Coffee Talk #18: Do You Believe in Miyamoto Magic?

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The other day, I wrote about the next Legend of Zelda game using Wii MotionPlus for swordplay and targeting. The reactions weren’t surprising. You’ve told me why you’re down on the Wii in the past, so I was expecting some of you to roll your eyes at the news. Yes, a lot of Wii games use motion controls in ways that are…less than entertaining, but aren’t you forgetting something in this case? Shigeru Miyamoto is working on this game!

Shigeru Miyamoto

Nintendo’s legendary game designer is responsible for some of the greatest videogame series of all time. His left pinky has more creativity in it than most game developers have in their entire body. Miyamoto has been written off as out of touch and behind the times before, but he’s always managed to come back and prove his doubters wrong.

So what’s different this time? Don’t you think Miyamoto will find a way to make Wii MotionPlus in The Legend of Zelda fun and unique? Don’t you believe in Miyamoto magic?

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  1. To counter your argument Ray, he did think Wii Music was a good idea. If we take the "what have you done for me lately?" approach….he's done nothing lately.

    SMG was great. It didn't rely on you pointing the WiiMote. Just to waggle to do an attack. I found it imprecise at some times controlling the character with my left or right hand using something the size of small doorknob and then using my other hand to waggle. Kind of like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time.

  2. Unless he is responsible for the major innovations in gameplay that have come in the many iterations of Link/Mario, I think his creativity is kind of meh. I know I just committed a cardinal sin by saying that, but as cool as most of the games have been, Link and Mario are really kind of one trick ponies. The story has not evolved since day one, and the only thing that really keeps me coming back to Mario is the lack of other options in the platforming world.

    While recent games have shown that they have a bit of skill in handling themselves, Zelda and Peach/Toadstool are quite possibly the most inept women rulers in history. Barring mentions of Marie Antoinette, what's to stop Toadstool/Zelda from simply hiring Mario/Link on as permanent help/bodyguard/lover of the Kevin Costner variety. I mean ffs, one is a mute and the other is a plumber, I don't think they would be all the expensive to care for, and it would save them the aggrevation of being kidnapped every 2-4 years. I am sure that both Link and Mario would appreciate the extra income, free nookie, and some time off from galavanting around the globe with a tinkerbellian fairy and a useless twat of a brother who at this point in the series should be schemeing to stab Mario in the back and take the Princess for himself.

    Show me something new Miyamoto. Give me depth, give me purpose, tell me I'm not swinging a square plastic f*ck toy around in the air for some reason other then for your own general amusement.

  3. I give Myamoto San all the credit in the world for what he's done, but I disagree about him having more talent in his left pinky than most developers. How can he be sooooooo creative when he's rehashed the same old games for the past 20 years? I don't even call a developer great when all they can do is make one great game. For instance, Infinity Ward. All they've done is make COD. Bungie, the only good game they made was Halo. Those are one trick ponies, not great developers.

  4. @Larcenouslaugh

    Exactly, how many times will Peach and Zelda get captured by Bowser and Gannon and how many times must Mario and Link save them?

  5. @RROD

    Careful, Kojima is falling into that category with his returning to the well of MG often. However Kojima tells a better story in his games.



  6. miyamoto is the chuck berry of gaming.

    he took the rudimentary elements of an art form and transmogrified them entirely

    much like miyamoto took the elements from the atari and collecovision era and made the most important video game that ever existed, super mario bros, which spawned countless other platformers, which in turned spawned EVERYTHING we have today. Platformers essentially use the same ideas 25 years later.

    Chuck berry bridged the gap between jimmy reed and jimmy page

    miyamoto is legend simply for creating the platformer

  7. i guess what i mean is that i will always love eddie murphy, even though everything hes done lately sucks

  8. @Smartguy

    Kojima is not a one trick pony. You've obviously never played his Zone of Enders games.

  9. @RROD

    That's two games. Miyamoto has 2 as well. See the comparison now?

    For what it's worth, yeah…I played and beat ZOE and ZOE2. Great games.

  10. @Princess saving – I played and loved Galaxy for what it was, but I never bothered to pick up Twilight Princess. It looked cool, but I was really done with going down that same old road with Link. Until something truly groundbreaking happens, I think I am done with LoZ for a good long while. New SMBWii looks like it could be a lot of fun, but there are also far too many games to have that one near the top of my list. It's a used pick up, mainly because the ideas are used rehashes. I know what Mario Bros offers, and it really hasn't changed.

    Nintendo is like the girlfriend that won't go away. You really like her in the beginning, and even though the sex is great, you start to grow and mature, and she doesn't. So you leave, but every so often, she calls and you wind up back in her bed, wondering how you are going to slip out in the morning this time, asking yourself over and over during the car ride home why you ever allowed yourself to go back, and promissing yourself that this was the last trip, only to know that when the calls comes you will. You might have low self esteem… but your not dumb.

  11. I agree with many people here. Coming up with a new Zelda game and Mario game every few years doesn't sound like creativity to me. it just sounds like Miyamoto has these two great franchises he's resting on now.

    Also, Whereas I have grown up quite a bit since the late 80s, Mario/Link have not. it's still aimed at the same demographic. games have evolved so much in the last 20-30 years but Mario and Zelda are still doing the same thing.

    I saw galaxies in action though I never felt the need to play it. Twighlight princess was pretty good but If I were getting in to gaming now instead of back then those 2 franchises would be some of my least favorite in today's age. Damn the nostalgia which brings me back to these games

  12. The problem isn't that Miyomoto is working on it. The problem is that Wii Motion controls are junk. I'd rather play it on the classic controller with no motion controls than be pigeon holed into buying another $20 accessory to be able to play the game.

    And i have fundamental issues with Nintendo promising the moon on motion controls, under delivering and then making ME pay another $20 to be able to play games the way that they said I'd be able to play them originally. That's BS frankly.

    People on here complain about $50 a year for XBL, but you've gotta drop $20-$80 on a new accessory every time a new Nintendo game comes out. Let's be realistic here. That's just absurd and it's a rip off.

  13. @Nightshade – you know, that has become such standard practice with them this generation that I failed to realize that it was even going on. It's very sad when something that really is a douchbag-ian move gets over looked because it's the norm.

    @Smartguy – no kidding lol. We've all had one, and until we find a reason to stop, we all go back.

  14. @Larcenous: Nintendo does this kinda crap all the time. Didn't they JUST release the DSi? You mean to tell me we need a DSi LL only a couple of months later? You mean to tell me they didn't already have it well into development when the DSi launched? And you know some peopl who just bought their DSi will go out and buy the thing like fools.

    $199 for a "next gen" system with no HD and broken motion controls? That's not a ripoff?

    Nintendo is the absolute worst of the bunch, but nobody wants to see it or say it out loud because everyone loves Mario and Zelda. Everyone love Miyamoto. But a rip off is still a rip off.

  15. @nightshade – Agreed, if the Wii had HD graphics, less shovelware, optional motion control and optional peripherals for all games I might buy one for 200.

  16. @Nightshade

    You don't HAVE to buy those Wii mote accessories, the Wii mote works just fine for those games. But if you want to play MW2 online on the Xbox you HAVE to pay for XBL. Big difference.

  17. I think Nightshade has a point. no one is forcing you to play online. Hell I pay for XBL gold and I almost never play online.

    Optional but still required to fully enjoy the product. I'd say it's a fair comparison

  18. RRoD: Be glad I didn't go after Sony for releasing a "new" PSP that has all the same problems as the old one at basically the same price as a PS3. Talk about a rip off.

  19. @Nightshade

    The Wii has a totally different market of people who don't care about next gen and HD graphics. The one who gets a pass for everything that they shouldn't is M$. They should not get a pass for charging people to play games online. XBL may be a great service but the price is not justified, and people say "I gladly pay for XBL", what a joke. If M$ wants to charge for X game chat and party systems that's fine if anyone wants to pay for it but the basic principle of playing games online IS and SHOULD be free, yet they get a pass for this. I don't understand. If M$ lets you play games online for free like everyone else, would you pay $50 a year for X game chat and party system? Don't get me started on selling faulty hardware and people just keep buying it. Nintendo and Sony don't get a pass for anything, only M$.

  20. @RRODisHere AGREED! if i want to play my cousin online in COD or Halo i HAVE to have XBL, if i want to play a game on the wii the most i might HAVE to get is a nunchuck.

  21. RRoD: The only place MS gets an unfair break is in your mind. You need to let it go. All three companies do stuff that deserves to be criticized. But there's no doubt that Nintendo gets the biggest pass because everyone wants to love Nintendo, even when they don't anymore.

  22. @Nightshade

    I agree about the PSP2. Who would pay $250 for that when the PS3 is only $50 more. I don't understand that. If all of the people who are harping on DD want it then fine but not me.

    FYI, I think you are used to my persona over on the feed. I play a rabid fanboy there to get a reaction out of the fanboys but here I'm being myself and I'm not bother by you going after Sony. I have complaints about Sony too.

  23. hmmm, I guess if I wanted to I could buy games that I want to play online for PS3 and not Xbox, but I don't. I don't see the big deal with charging for XBL but then again I'm living comfortably. Even if I wasn't $4 a month isn't a stretch. I could give up one beer a month for that, lol

  24. @Nightshade

    Would Nintendo and Sony get away with charging $150 for a 120gb HDD? Honestly. Sony didn't get away with the $600 price tag when the price was justified, back then anyway when the cheapest Blu-Ray player was $800 and Sony was and still is losing money on every PS3 sold so the PS3 was never "overpriced".

  25. Seriously, $4 a month for XBL is not a ripoff. Maybe if PSN was an equal service I'd feel differently, but it's not so I don't. I spend more money than that everyday on caffeine to stay awake at the wheel.

  26. @Shockwave

    You prove my point. I know $50 isn't much money, I could find that in my sofa. That's not the point, it's the principle of charging for something that's free. It's like if Wal-Mart charges $50 a year to shop at their store when Target lets you shop for free. You may like Wal-Mart better the price is not justified.

  27. @Nightshade

    Like I told Shockwave, THAT is the problem. M$ knows that everyone says "it's not a lot of money". Send me $50 a year for talking to me on the internet. What's wrong, it's not a lot of money.

  28. @rrod, I definitely see your point. but Costco and Sam's Club charge you a yearly premium if you want to shop their because they feel they have more to offer.

    If XBL were one day free I'd be happy about it. but MS practically invented the gaming console online community so they make the standards. PSN came along later and made it free which I think is great. I definitely wouldn't pay for both systems to have online

  29. Also guys, there's a lot of rumors about M$ raising it to $100 a year. This rumor or may not be true but if people are willing to pay I'm sure M$ would do it if they could because people minimize and say "$4 a month isn't a lot of money".

  30. @Shockwave

    To each his own, if you have no problem paying that's fine but the reason I even went here is because someone brought up companies getting free passes that shouldn't and to ME this is definitely something that M$ shouldn't get away with.

  31. @rrod – I wouldn't pay 100, like I said I hardly game online anyway. If I play 5-10 online matches one time in the month that's a lot for me

  32. @RROD, I definitely think you have some points. let's just say I wouldn't be any more surprised if PSN did start charging then I would if MS stopped charging. I am used to paying ATT $30 a month just to get to the internet and I'm used to paying my home provider more.

  33. Also, just because something is better than something else doesn't justify the price. It's like Sony charging a monthly fee for using the PS3 because it's has better hardware and is more reliable or because it has Blu-Ray, web browser, and wi-fi and the Xbox doesn't offer that. Would that be a reason to charge the customers?

  34. @Shockwave

    You said you wouldn't pay $100 a year for XBL? Why not? If $4 a month isn't a lot of money then $8 a month isn't a lot of money either.

  35. @RRoD: here's where you and I will never agree. The PS3 was absolutely overpriced at $600, because NO gaming system is worth that. The entire premise of your argument rests on the "$800 Blu-ray Player," which was also extremely overpriced. The fact of the matter is, it's people who will go out and buy the latest stuff on day one that allows companies to jack up prices early on into the absolutely unreasonable zone, because they know that there's people out there who will spend the money.

  36. @RROD – Cost/Value, I hardly notice 50 once a year but like I said if I play an online match once this month I'd be surprised. I don't need XBL but at what I've determined a very reasonable price I don't mind paying

  37. @Shockwave

    If Sony started charging for PSN I would have a problem with that just like I do with XBL. That's another problem, if Sony and Nintendo sees M$ getting away with this then they may charge one day. In that case I would have no choice but to chose one service and pay for something that should be free but that's what I don't want to happen.

  38. "It’s like Sony charging a monthly fee for using the PS3 because it’s has better hardware and is more reliable….etc"

    No, until recently they were doing that in the store at the register.

  39. @Nightshade

    Exactly, that reaction is what Sony got but M$ got a pass for Charging $500 for the Elite when it was first launched and $180 for the 120GB HDD at first. Why is that? Don't tell me you think those prices are justified.

  40. #44 Nightshade386 :

    “It’s like Sony charging a monthly fee for using the PS3 because it’s has better hardware and is more reliable….etc”

    No, until recently they were doing that in the store at the register.

    You got my point, just because something is better DOES NOT justify paying for it.

  41. @Nightshade

    Fair enough, but what about the $180 for a 120gb HDD? Sony didn't set that bar.

  42. I'm just glad their all down to a price they should be at. at the end of the day we want a game system most.

    I don't think any corporation is getting free passes, be it YLOD, Overpriced, RROD, High priced accessories, every company is under scrutiny. I don't think any company should get free passes.

  43. @RRoD: Here's the thing. My In-Laws have Cable internet, but they use AOL. So they're basically paying for internet twice. I tell them, "Hey you know Hotmail is free, right?" But they prefer AOL, so they keep paying for it.

    I work for a company that sells sign supplies. (Yes, it's as soul crushing as it sounds.) We charge a little more than our competitors because we offer more and better services to our customers.

    XBL is better than PSN, so they charge you a small premium for it. It's the way of the world.

  44. @Nightshade

    Also, new tech is always expensive at first because you are mostly paying for research and development. Blu-Ray players were $800 and now they are $150. The PS3 was $600 and now $300. The Xbox was $500 and now $200. That just the way it goes.

  45. @RROD, MS set the bar with putting a HDD in a system for the first time to my understanding. Unfortunately for them being early to the game they thought they could get away with a proprietary HDD. I can guarantee you that with what the PS3 has done MS won't try to sell HDDs for that much again.

  46. @RRoD: You'll never hear me argue about the HD prices, because they are absurd. I bought a 120GHD, but only because my wife got a free Arcade system from work. So I was able to justify it off as "We got an 360 and a 120GHD for $120." Otherwise, there's no way in hell they get that money from me.

  47. @Nightshade

    I understand your examples but just as crazy as it is to you to pay for AOL, it's just as crazy to ME to pay for XBL.

    We'll agree to disagree. It was good to debate without juvenile name calling.

  48. If no one bought the $800 Blu-Ray player, there would be no $800 Blu-Ray player. All you've gotta do is be willing to wait for the price to come down. Tech consumers are real marks sometimes. I mean, have you been to Blockbuster lately? there's like 1-2 shelves of Blu-rays. And that's 3 years after it came out. Why would I invest $800 in something if there's no media out there to support it?

  49. I can guarantee you that with what the PS3 has done MS won’t try to sell HDDs for that much again.


    But they still are. You do know that inside that plastic case is the same HDDs that the PS3 and laptops use, right?

  50. @Nightshade

    I agree with what you said about the Blu-Ray player but that's why I had no problem paying $600 for my PS3. I got a next gen Playstation console AND a Blu-Ray player to compliment my HDTV. Once I watched my first Blu-Ray I couldn't go back to DVDs.

  51. @Nightshade

    One more thing, the same logic you used about Blu-Ray players applies to XBL marks too. If no one paid for it I guarantee M$ would make it free but just like people bought the Blu-Ray players people are paying for XBL.

  52. @RROD, ya it's a 2.5" hdd in there but it's impossible to use your own. you have to buy the exact model. when the 250 is released they will modify the Xbox code to handle a larger HDD then I can upgrade myself.

    I would think MS is going to have to pause before they determine how much they are going to charge for 250 gigs. no one is going to pay 200 to get their hands on that. I wouldn't even pay 100 for it when I can get my own for nearly half that

  53. @RRoD: Well my argument against the PS3 was always consistent with my argument against getting a Blu-Ray player. It was overpriced and there was no media to support it. I've never been a fanboy who bashes stuff just because of the logo on the box. Now that the price has come down and there's finally some games that I'm interested it, you can bet I'm saving my pennies in a jar.

    I prefer the 360 controller and online experience, so I'll probably still get most of my multiplatform games on the 360. But after this holiday I fully expect to also own a PS3 as well. But just because I own one doesn't mean I'm gonna gobble up every exclusive title. Like we were talking about yesterday, Heavy Rain's really gotta show me something gameplaywise for me to bite on it.

  54. There's a big difference between $50 and $600 or $800. BIG difference. Plus, with the PS3 and Blu-Ray, you always knew the price would eventually come down, where as the world is becoming more and more of a service based economy, so XBL for $50 never sounds unreasonable. So paying those prices for different things is a completely different argument.

  55. @Shockwave: Did you get DA:O yesterday? My wife came in and saw me playing it and the first words out of her mouth were, "So when do I get to play it?" She's finally playing Lost Odyssey now. But she loved both KotOR and Oblivion and I feel like this game feels a lot like a mix of those two.

  56. I did pick it up. sadly I didn't get a chance to play it yesterday. My girlfriend's dad is in town and staying with us so we're doing a bit of entertaining this week. I'm dying to play it though.

    Also, I downloaded Indigo Prophecy last night for Xbox Originals. I'm looking forward to giving that a shot so I can get an insight as to what I'm in for on Heavy Rain

  57. @Nightshade

    The only difference is you can't get a PS3 or a Blu-Ray player for free but you can play game online for free. That my friend, is the difference.

    You know, I had an Xbox but had nothing but trouble out of it. M$ had it more than I did. The third time it broke I was out of warranty and this was before M$ acknowledged the problem and offered the 3 year RROD warranty and wanted me to pay $100 to fix THEIR faulty console. At that point I had enough and just got rid of it. Gears 1 was the only game I enjoyed on it. I understand the reliability is a little better now but other than Gears there's nothing I want on it to justify buying another Xbox. To each his own.

  58. @Shockwave

    I think you'll like Indigo Prophecy if you can get past the last gen graphics.

  59. @RROD – I'm thinking so, I've never played anything like it so it will help me decide. I'm not worried about the graphics. I know it doesn't look great but I've seen some youtube videos and don't think it's awful. just takes me back a bit.

    I didn't realize the game came out so recently though. It was only 2 months before the 360 was released and to be honest at that time I wasn't even thinking about PS2 or Xbox anymore. Probably why I never heard of it before Heavy Rain

  60. @Shockwave

    After you play it you'll see why we are so hyped for Heavy Rain and it's NOT because it's a PS3 exclusive. Quantum Theory is a PS3 exclusive and I an NOT hyped for that game. Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain are what creativity is all about. It irritates me when everyone is saying Brutal Legend is creative when it is doing NOTHING new.

  61. oh for sure, I'll probably get a chance to put in a good 3 or 4 hours this weekend. I've got a lot to balance trying to finish Uncharted 2 on hard and adding DA and IP to the list.

  62. @ Sandrock323 If he's trying to do your job then won't you have more time to post?

    @Shockwave562 @LarcenousLaugh Billy Madison ftw!!!

    @Everyone I'm surprised that some of you think that Miyamoto is anything but creative. Saying he's been releasing the same game for 20 years is really simplifying things. Certainly Wii Music wasn't good, but how can you argue with his credits?

  63. @Ray

    What have you done for me lately? That's how I see it. Personally I never liked David Jaffe until God of War. Couldn't stand Twisted Metal. Glad he broke off from both of those IPs. However if he goes back to one or the other, I'll think low of him. Gotta keep it fresh!

    Back to work.

  64. @Smartguy By that rationale, you don't think much of any sports hall of fames because the athletes haven't done anything lately. Something like creativity isn't based off of one's last outing. That would be like saying Tom Chambers was the best white man ever to play in the NBA after watching his 1987 season.

  65. @Raymond – I just don't think I can justify buying a wii for Miyamotos games. I only owned 3 games on my Gamecube, Windwaker, Mario Sunshine and Smash Brothers. it's just not worth it for the whole console.

  66. I think for me, video games are more habitual than anything else. I'm bored with most of what's on TV and have been my whole life. Video games allowed me to keep it fresher. Now as I get older, I'm getting more and more bored with them as a whole as well. I find myself playing games when I don't know what else to do.

    I write and perform music. The writing aspect is always something new (and free), but again I find myself in this trap of what has and hasn't been done before. I find that when I don't care about what's been done before, I have the most fun writing those songs.

    Maybe I should look in to game design?

  67. @N8R – I agree, when I was a teenager I could play for hours on end but my passion for gaming has slumped quite a bit now that I'm getting in to late 20s. I find that I'm more particular than ever when it comes to games and I tend to get bored after only an hour or 2 of even really good games.

    Hell, I probably spend more time on this site at work discussing games then I do at home playing games, lol

  68. @Shockwave562 That's a totally fair point. I do think the Wii library is underrated though. Sure, there's a lot of crap, but there are also a lot of gems that get lost in the shuffle.

    @N8R Are you feeling better? Speaking of music, maybe you can come up with a theme song and loops for when I start doing video. Wucha think?

  69. @ Shockwave

    I hear you, and the last thing i want to become is a god damn critic. Reviews have never done anything for me but told me someone else's opinion. Game critics are starting to show the same colors as movie critics.

    Movie critics will pan a Winnie the Pooh movie because they're adults and the movie was aimed at kids. Game critics are starting to do the same thing. Kids don't care about clipping and texture maps, adults in fantasyland do. What credentials do they really have besides sitting around and eating breakfast for dinner for years on end?

    Nothing against critics of course (present company included), but I find myself going down that road sometimes and I need to put the brakes on in MY life.

  70. Just because it's Zelda, It will make it into my stack of Wii games. Zelda has always been good. Its not like Sonic where it was awesome, Then just became complete garbage.

    On a side note, I found one of my old ps1 games. Anyone recall Fighting Force?? Game is off the chain, Its pretty cool especially the way you can interact with the environment. I think for a PS1 game this had alot going for it and then it just kinda fell off. I never played the second one, but was it soo bad that they ended a good game like fighting force?

  71. @arguello – I had fighting force for the 64. I'm pretty sure it was a port from the arcade. Lots of fun

  72. @N8R Sweet. I'm still a ways off from that point, but I might do some sample videos with old footage.

    For the record, I don't consider myself a game critic. I prefer "verbal entertainer".

  73. @ R Pad

    I was really referring to everyone, really. We're all critics to some degree.

    Let me know what you want to do.

  74. @Ray – Miyamoto is a genius to be sure, and creative as all get out. My only point was that the games themselves haven't evolved. The graphics have, the playstyles have, but the story hasn't. The pool stops at the shallow end. There are very few games on that list that have any deep, involved emotional conflict to them.

    Miyamoto is the Sesame Street (Happy 40th btw) of video games. Let me break that down – he's your first introduction to video games. Platformers – Mario go rescue the princess. RPGs – Link, here's your sword, here's your shield, Princess is that away, find your own way there. Creative Thinking – Excitebike, are you kidding me, I am building 18000 ramps as we speak and putting them as close together as possible to make a mountain speed bump effect.

    Nothing would be possible without these (and naturally there are more but you should see where I am going). But their's no depth. I don't learn how to breed more powerful Fire Flowers. I've never expressed any angst at having to race around a kingdom just to save a princess I'll never say a word too. I never question why I keep dropping the so called King of the Koopas into a Lava Pit when he breathes fire.

    Games have grown up a lot since Miyamoto first started to entertain us, and just like Sesame Street, he still has the goods. Mindless fun is exactly what I need sometimes, but more and more I find myself wanting a bit more from the time I spend. I love Mario, but maybe just once, even if it's just on my screen, I'd like him to look at the camera right after Peach has been captured yet again, and sigh.

  75. @Ray

    No. Sports Hall of Fame is different because those guys retired. Miyamoto is still in the business and his last big thing was a big fat bust. Not saying he has never done anything great or hasn't changed the landscape of gaming or rather formed it…but I don't know if he still has what it takes to still be competitive anymore. Kind of like how the game has passed Bobby Bowden.

  76. @LarcenousLaugh I don't think his games were ever about storytelling. They're more about experience.

    @Smartguy I wouldn't bet money on Miyamoto not being competitive anymore. I'm certain he has more than a few games that will sell well past a million.

  77. One of the Amazon ads at the top was for a "Wii HD compnonent cable".


    (scratches forehead)

    What's that P.T Barnum quote I'm thinking of again?

  78. I'd let both him and Damon go frankly. Both are getting up in age and neither are the best fielders anymore. I'd kinda like to see them take a step back and get younger overall, but you certainly don't want to push the core guys out the door either. Either way, I've been a Yankees fan all my life and seeing 5 championships is pretty amazing after having grown up in the 80's and watched absolute garbage in the Bronx every year.

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