Shigeru Miyamoto Says Next Zelda to Use Wii MotionPlus

Zelda fans better get their arms ready because series creator Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that the next version of the game will use Wii MotionPlus for swordplay and targeting. Wired Game|Life’s Chris Kohler did a nifty bit of translating and reporting on the matter. In a recent Q&A session, Miyamoto said:

In this (installment of the series), we’re using MotionPlus to make you feel much more like you’re actually fighting while holding a sword in your hand. In the previous game, you aimed at things by pointing at the screen, but this time we’ll use MotionPlus to create a much more convenient targeting system and a more pleasurable playing experience.

Zelda Twilight Princess

I’m glad that Wii MotionPlus is being used in key Nintendo franchises like The Legend of Zelda. However, I expect that some purists are not going to be happy. How do you feel about Wii MotionPlus in Zelda? Love it? Hate? Or are you taking the wait-and-see approach?


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11 thoughts on “Shigeru Miyamoto Says Next Zelda to Use Wii MotionPlus”

  1. hmmm….i just don't think i am interested this time around. if classic controller is supported then i might change my mind.

  2. I am with Smartguy….when I wanna be emersed by story not by my actions…if I wanna be emersed by swinging a sword…I will go LARP. Yeah…I am a LARPer….

  3. @Ray

    It's that I like to sit and just explore and play Zelda. I don't want to be Link and swing my arms to fight mobs.

  4. @Ray

    The motionplus fighting and pointing at the screen with the wiimote turns me off the most. I seriously was never so anti wii controls until I played deadly creatures. It was horrible to have to point at my tv for an hour while I played. Rather a controller that sits in my lap while I relax.

  5. If the game has an option for the Classic Controller or the GC Controller I will be more apt to play it…but if I have to get a work out then I am not down.

  6. well motion plus could be a bonus… on the last game I felt like a retard swinging my wiimote arbitrarily just to strike someone with the sword.

    still though I won't own a wii when this comes out. I'm not spending nearly 300 bucks to play one game

  7. @Ray: It's the Nintendo controls in general that make us lose interest in games we should actually want to play. In most cases Nintendo's motion controls are basically junk. Shake the WiiMote, waggle the WiiMote, point it at the screen and hope it registers properly. It's a junk idea for a gamer that actually likes to play full games and not the minigame shovelware that most Wii owners buy because they don't know any better.

  8. well there is a no sale for me. I refuse to buy another gimmicky add on to my already gimmicky controller to play another zelda game.

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