone series. The models are very stylish and also feature effective noise reduction. The “noise killer” feature of the Jawbone is fantastic for those that use their headsets outdoors or in crowded areas. Gamers that play in a living room full of noisy siblings will also appreciate the noise reduction. I’m playing around with Aliph’s latest model, the Jawbone Prime, and will have a review-type article up next week.

For now, I wanted to ask you if you use a Bluetooth headset with your PlayStation 3 or mobile phone. What model do you use? What are your priorities when selecting a Bluetooth headset? Price? Style? Features? Leave a comment and let me know (please)!

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  1. comfort is my big one. I've had my headset for a while but I rarely use it for my phone or PS3. I still feel a little bit like a d bag when I use one in public. When I game online I rarely put on the headset because I can't stand most online gamers anymore.

    Usually when I play co-op I stick with 360 since I have many friends on there and to be honest I have the wireless headset but never use it. I just love the wired headset that came with the Xbox. it's light, functional, very comfortable and doesn't fall off my ear

  2. I have a pretty crappy motorola blue tooth, I'm sure I would get better Quality if I got a Better Quality Blue tooth. I was wondering however, If I get a head-set that runs through USB would that work on my PS3, I'm pretty sure it will but I would rather make sure first before I go and waste some money.

  3. @Shockwave562 I agree that the wired headset for the 360 is light and functional, but it feels so cheap to me. I broke my original one after a few months. I've been more careful with the one that came with my Elite, but it always feels like it's seconds away from snapping.

    @Arguello I believe you can use USB headsets with the PS3.

  4. I need to find my USB adapter or pick up a bluetooth this weekend. I am kind of afraid of shelling out alot for one, but I was wondering if anyone knew of some relatively cheap solutions that would still be functional for use. I am used to a normal headset from running Vent on the ole PC, so the bluetooth will be a new one for me. Any ideas?

  5. @Ray – It definitely feels cheap. If I used it more I bet I would have broken it too.

  6. @LarcenousLaugh You know, you can find numerous USB adapters or inexpensive Bluetooth headsets on Amazon. Just click on one of my links and go shopping! Ha!!!

  7. Meh I just use a cheap LG Bluetooth – strickly for the ps3 tho (LBP and Fat Princess lol). I still don't like to use it for my phone. But on to more cordless items….is the ps3 attachable keypad worth it?

  8. @CamiKitten It's worth it if you do a lot of messaging and web browsing on your PS3. I mostly communicate via voice and don't use the browser, so my freebie is just collecting dust. Actually, I don't even know where it is. Ha!

  9. I don't use Bluetooth for my phone but I do use one for my PS3. I used to use a Motorolla H300 and it worked fine but then I bought the official Sony Bluetooth earpiece and it works even better. I love the integration feature that shows the battery life of the earpiece on the screen when you press the mute button.

    I hated that cheap and flimsy headset that connected to the controller on the Xbox. That cord was always getting in my way.

  10. @N8R

    The best part about the old Jericho was that hairstyle when he had that pony tail up top during the conspiracy victim thing.

  11. The Man of 1004 holds, where every other hold was an arm bar, was classic, especially against Dean "Stinko" Malenko and his impressive stone face. That man could no sell the heck out of stuff lol.

  12. @ R Pad

    I would have mentioned that, but I didn't think anyone would remember Prince Saki-Maki.

    All of his mispronunciations were legendary. He also got lost coming to the ring with the security to mock Goldberg.

    @ RROD

    Yeah, the ponytail was classic.

    @ Larcenous Laugh

    Yeah, every other one was an Armbar. He also threw in the 3 handed flying Gerdanza

    He had Bore-Us Malenko come down who was the Man Of 1 Hold. On the back of his trunks in parenthesis it said (1).


  13. @N8R And then there's the time he went to the Library of Congress to get a decision overturned. Ha!

    I love goofy heels/tweeners like Jericho, Edge, and Christian used to be. Unfortunately for me, they sell more tickets as straight-up heels or faces.

  14. @ R Pad

    That was the launch of the conspiracy victim thing. I'm telling you, this guy put ALL of that, and everything else we said on Youtube.

    Whoever that guy is, he deserves an award.

    The other thing I really noticed watching all those videos, is Jericho's reversal spots. Dude truly was crazy inventive. Still is really.

  15. @N8R I'll have you know that Jericho is the best in the world at what he does. He told me this himself.

    I'm guessing the answer is no, but have you been following Rhino's conspiracy angle on TNA?

    And also, do you use a Bluetooth headset?

  16. He had his dad (NHL pro Ted Irvine) bitch him out on Thunder for the whining about the conspiracy thing.

  17. @ R Pad

    1) No, I always seem to miss TNA.

    2) No, I don't have a PS3 for one. For two, they are crap on the 360. For three, I hate using a headset to talk on the phone (especially the iPhone, something about hearing the phone call in both ears is weird and foreign).

    The only reason I would want one is for the voice commands on my Mac. I named my Mac Joel and can tell it to do things like open iTunes, run Firefox… anything basic function it does really. It makes me feel more like Ironman. Except instead of Jarvis… my Mac's name is Joel.

    The Bluetooth would make it easier to command while listening to music and while I'm in other rooms.

  18. I was attempting to use a Motorola bluetooth headset. I've since lost the charger.

    Any suggestions on a cheap one that works all the time?

  19. @ R Pad

    My best friend since I was 5 was a Apple lover since the IIe days. He used logo to make his own screen savers back in the day. He had just about every generation of Mac ever. He's the guy that turned me on to Photoshop. His name was Joel.

    He died in 2007 at 28 years old from drinking on painkillers. I'm still not over it really. But anyway, I got this Mac shortly after that and tributed it to him mainly because I wanted to show it off to him very, very, badly.

  20. so i just got my netflix cd for the ps3. i never expected it to be on HD. holy crap its amazing.

  21. @Ray – I do a lot of messaging on my ps3, web browsing only when I’m too lazy to get off the couch to go into the other room where my desktop is lol!! I do have a usb keyboard, just hate having a cord draped from the ps3, across the floor and on the coffee table.

  22. Random: I'm totally loving Dragon Age: Origins! I'm taking a break to watch Chad Dawson vs. Glen Johnson. If I can stay away from DA, I'm going to try to watch Fedor on CBS.

  23. @Ray

    I’d like to not spend over 30 dollars on a headset. I don’t play online on my PS3 very much, so anything more expensive would be an excess to me. I don’t mind a USB one. My chair in the mancave has wheels.

  24. @ R Pad

    Was it me, or all through round 5 were they calling Chad Dawson “Chad Johnson”? Because I was getting confused.

    Also, only in a fight can you get away with having “Condom Depot” written on your ass. In any other situation, it means something quite different.

  25. @N8R The announce team was really off today. My favorite was during the Angulo fight when Kellerman said that his opponent was determined to win, therefore he was dangerous. I was thinking, “Oh! I guess boxers shouldn’t go in thinking that they’re going to lose, because they wouldn’t be dangerous.”

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